Zero-tolerance summer patrols under way in Youngstown

The program will cover the entire city at varying times.


YOUNGSTOWN — Additional officers have taken to city streets in search of bad drivers and law breakers.

Police Chief Jimmy Hughes said the department has again joined forces with the Ohio State Highway Patrol to saturate selected areas of the city with patrols at various times of the day throughout the summer months.

Hughes said Monday any part of the city and any time of day are fair game for increased enforcement patrols. He said no violation of law will be ignored.

“We hope to stop the cars for the violations and search for evidence of any other wrongdoing,” he said. “We will concentrate on state routes, but we will do the secondary roads as well. This program will cover all areas of the day and all areas of the city.”

There will be eight to 10 highway patrol units participating in the program in addition to more patrol units from the city police department.

The city first started the saturation or zero-tolerance patrols last year.

Hughes said the additional YPD officers are a result of officers being redirected from other capacities back to patrolling the streets. The city also will use grant money to cover any overtime costs that may arise from the program.

The chief said not every stop will result in a traffic ticket or arrest. Some warnings will be given, but officers will at least challenge every seen violation.

“Any violation is fair game, and we openly admit that we are looking for whatever evidence we can get,” Hughes added. “We know that motor vehicles are a part of crimes at different levels, and we are going to challenge every violation.”

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