New way to hide crack cocaine: Eat it

CAMPBELL — A man stopped by police Tuesday ended up hiding suspected crack cocaine by eating it, police said.

Police stopped Robb Arent, 34, of Youngstown on Jackson Street at 5:35 p.m. Arent told the officer he was dropping off a friend named “Dude,” but didn’t know the friend’s real name or where he’d dropped him off, police said.

The officer asked for permission to search Arent’s car, and he saw a white substance “all over his shirt,” according to the police reports.

When the officer asked Arent to open his mouth, he put his head down. The officer grabbed Arent’s head and told him to open his mouth, and he began to chew. The officer saw the suspected crack on the side of Arent’s mouth, the report said.

Police said an ambulance crew checked Arent, and he was taken to the city jail. He’ll be kept there without bond until his Friday court appearance. He’s charged with tampering with evidence and possession of drugs.

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