Immigration is slowing, but more must be done

Immigration is slowing, but more must be done


Hooray! It’ll time to throw a party. I just read an article stating that Hispanic and Asian immigration is slowing down significantly.

It just goes to show you that when you start to crack down on these people good things start to happen. Our sluggish economy also has something to do with the slow down. But with that being said, I think we still have a long way to go.

Here are three things that are a must: 1) We have to send all illegals back to their country of origin; 2) We have to stop the practice of letting newborns become automatic citizens, and 3) We have to pound it into our Congress people’s heads that there will be no amnesty for these criminals and no guest worker program. Everyone knows why they suck up to these criminals, it’s because they want the Hispanic vote at election time.

Maybe someday our legislators, Republicans and Democrats alike, will wake up and start listening to their constituents on the immigration issue. The large majority of the people (especially in the southwest) want our borders secure against illegals and the problems they bring with them, like drugs, the drain on our health and welfare systems and by not assimilating to our culture and way of life they have created more gangs, murderers and lowlifes than our law enforcement officers can handle.

I hope that our Congress people wake up before it’s too late and get on the ball and get something done. I forgot one thing: Get that fence built.


Hermitage, Pa.