Less work for Less: Trainer retires

After more than 30 years in Warren and Austintown, Loren Less is moving on.



AUSTINTOWN – For Fitch High athletic trainer Loren Less, a great day at work consists of doing absolutely nothing.

And now after more than 30 years of reporting for duty at sporting events all over the Valley, he’s free to do nothing wherever and whenever he wants.

Less worked his final event as the Falcons’ trainer Friday night at the Division I regional track meet at Falcon Stadium. He is retiring after spending 18 years as the trainer at Fitch. During his stint in Austintown, he has worked more than 300 OHSAA sponsored events.

“I’ve liked athletics all my life between playing in school, in the military and as an athletic trainer,” said Less, whose service was honored prior to the regional finals. “I’ve gotten to go to all the meets and games and watch all these great athletes, without having to worry about winning or losing.

“It’s been a privilege to watch all these kids perform at their highest levels and help keep them healthy enough to do their best. It’s really nice when kids I saw compete come back years later and say hello.”

Less started as a trainer in 1972 at Warren Western Reserve. In 1990, he took a position at Warren Harding and then came to Fitch as a part-time trainer in 1991.

Ever since, he’s been on the sidelines with his red “athletic trainer” hat on and ready to spring to action, should duty call.

“I’ve felt as an athletic trainer I’ve know how to react to certain situations with certain kids and coaches,” said Less. “I’ve really gotten along with the coaches and they’ve trusted my judgment if I say a kid is too hurt to play.

“I’ve said that as long as I’m physically able to take care of the kids if they need me, I’d keep going. But I think it’s just time to do something different.”

His immediate plans are to spend more time with his wife of 50 years, Jerry, and invest himself more into his hobby – fishing.

“We have a place up at Lake Erie, so I have more time to spend up there. I won’t be working from August to June like I used to. It will take some getting used to for sure.”

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