Man charged with felonious assault

The man finally stopped in a parking lot and waited for a police car to arrive.


STRUTHERS — A man was charged with felonious assault after an off-duty police officer accused the man of trying to ram his car.

Stephen Koscelansky, 19, of Harvey Street in Struthers, was jailed Tuesday night and appeared for arraignment in municipal court Wednesday.

He was released after posting $1,500, or 10 percent of his $15,000 bond.

His preliminary hearing is set for 9:45 a.m. Aug. 5.

Police were called at 11:22 p.m. Tuesday to help Officer Jason Murzda in the neighborhood of Euclid Avenue, Spring Street and Sexton Street, a police report says.

Murzda in his personal car was driving behind Koscelansky on Sexton Street when the episode began, the report says. He had a child in the car with him, police said, but they would not specify whether the child is Murzda’s.

Koscelansky also had passengers — his girlfriend and her sister, both juveniles, police said.

The report says Koscelansky skidded to a stop in front of Murzda, then he accelerated quickly, then stopped again several times.

Murzda called the station and followed Koscelansky, the report said.

The report said Koscelansky’s driving got more erratic and he screamed profanities at Murzda, accelerating in reverse and stopping inches from Murzda’s car.

Murzda got out and identified himself as a police officer, but Koscelansky sped off, the report said.

Koscelansky went into the parking lot at Spring and Euclid and did a high-speed U-turn, aiming at Murzda, the report said.

Murzda got back into his car and got out of the way, it said.

Koscelansky chased Murzda and tried to ram his passenger side, the report continues. He almost hit a utility pole, then drove out of control down the sidewalk and onto Euclid, it says.

Koscelansky turned into the high school parking lot, then tried to ram Murzda’s car again, the report said.

Murzda avoided him by turning on Euclid. Koscelansky backed into the parking lot and stopped.

When an on-duty officer arrived, Koscelansky said Murzda had been flashing his high beams at him while he was following him, the report indicates.

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