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Pastor in Boardman faces charges of animal cruelty

Published: Wed, July 29, 2009 @ 12:09 a.m.

Three of the dogs had to be euthanized.

staff report

BOARDMAN — The pastor of an East Western Reserve Road church is charged with animal cruelty.

Timothy L. Hayes, 35, is charged in Mahoning County Court with five counts of animal cruelty. He is scheduled to appear in court Aug. 6.

Hayes is the pastor of Woodworth Church of the Brethren. The church, also of East Western Reserve, owns the house.

Hayes couldn’t be reached. The family was out of town at a church camp when authorities were called to the home, the report said.

Township police were called to 102 E. Western Reserve Road on Monday morning on a report of four neglected dogs. An anonymous neighbor reported that on July 19, a resident of the home put out trash cans for collection but no one had been seen since.

The neighbor moved the cans back near the house July 22 and said that no one has been seen stopping in to care for the three dogs outside and one locked in a breezeway.

The dog in the breezeway was surrounded by feces, the report said.

A pug and a mixed breed were staked together outside, sharing a doghouse.

A husky also was staked outside with no shelter, the report said.

Police called humane agents with Animal Charity, who took the dogs as well as a rabbit that was in a cage in the garage.

The neighbor had been caring for the dogs outside, the report said, but was concerned about not being able to access the dog in the breezeway.

Joe Borosky, Animal Charity humane agent, said the three dogs that were outside had to be euthanized. They suffered from a general lack of care and were unhealthy, he said.

The dog in the breezeway, a Pomeranian, and the rabbit remain at Animal Charity and are expected to be available for adoption.

A township zoning official also responded to the home, but no home-rule citations have been issued.

Borosky said Hayes returned from the church camp after someone contacted him. The agent said that Hayes inquired about getting the animals back.


1Lifesnadir(164 comments)posted 7 years ago

Gawd-- so tell more details-- why did the 2 dogs have to be put down? Were they emaciated? Did they have parvo? Did they have severe mange? Were they on death's door?

My gawd, the animals didn't do any wrong and if all they had was "a general lack of care and were unhealthy", that can be corrected! The man DID have a neighbor caring for the animals. It's what, 9 or 10 days since the owner left---but left WITH arrangements made for a neighbor to care for his pets!

Shaking my head here. Sorry but this story does not add up to a clear need to KILL the animals. "Euthanize" is just a medically sterile word for animal killing and this area is big on "kill first, ask no questions". They don't even give owners their day in court to be found guilty or innocent !

Ready to Adopt=2

Where are the odds in those numbers for "owner found innocent in a court of law"? Zero.

Where are the odds in this for animals rescued and animals saved and still live? Zero.

If I'm wrong, ask the agents to show the pictures taken of the animals before they were killed.

PS I don't know this guy, but the story of this apparently useless killing angers me. Does this man have kids? If so you've just killed 2 family pets-- kids don't forget that kind of injustice.

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2OldFashionedMama(77 comments)posted 7 years ago

This happens because too many of these animal welfare people are far-left wackjobs who *appear* to value animals more than human beings (but of course they immediately contradict their own values by advocating the mass murder of millions of animals every year) It sounds to me like the neighbor who accepted responsibility for these animals while the pastor was away is the one who should be charged. The pastor trusted that his neighbor would care for his animals and the neighbor obviously did not do that. I think there is a lot more to this story than we're seeing here.....

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3boxerlover(133 comments)posted 7 years ago

I'm sorry. Are we reading the same story? You both are blaming the neighbor, who began taking care of the dogs after he realized that no one had been at the house to take care of them or even gather their garbage cans. He's not to blame here. If those animals were so bad that they had to be euthanized then it's the family's fault. So the 2 that "lifesnadir" claims were family pets (which in the story is 3 that were euthanized) are better off if this is how this family takes care of them. I question the degree of health issues if they had only been not taken care of between July 19 - 22 before the neighbor started to give them food & water.

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4luvsdogs(70 comments)posted 7 years ago

It doesn't state that the Pastor made arrangements with the neighbor to care for his animals while he was away. It states that the neighbor that noticed no one home for a period of time cared and fed the animals they had access to and called the authorities. So how is this the fault of the neighbor?

Kennel Owner, Fireman and now a Pastor, all recent and in our communities - all committed cruelty to companion animals - What the heck is going on? This is absolutely sick!

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5MAP76(2 comments)posted 7 years ago

Oh what a shame! A man of God who has no compassion for the wellbeing of God's creatures? I will wait for more details though before I throw stones, but right now the man is a POS in my eyes. I too am curious to see why these dogs had to be euthinized. What shape were they in? I am amazed at the actions of suppossed rescue or animal welfare groups anymore. I know shelters are overcrowded by geez. I am sure many people in the community would step up to help these animals if saving them was possible.

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6johndoe67(5 comments)posted 7 years ago

I agree, it sounds like the neighbor started caring for the animals only after realizing that NO ONE was caring for them. I also have to wonder how bad these animals were that they had to be euthanized. I hope they didn't jump the gun here and kill animals that could have been saved with some medical attention, and rehabilitation.

WHAT the hell kind of church is this monster a pastor at? Sick.

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7Ginger76(178 comments)posted 7 years ago

this sounds shady to me.....too many inconsistencies ...

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8JeffLebowski(953 comments)posted 7 years ago

It says that a few of the animals were locked in the breezeway...so it is the neighbor's fault that the homeowner locked them there but didn't apparently furnish anyone with house keys to care for the animals? Or is it the neighbor's fault that he didn't just break into the home? Wrong on both counts.

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9freewind(1 comment)posted 6 years, 12 months ago

I think there's quite a few problems with everything about this story. It is horribly written, the details are real shady. The neighbor who took care of the 3 dogs, why did he/she wait 3 days to contact someone? If its the pastor of the church, usually the church owns the house and has keys to it, that would of been the easiest solution. Why not call the pastor the first day? I'm sure he could of left the wife and came home to take care of the issue. The 3 dogs that were taken care of were put down?

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10jazmyn(1 comment)posted 6 years, 12 months ago

I agree that the humane society should make
the pictures of these pets viewable to the public. However I do not think they will due to all the grief they will receive, because these pets were probably ok.

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11wonderwoman94(1 comment)posted 6 years, 12 months ago

My dad loved our dogs. This is not right. We had someone who told us that they would take care of our dogs while we were away. We were away from the 19 to the 22 at work camp. When we came back all the dogs had food and water. we were at home on the 23rd then on the 24 we went back to camp for our family vacation, we received the phone call from the police and we left right away, they did not even wait for us to get back, we were only a couple hours away, they had already murdered our dogs, our husky has been a part of our family since she was 3 and was now 12. our pekingese was my 7 year old sisters, and my sister cant stop crying, she knew her dog was getting old. She was 11, but this was hard she never got to say goodbye. the man that took them wouldnt even tell us why he killed them. We knew that the 2 older ones were going to die soon but the mixed breed was only 6 years old and was a great dog. They had no reason to put her down and i hope they feel guilty about it. We'd just gotten the pomerainian. We left it in the breezeway with alot of food, 2 big bowls of water and a pee-pad.our friend was also checking on him, he was fine and still had alot of water and food when we got home. My entire family is devistated by what has happend. Not only did they ruin my family vacation but they murderd 3 of our family members and took away 2 others. I hope they know that the kids cannot and will not ever be able to get over this. I hope they see how they have hurt a family. I hope this is forever on their conscience and never get over the guilt of hurting a family with 5 kids and a great pastor.

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