Liberty officials note economical value of garbage-bag program

Tonnage figures for Liberty Township recycling and refuse from January to June this year are:

January: 254 tons of trash and 75.07 tons recycling, which represents 23 percent.

February: 198.46, trash; 52.56, recycling at 21 percent.

March: 265.56, trash; 67.39, recycling at 20 percent.

April: 337.91, trash; 73.96, recycling at 18 percent.

May: 421.64, trash; 72.43, recycling at 15 percent.

June: 379.03, trash; 70.33 recycling at 16 percent.

Totals: 1,856.6 tons of trash and 411.44 tons of recycling. Recycling at 18 percent.

By Linda Linonis

Township residents who use garbage bags and recycle more will save money.

LIBERTY — Township residents can help save the environment while they save themselves some money.

Here’s how.

Pat Ungaro, township administrator, and Jodi Stoyak, vice chairwoman of trustees, urged residents to use the township’s garbage-bag program.

“It’s the best bargain,” Ungaro said.

Stoyak said the bags are $2 or $20 for a roll of 10 bags. Each bag is 32 gallons. “It holds a lot,” she said. The township bags are white and have an AW printed on them.

Stoyak also encouraged township residents to recycle more. The separate yellow bins provided for recycling are for cardboard, newspapers, magazines, plastic, aluminum and glass.

The waste hauler picks up the recyclables and AW bags at no charge.

“This keeps these things out of the landfill,” Stoyak said.

Ungaro said the township has an average of 20 percent recycling, which he described as “good.”

“People need to realize that by recycling all they could, it would reduce their garbage output,” Ungaro said.

And, he emphasized, by recycling and using township garbage bags, the cost for disposing of garbage could be as low as $2 every two weeks or $4 a month.

Even doubling those figures is lower than what residents are paying for garbage pickup. Ungaro used himself as an example, noting that he and his wife rarely pay more than $4 monthly because they use the bags.

In these economic times, saving money benefits family budgets.

Residents who participate in the bag program and recycling will eliminate their waste-hauling bill. Residents may buy bags at the township administration building, 1315 Church Hill-Hubbard Road, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays.

And here’s why they might want to do that.

In late July, the Ohio Legislature passed a regulatory-compliance charge to all waste haulers in the state. The charge, which will begin Saturday, means that the price for residents with unlimited garbage pickup will increase 18 cents, from $15.43 to $15.61 monthly. Currently, township residents can use their own bags or cans for garbage pickup. A toter costs extra.

Ungaro said the township has a three-year contract with Allied Waste, which began last October. He emphasized that the state imposed the increase and neither the township nor waste hauler has any control over it. But, he did suggest residents voice their opinions to state representatives.

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