Some people just don’t see the progress GM has made

Some people just don’t see the progress GM has made


I am writing this letter to give my thoughts on the problems facing the auto industry and especially General Motors.

There are many reasons why GM and the other American car companies are in trouble today. The economy is in overall bad shape. The banking industry, the housing and their poor lending issues, Wall Street taking billions if not trillions of dollars out of everyone from the super rich to the poor small investors, $4-a-gallon gas, but most of all the trouble is because too many people are buying foreign cars.

I’m tired of having people say that foreign cars are better. That is pure baloney. Maybe 30 or 40 years ago there might have been an argument here, but not today. Go into any foreign car dealer and check out their service department. See if their service people are sitting around playing cards and drinking coffee, or are they busy fixing cars.

I’m tired of educated idiots writing articles in newspapers (like yours) bad mouthing GM and their products. An example is a statement from a professor from Washington University. In a June 11 column, David Nicklaus stated that, “I’m not seeing how the problems with technology, lack of design, long term quality issues, and the cost issues that have plagued GM are being dealt with.” Either this guy has been on another planet for the past few years or his head is in the sand.

For technology lets look at On-Star. This system tracks your vehicle wherever it is. If it is stolen, it can be found. If you lock your keys in it they can unlock it for you. If you are in an accident and the air bags deploy On-Star can alert the police for you.

For design, has this guy seen a Cadillac lately? How about a Buick Enclave? What about the Chevy Malibu, Traverse, or the new Camaro? The list goes on.

For quality, GM can match or beat any other car company in today’s world, domestic or foreign.

For cost issues, GM and the U.A.W. have been tackling this problem for years. This is an ongoing issue that all companies deal with every day, every year. Nobody wants to go backwards here, whether you are selling screws to the company or you are the one shooting the screw into the doorpad. During the current economic crisis everyone in the business has felt the cost cutting pain.

One final thought. Every time I hear this advertisement from Toyota or Honda, “we have the No. 1 top selling car in America,” my blood boils. There is something very wrong with that statement in our country.