Anti-Obama spirit is afoot

Anti-Obama spirit is afoot


We are now in the month of December. Our 44th president has been on the job for almost one year. Nothing he says or does is without criticism. It’s like an anti-Obama spirit at work. We see this spirit in media talk show host and tea party activist. We saw it twice in September. Parents criticized the president for giving the children a back to school pep talk. A Republican legislator called the president a liar in the middle of a keynote address on health care. Criticisms of the president are so common that we have grown to expect them.

Whether Obama bowed too low to a Japanese emperor or why he shouldn’t have accepted the Nobel Prize for Peace on Dec. 10th should have been of little significance to most Americans. Obama was elected to help solve problems facing the nation and international communities, not bicker back and forth with anti-Obamanites.

In conclusion, when the historians begin to write, they won’t waste space dealing with how long he took to reveal his Afghanistan troop deployment plan. They won’t waste space writing about his dazzling oratory and writing skills. At the end of his presidency, historians will only want to know how far down the road the bus is that Bush drove into the ditch.