Look at what we’ve done

Look at what we’ve done


Reading The Vindicator recently made me get a knot in my stomach. China has overtaken the U.S. as the world’s biggest market for automobiles. Who could we thank but us?

As I drive and see our senior citizens parading around with a foreign car and a American flag sticking out of their windows — and young ladies, middle age ladies, young men, middle aged men, showing off their new foreign cars — all I can think is I don’t want to hear any of these people crying about why they, their children or grandchildren can’t get a good paying job.

Thank God for GM’s Lordstown plant and Delphi Packard Electric and G.E for being around all these years to help our Valley survive. I know these jobs have downsized, but if you want to be a telemarketer or Walmart nonunion worker at these places of business making a little over minimum wage, we all better wake up.

For all you nonunion workers, next time you see one of us union guys — retired or working — take time to thank us for your hospitalization, sick days, vacation days and all your paid holidays which we and our ancestors fought for.

Merry Christmas to all; lets all fight back to get America back where it belongs No. 1.


Mineral Ridge

School board members should be familiar with law


It is amazing to see our Youngstown school board members know so much less than our general public.

All the information one needs to know about the power the state commission has been given can be found in the Ohio Revised Code and on the state auditor’s web site. The web sites for the auditor, the state board of education, and the codes are all written at a level that anyone with a high school education can understand. There is no interpretation needed. There is nothing wrong with having been elected and not fully armed with the knowledge needed to do an exemplary job, but to remain in the dark after the installation is unforgivable.

When are we going to require more from those we elect? The offices in Columbus will send you without cost copies of excerpts from the relative administrative code. The elements of the commission’s power and authority are easily accessible on the auditor’s web site, as is the performance audit information.

Please note: the commission has yet to exercise its full authority, something I personally waited for.

Our board is seriously remiss, and that is something we all need to remember at election time for our board members.