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Area bars KO'd

Published: Sat, December 19, 2009 @ 12:01 a.m.

The holiday season and problems with YSU’s tactics have slowed ticket sales, Arum said.


Vindicator Staff Writer

YOUNGSTOWN — Before a single punch could be thrown in tonight’s Kelly Pavlik title fight, area bars have been dealt a blow.

Top Rank Boxing Chairman Bob Arum said Friday that since the event has not sold out, local bars will be prevented from showing the event on pay-per-view.

“We cut it off,” Arum said following the prefight weigh-in. “You can’t sell [the fight] in the bar if it is not sold out.”

Arum said Top Rank sent an e-mail at 7:59 a.m. Friday to let bars and establishments know of the decision.

The fight will still be available via home PPV.

Art Gallegos, sales manager for G&G Closed Circuit Events LLC. in California, said that a blackout clause is written into Top Rank’s contract.

Some area bars had paid anywhere from $800 to $1,000 for the fight, Gallegos said. The money will be refunded.

Jeremiah Bullfrogs Sports Bar and Grille in Boardman had paid the top figure for the fight. Owner Ross Scianna heard about the blackout only after a call from The Vindicator seeking comment.

“That is absolutely, literally bull ...” Scianna said. The sentence did not end with “frog.”

The bar, like many others in the area, had planned an entire event around the boxing PPV. Along with showing the fight, Scianna said drink specials and other things were planned.

A large crowd was also expected, he said.

“We’ll still be busy, but ... this is like the Super Bowl,” Scianna said. “Are you going to be as busy if you don’t show the Super Bowl? Absolutely not. It’s just mind-boggling to hear this at the last minute.”

More important than principle is capital, Scianna said. He estimated about $4,000 was spent on advertising for the event.

“I don’t think it’s fair at all,” he said. “What do you do about the money you spent on advertising? It’s not right.”

Even Pavlik’s own establishment is knocked out of the fight.

Eric Ryan, a partner in Kelly Pavlik’s 13th Round in Struthers, called the news “disappointing.”

“We had big plans on having the fight and showing it,” Ryan said. “Had we known it would be blacked out, we would’ve made different plans. We’re still holding on to them possibly reconsidering. It would’ve been nice if it was conveyed that this was a possibility.”

Ryan added a “substantial amount of money” will be lost due to advertising and promotion.

Managers at Quaker Steak & Lube in Austintown and Buffalo Wild Wings downtown had no comment on the situation. Both establishments planned to show the fight and offer specials.

Reports said only about 1,500-1,800 tickets have been sold for the event at Youngstown State University’s Beeghly Center — with a capacity for 7,300 fans.

Arum dismissed those reports.

“It’s very inaccurate,” Arum said of the figure. “We’ve sold about 3,000 tickets ... We’ll have a nice crowd. It won’t be a sellout. But we’ll have a very, very nice crowd on Saturday.”

Arum said many factors played into the slow tickets sales, including the venue itself.

“We just found out they wouldn’t take cash [at Beeghly Center]. I never heard of that,” Arum said. “We just got them [Friday] to take cash.”

These were just the latest complications fans have faced since the fight was announced November. When tickets went on sale Nov. 24, YSU’s ticket office was closed in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday. By contrast, for Pavlik’s February title defense, many lower-priced tickets were unavailable just minutes after going online.

Another problem cited by Arum was the way the tickets were sold.

Instead of using sales giant Ticketmaster.com, YSU opted for its preferred – albeit less familiar – choice Tickets.com.

Arum said the original plan was to have the Covelli Centre host the fight, as it did in February. But a scheduling conflict forced Top Rank to find a venue elsewhere.

And a smaller venue was better than nothing, Arum said.

“Listen, the alternative – to have Kelly wait until next year – made no sense to us,” he said. “As long as he was physically able to fight on Dec. 19, which was obviously not a good date being less than a week before Christmas, we were going to do it. Again, there was no alternative.”

Remaining tickets, priced at $208, $158, $108 and $58, including $8 processing fee, can be purchased online at www.Tickets.com or at the Youngstown State University Athletic Ticket Office. For ticket information, call (330) 941-1978.


Reporter Joe Scalzo contributed to this story.


1boardmanneedschange(364 comments)posted 6 years, 6 months ago

Arum should have known this was going to be an issue with the contributing factors. Sounds like a case of bad business decisions all around. Or was it? Maybe The upper management doesn't want any more fights in this area due to the fact that it doesn't bring in as much as a Vegas,NYC or AC. What better way to assure the next fight is in a major market than to have one last terrible showing in the Yo. Could be a blunder, or could be brilliant. Only Arum knows for sure.

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2ytownsteelman(680 comments)posted 6 years, 6 months ago

Arum has cost himself money. At $800 to $1000 per bar he could easily have made an extra 10 to 20K on the fight. But instead of maximizing profit he has decided to not only lose money on ticket sales but lose money on the PPV. Not a very good businessman.

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3ts1227(137 comments)posted 6 years, 6 months ago

justice, just because everyone around here is an alcoholic doesn't mean there has to be booze at EVERYTHING. Even if there was, then people would just whine about how it was some elaborate framing when they all got nailed at a checkpoint right down the road on South Ave.

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4jimiohoh(88 comments)posted 6 years, 6 months ago

Pavlick inc.should buy the rest of the tickets, just a few thousand dollars and him making millions. Give them away for Christmas.

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5Lifes2Short(3882 comments)posted 6 years, 6 months ago

All about the $$$$ - But if they seen tickets were selling sluggish, why didn't they come out earlier and say it and who knows, some business/es might've brought up the rest of them to get a sellout. All around very bad management.

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6sky(38 comments)posted 6 years, 6 months ago

Disney on ice is sold!!!! Stop having championship fights in Ytown

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7Ytownboy(142 comments)posted 6 years, 6 months ago

The guy is fighting a tomato can-again. People don't want to pay for a ticket to see that; they want to see a real championship fight.

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8msweetwood(179 comments)posted 6 years, 6 months ago

Hey Jimiohoh:

The remaining tickets at the Beeghly would cost upwards of $700,000. Pavlik is getting just $500,000 for this fight. So, I don't see that happening...

The fight is still available on home PPV, however. Or live at YSU...

Results will also be available after each round on Vindy.com tonight!

Mark Sweetwood
Managing Editor

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9mikeymike(469 comments)posted 6 years, 6 months ago

sky Disney on ice is sold out, because it's for kids,and the ticket prices aren't as expensive as fight tickets.Apples to oranges,bad comparison.

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10Reader(126 comments)posted 6 years, 6 months ago

This is being run just as poorly as Kelly Pavlik’s 13th Round. All around bad business decisions for the fight and with the restaurant!

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11callmecrazeyok(17 comments)posted 6 years, 6 months ago

Let's get this straight...Pavlik is fighting a 20-1 underdog that in all respects should be knocked out in the first two rounds...Im guessing Pavlik screws around to make the fight last and wins somewhere 8-10..People would have payed to see Pavlik fight Paul Williams, even bernard Hopkins may be worth watching again if Pavlik wasn't under the weather.

What gets me is Pavlik said "he wants to give back to the area." By having the fight here he is actually costing the local economy money...It would be humorous if an economist could go back to his last fight in youngstown and see the economic activity generated compared to the economic activity this time around...I guarantee the bars/restaurants will see a 50% drop in business. Sorry kelly, the only way you give back now is you pull some hero crap, like i'm not fighting unless the fight is shown locally...Kelly that's the only way you get my respect back...You want to be a man of the people Kelly, you act like a man of the people...

Until then I like many others have to wonder how a world champion boxer is fighting for 500k??? Would Hopkins, Jermaine Taylor, Roy Jones fight for that as a champion...we all know the answer is no...kelly i want you to succeed buddy, but you should be making 1-2 million per fight at least if not more..What if this bum catches you and you never become champion again??? the chance at 1-2 million pay days are gone...Dont take for granted this opportunity and get away from the people around you...

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12louisbeaver(24 comments)posted 6 years, 6 months ago

All the bars claim they are still showing the fight because no one has told them that they can't show the fight and they've all paid for it and have signed contracts proving this. Kelly's 13th round is also still promoting that they have the fight as well as BW's downtown along with all the other downtown bars, Downtown 36 & Barley's. All these bars spent thousands promoting and setting up these events so if they can't show the fight then Kelly Pavlik might as well move out of Youngstown because its obvious he's not the "hero" of Ytown he used to be! Obviously Disney would sell out first, better venue plus its a week before Christmas and people are doing family activities. Arum needs to know that this isn't forcing anyone to buy tickets or PPV at home, if people weren't planning on going to the fight or getting the PPV at home then they're still not going to even if bars don't show it. He knows this, but this is all just hype and buzz to get more people talking about the fight and get some free PR, he's not dumb. But don't worry if you're heading to the bars tonight, they'll have the fight, Top Rank isn't going to refund 50-70k so the bars can't show the fight so if you're planning on going to a bar, keep planning on going. I know we're all still going downtown to watch the fight and will probably bar hop between BW's, Barley's early and then Downtown 36 about 7-8 because they're having free food and you don't have to watch the fight in a tent in the cold! Bottle service with our own flat screen TV to watch the fight!

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13WMiller(5 comments)posted 6 years, 6 months ago

Top Rank doesn't have to pay the bars a dime over what the bar paid to show the fight. Take a look at the contracts they sign; it clearly stipulates that if attendance is at a certain number that the company reserves the right to refund the amount paid and not allow broadcast. Boo hoo if you're a bar owner and wasted thousands on advertising without knowing for sure that you'd be able to show it.

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14callmecrazeyok(17 comments)posted 6 years, 6 months ago

Hey always hope uh its sad the world champion boxer cant sell out the beeghly center and his cronies are threatening to black out the fight..... the youngstown pride basketball team would sell more tickets on a friday night in 1990 than this title defense is...Truth is Paul Williams will take Pavlik's belt...He's a beast, a middleweight Mike Tyson...Pavlik ducked and settled for a guy that talks like he wants to date Pavlik...Cant wait to see the fight, maybe a kiss in the middle of the ring will be in order.....

Im sure his managers and promoters will have the next fight at Struthers high school...Should be able to sell that one out...

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15msweetwood(179 comments)posted 6 years, 6 months ago

Louis: Unless you have new or updated some insider news I would caution you and everyone else from making those same assumptions.

Yes, the blackout still could be lifted. I can report some discussions are taking place. But, right now, the local bar blackou is very much in place.

All of the contracts that were signed had the "blackout stipulation." So, just calling them "signed contracts" means nothing. Next Top Rank won't be making any refunds because that is not the way it works. As we reported, G&G Closed Circuit Events LLC. in California has the license, They would be in charge of refunds. If Top Rank says black it out, they must comply because they then have no license to supply it to bars here. This is not hype or P.R., trust me. This is the latest miscalculations in an event marred by miscalculations.

Watch Vindy.com. If the blackout is lifted or enforced, we will report it here. Otherwise, don't go out and expect to see the fight only to be disappointed. I think LouisBeaver's assumptions just might lead to more confusion. What we've reported since yesterday afternoon stands as of this moment.

Mark Sweetwood
Managing Editor

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16Essential(3 comments)posted 6 years, 6 months ago

What Top Rank and Team Pavlik were betting on is his C-list celebrity to sell out the fight. There is no Youngstown pride if the proud have to buy a ticket.

The first time I saw the commercial for the fight, I actually thought that Beeghly would be televising the fight from Atlantic City or something. I had to do my research to find out what was going on.

The promotion for the fight itself was horrible and if you weren't looking for it, it didn't find you. There was more awareness built on Mooney and Ursuline during the high school football play-offs and that is sad for "our hero". Where are the posters in area businesses, the "Go Kelly" painted on the windows, the flyers in bars... It takes money to make money.

The area supports as long as it doesn't cost a dime.

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17callmecrazeyok(17 comments)posted 6 years, 6 months ago

if anything is done at all i bet since BW3's sponsors Pavlik they are given a monopoly on showing the fight...If thats the case be prepared for 6 dollar drinks, outrageous lines, and standing the whole time...

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18ytownpunk(26 comments)posted 6 years, 6 months ago

I wonder if all the bars will just go ahead and show the fight and deal with the fall out later through lawyers.

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19SaveYourMoney(2 comments)posted 6 years, 6 months ago

First off this fight with a tomato can is not worth a dime anyway. All boxing forums are telling the truth and the truth is that this fight is a joke! Top Rank found the biggest bum possible and they also moved this guy into his number one contender position to ensure the chance of Kelly actually winning this fight. They had the fight here because they thought us Youngstown idiots would pay for a fight that no one else would pay 10 cents for. And yes 10 cents is its value. HBO is giving us great fights for free. And they want money for this s**t! What a joke. The people of the community need to step up and agree to not be made fools of. Dont buy a single seaqt and dont pay for pay per view as this will most likely be the biggest loss pay per view in history has ever seen! Who wants to pay for our boy Kelly whos last fight was much of a joke with Top Rank bringing in one of there own fighters to take a loss as he was not even allowed to fight back ordered by his promoters. Yes Top Rank coincidentally same promoters as Pavlik!! Surprise to all us Youngstown idiots again. Thanks Bob Arum for thinking so highly of us. And after that anialation or serious ass whipping we saw the old man Hopkins give Kelly what makes his fights worth Pay Per View anyway??? Especially with a bum. I could think of many better opponents right here from Youngstown that would of stood a chance of whipping our pride of Youngtowns ass and then there surely would of been a sell out. Billy Lyle could possibly beat the Ghost right now. People of our community should stand up and dont spend a dime on this fight. It can be viewed free on the internet anyway if we really want to see it catch it on there. I agree also with someone else who said Arum and Pavlik should pay for the tickets and show the fight if thats what we really want to call it for free. They are trying to get richer of of us. This sh**s disgracefull!!!

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20louisbeaver(24 comments)posted 6 years, 6 months ago

Well I don't have any insider info or anything but if you're right Mark, this entire fight ordeal (that was supposedly supposed to help Youngstown and downtown's economy and local businesses will absolutely destroy them. As a business owner myself I truly feel bad for all these businesses that continually get screwed over by Youngstown. No wonder why all these younger generations want to move away right after college. You take a local fighter who is trying to do something for his hometown by putting it on the map and creating buzz for Youngstown by fighting in downtown Youngstown and then lets this hotshot money hungry promoter cost all of our local family-owned bars and restaurants a ton of money on wasted promotional dollars. Its these bars and restaurants that did all the leg-work by promoting the fight at their respective venues because other than hearing from these bars I wouldn't have known kelly was fighting this weekend. The promoting company Top Rank did absolutely nothing, then wonder why no tickets are sold, then screw the local people that have been raising awareness about the fight, just doesn't seem fair. On the other hand I've called all major sports bars and bars in general and for example all the following bars told me that they are 100% having the fight tonight on PPV....BW's (all 4 locations), Youngstown Sports Grille, Kelly Pavlik's 13th Round, Blue Wolf Tavern, Alberini's, plus all Downtown bars including Barley's and Downtown 36 and all have still said they're showing the fight so you'd think if they weren't going to be allowed to show it, that Top Rank and G & G Sports would at least contact them and refund their money asap so they know they can't show it before they start charging people at the door at 5-6pm for the fight to just find out that its not coming in at 8pm! I'm sorry but I'm done with Pavlik after this ordeal. He'd have done more for the local economy if he would've fought in Atlantic City or elsewhere, then maybe they could've shown the fight on PPV and wouldn't get screwed over into losing money when they should've made money on the fight! Well I'm going out anyway, no way I'd pay more than a $5 cover charge to see this fight anyway, even $40 at home is absurd!!!

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21msweetwood(179 comments)posted 6 years, 6 months ago

Thanks, Louis. Right now, we can report that every person of rank from Top Rank to G&G to Team Pavlik is aware that the bar blackout is in effect.

We've talked to many confused and conflicted bar owners tonight. If I can track the confusion down to one issue it is that these bars are calling and talking to a sales guy at the end of the 1-888-whatever number and we are talking to the sales guys' boss. The sales guys appear to not have all of the correct info.

Art Gallegos, sales manager for G&G Closed Circuit Events LLC. in California, is talking to the same folks we have been talking to at Top Rank, namely Bob Arum and Lee Samuels.

Now, this is not to say that some technical glitch or something else unforeseen might cause the signal to be carried out to the bars in the area. That would probably be a good thing. But officially, from all corners, as of about 6 p.m., the bar blackout remains in place.

Mark Sweetwood
Managing Editor

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22louisbeaver(24 comments)posted 6 years, 6 months ago

Mark, thanks...from what I've gathered you sound about right with everything right now. Also from frequenting these bars, it seems as if the sports bar type places all are getting the fight and my reasoning would suggest that they all have some type of dish, ie. DirecTV or Dish Network, whereas the bars I've spoken to that can't get it now have Time Warner or Armstrong cable and I'm guessing they're the only ones who are doing their job and actually enforcing the blackout, whereas DirecTV and Dish Network and not and are just being lazy, although this will turn out to be very interesting as the bars who have Time Warner/Armstrong cable are going to be really ticked and I can definitely see some lawsuits being brought forth because of this against Top Rank and G & G. Well I'm going to try to find the fight somewhere on TV at a bar and right now my chances look good, although I think the Vindy will have some juicy reporting to do on all of this to see how it turns out with this entire PPV mess! I'd definitely expose this to the public!!! Whatever it is you find out, and my guess is the smaller guys will be the ones who get screwed...as usual!

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23callmecrazeyok(17 comments)posted 6 years, 6 months ago

Mark Sweetwood....Your doing a good job getting info, but the questions that should be asked are this??? Why is the cheapest ticket $58 ???? Wouldnt they be better served letting them go for $30 or less at this point??? Did they think the Beeghly Center was going to magically sell out with no alcohol?? Third, why would they schedule a fight the same weekend the Disney on ice is in town...Lastly why are places still saying they are showing the fight??? is it a ploy to get people there to disappoint them after the cover charges some of them charge???

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24msweetwood(179 comments)posted 6 years, 6 months ago

Louis: I was just informed of that Direct TV vs. Time Warner theory, as well. I think the point is that Direct TV just passes along the signal that Top Rank/G&G provides. So, if there is or is not a signal, that remains to be seen. I am not sure about the technical aspects of enforcing a geographic blackout in the digital age but I have a feeling this is not the first Top Rank has been to the dance.

We will be sending a reporter to spot-check bars at about 9 p.m. to see who has what and we will report accordingly.


Mark Sweetwood
Managing Editor

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25msweetwood(179 comments)posted 6 years, 6 months ago

CallMe: We understand there was some discussion today about ticket prices, but, as Top Rank's Lee Samuels told Joe Scalzo tonight, there was little way to move some 4,000 seats very quickly.

And from what we can gather from the people we have talked to, there is REAL, legitimate confusion out there emanating from cable/dish companies that bars are speaking to. I don't get a sense that any bar owners are purposely misleading potential customers. There are conflicting signals out there and we'll do our best to keep you posted.

Mark Sweetwood
Managing Editor

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26callmecrazeyok(17 comments)posted 6 years, 6 months ago

Hey Downtown 36, Barleys and BW3's,

All 3 of you are on report as still trying to have the fight. If you still try and air this fight to the public, you will be punishable to up to and including a $100,000 fine and shutdown for the evening. Please refer to your contract. (Blackout). There will be agents this evening that will be frequenting your establishments throughout the evening policing this situation. Thank you.

Top Rank Events

Must be some sort of joke...All these places should sue Top Rank for not living up to their end of the contract...making an effort to promote the fight, fair ticket prices, blackout restrictions in one of the most depressed cities economically in the country that will win in court LOL...Top rank is a joke, Bob arum is a joke, this fight besides the undercard fights are a joke...

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27louisbeaver(24 comments)posted 6 years, 6 months ago

Mark, thats great hopefully you'll find out who is showing the fight soon! I'm downtown right now and the only bar I know that is still showing the fight is BW3's, whether it will come through or not I don't know because it looks like they're on DirecTV. I went to Barley's and Downtown 36 first and am at BW's now but 36 and Barley's said that even though they paid for it and had contracts (that say nothing about the possibility of a blackout) because I asked, that they aren't showing it just because of all this mess about the news showing that they're not allowed and don't want to risk the fine. The weird thing is the one guy said no one ever came to get their cable boxes or called to say they couldn't show it so if they didn't watch the news they probably would've shown it. How they can get in trouble for just happening to miss the news, I don't know, but they did have the boxes and could show the fight if they wanted to. Not sure about who this guy up above "TheRat" haha, seems like another bar owner to me that doesn't have the fight, I could guess who it is but I'll leave that out! I see its signed by "Top Rank Events" but honestly if Top Rank was going to have someone come in to the downtown bars, why would they warn them first on a Vindy.com comment thread, hilarious whoever this "Rat" is! So anyways I'm down to just BW's for my last shot at seeing the fight downtown, if not I just talked to Blue Wolf, Youngstown Sports Grille, and Kelly Pavlik's 13th Round and they all said they're still showing the fight "no matter what". Hopefully I just didn't ruin my chances of seeing the fight since "TheRat" may see this and shut them down, but for anyone else looking to see the fight for about $5 cover, those are our options. Hopefully Mark will have his reporters find some other dive bars even that may have it, I'm all up for bar-hopping! If anyone else has info post it up and help us out!

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28metz87(902 comments)posted 6 years, 6 months ago

Well like the one guy said bul**** and he did not mean frog! This is just a load of crap,it is all aobut the money,money is runing sports for the fans and in the end it because less people to care and ticket do not get sold. They are scerwing themselves over in the end,they will get there's one day. How about this everyone boycott the fight and refuse to goto it unless they let the bars show it. When Kelly Pavlick's bar can not show it you know it has gone to far.

Suggest removal:

29louisbeaver(24 comments)posted 6 years, 6 months ago

Dress warm to watch fight at BW's in the tent! Great times downtown right even with or without the fight because the whole town of Youngstown is downtown right now!
Also some guys chillin at BW's know O'Donnells owners and they just said that garden city boxing told O'Donnells that since they paid for the fight that they're allowed to show the fight!!! So might head up there if BW's falls through! We'll find out real soon!!!
Uh oh will the "Rat" be fining them 100k! Still hilarious, if all this happens the whole city of Youngstown will never have anywhere to go out because "theRat" will put them all out of business with a 100k fine! Wow would that suck!

Suggest removal:

30Essential(3 comments)posted 6 years, 6 months ago

The one thing I find funny is all this talk about money brought to the area because of this fight or any fight. The only money to be made is by the bar owners. You think they give a damn about anything else other than the money to be made. What will the money made from the door do for the economy? They won't report the earnings from the door... ITS CASH.

You think that they are showing the fight because they give a damn about any of you, they are showing the fight to pocket cash under the table. Will they put it back in our local economy? Nope, take a vacation to Florida is more like it.

Suggest removal:

31louisbeaver(24 comments)posted 6 years, 6 months ago

That statement wasn't thought out very well, the idea of helping the local economy is a bit more complex than what you're claiming about this event just giving bars more door money. For one its not just bars, many restaurants planned on showing the fight too and the money that a particular bar/restaurant would make at the door is miniscule compared to increase they would've had in their bar & food sales which IS taxed and with the last Pavlik fight it brough people from PA, WV, and probably some other states as well and they all spent money in Ohio that they wouldn't have otherwise.
You have to remember that bars and restaurants ARE businesses and they are in business to make money, so if you don't think that by creating more business in 20-30 local restaurants & bars doesn't help the local economy you're crazy! Thats probably about 500 workers/employees that would be making much more in tips, etc. just from being twice as busy than on a normal night, plus all of them have extra staff working tonight as well so more hours for more employees making more money than they usually would be. Then those bartenders and waitresses will go out and spend a bit more money on Christmas gifts, etc., etc.
You need to think a bit more in depth about a situation before shooting off and saying that an event in Youngstown does nothing more than paying for a few bar owners' vacations to Florida. Gave me a good chuckle tho...thanks!
And FYI there are reporters at BW's right now!

Suggest removal:

32louisbeaver(24 comments)posted 6 years, 6 months ago

Well so much for the black out!!! All 4 BW's have the fight as well as blue wolf, jillians, O'Donalds austintown, shakers, Kelly Pavliks 13th round, Youngstown Sports Grille, Jeremiah Bullfrogs, and I've heard more but can't remember all the rest. The difference has been that they have Directv and not cable like Time Warner or Armstrong. Quite ridiculus though because the small bars with cable got screwed over and even the bars that have the fight are dead comparatively speaking because the media came out and told everyone that not one bar would be showing the fight. Too bad for all the local bars and restaurants once again! And will anything be done about it? I sure hope so! I think the bars who aired the fight illegally should be held accountable and I think that Top Rank and G & G Sports should definitely get sued big time! If you want to black it out then black it out for ALL bars and not just half of them! Luckily I was right about some having and ended up being able to watch them for only $5 tonight but after talking with these bar owners I do feel really bad for them!

Suggest removal:

33louisbeaver(24 comments)posted 6 years, 6 months ago

This is hilarious....sorry had to call this place out! My nephew used to go to this bar, I'm pretty sure this is the same bar that got caught for supposedly having deliveries of heroin, cocaine, and marijuana sent to their bar by drunk drivers according to an article I read in the Vindicator months ago when they got shut down and I immediately told my nephew he was never allowed back again.

So the same user that posted this comment:

TheRat2320 (2 comments)posted 3 hours, 14 minutes ago

"Hey Downtown 36, Barleys and BW3's,

All 3 of you are on report as still trying to have the fight. If you still try and air this fight to the public, you will be punishable to up to and including a $100,000 fine and shutdown for the evening. Please refer to your contract. (Blackout). There will be agents this evening that will be frequenting your establishments throughout the evening policing this situation. Thank you.

Top Rank Events"

Also posted this comment in another article:

TheRat2320 [2 comments] on December 18, 2009 at 7:43 p.m.

"Hey everyone!!!!! Check out the Official After Party for the fight at.....THE CELL NIGHTCLUB....right around the corner from the fight! All 21 and over crowd! Newly Remodeled! Awesome atmosphere! Come in and I will BUY your first drink!!! At least stop in and check out the New Place!!"

Thats so comical that this place is not only opening up again, but they're calling their bar the "Official After Party for the fight"???? Apparently the only way they know how to do business is by putting other bars down and trying to tattle tell on their competition when they have no idea if these facts are/were even true in the first place. Only BW's is showing the fight "Rat", and wow that username is so fitting for that bar. Its obvious its the same people running that place. I can't believe the city of Youngstown even let them open back up again...what is our city government thinking letting crooks run a bar that has been synonymous with serving children in high school and having a blue light go on when police enter so they can stop their illegal activities which probably consisted of more than any of us parents even knew about!
Absolutely hilarious how they tried to pretend to be Top Rank officials and threaten their competition.
Well this post got long but these undercard fights are not really keeping my interest, I hope Pavlik fights soon, because my iPhone's battery is almost dead!

Suggest removal:

34widelips(2 comments)posted 6 years, 6 months ago

I'm watching the fight at BW's as well, so so crowd, not as packed as one would think though, not even close to how packed it was the last Pavlik fight when it was at the Chevy. I had planned on going to Downtown 36 to watch it since its more upscale with much nicer TV's, etc. but I guess they were one of the bars that couldn't get it because they have cable and not directv. Although I'm going back there as soon as the fights over, BW's will empty out as soon as the fight ends I'm sure. That is too bad for these other downtown bars that paid for the fight and spent all kinds of money promoting etc. I was able to take advantage of 36's free pizza and wings before heading over to BW's, really sucks for them since they spent all that money on free food and then ended up not being able to charge a cover since couldn't show the fight!
And so funny about the Cell!!! So not surprised though! I never liked that place anyways! They'll probably close again in a month anyways, LOL!

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35widelips(2 comments)posted 6 years, 6 months ago

I did hear that Pavlik's bar has the fight too! Go figure on that one!

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36YSU_Alumna(60 comments)posted 6 years, 6 months ago

Isn't it common practice to not allow television to show football games that haven't been sold out? Why should this be any different? Is beer that important? Support your local fighter and your local community and give him a sold out crowd. Then the bars can get the fight. I must admit though, the price for tickets seems a bit extreme at "$208, $158, $108 and $58, including $8 processing fee". I don't think the Eric Clapton-Roger Daltrey tickets I just bought were in that price range. I think the promoters are trying to eploit someone here. It's sad on so many levels; a local fighter will be fighting in what may very well be a half full venue and those that want to see it probably cannot afford it; those that planned to see it and having their plans changed last minute. Someone will have to throw a house party like the good old days.

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