UPDATE: Lost deer's throat slit

SEBRING — An injured deer was euthanized earlier this month, not beaten to death as some claimed, police Chief Ray Heverly said Tuesday.

Heverly said the deer that wandered into the city in the middle of the day Saturday was humanely destroyed.

People have claimed they saw people with a board heading for the deer that went between two walls and the back of a building in the 100 block of West Ohio Avenue. Deer and other animals often leave an urban area if left alone. But they may also become agitated when they believe they are trapped.

The deer in Sebring hurt itself, the police chief said. Because a wildlife official was too far away to get to Sebring, an order was given to those at the scene to destroy it.

The chief said that the animal’s jugular vein was cut, and it quickly bled to death. The chief did not state who euthanized the deer.

Jamey Graham, a wildlife communications specialist for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources based in Akron, said Monday that the killing occurred shortly before noon in the 100 block of West Ohio Avenue.

Because the deer was inside the city limits, a gun could not be used to shoot it.

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