Lost deer beaten to death with a board

By D.a. Wilkinson

SEBRING — A deer was beaten to death in daylight with a board after it wandered into the city.

“Things got out of control,” said Jamey Graham, a wildlife communications specialist for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources based in Akron.

The killing occurred shortly before noon Dec. 2 in the 100 block of West Ohio Avenue.

The deer had gone into a three-sided box created by a building and two extending walls.

Left alone, the deer probably would have ventured off, Graham said.

But instead of leaving the deer be, an undetermined number of people began to gather.

Graham said that deer, when they fear they are trapped, become hyperactive. “They almost have a heart attack,” she said.

Elva Summers of Sebring was working at The Concern, a nearby thrift shop that helps the needy, including with food.

Summers said she comes from a family of hunters and said she had no problem with people who kill quickly and cleanly.

But as she was leaving the area, Summers said she saw people with a board heading for the deer.

“We don’t like to see this happen.” Graham said. “It should have been handled differently is the long and the short of it.”

Because the deer was inside the city limits, a gun could not be used to shoot it.

The deer, Graham said, “was put down as humanely as possible considering the circumstances.”

Graham said that people were interviewed at the scene, but “no names were collected.”

Tom Frank, the Mahoning County Wildlife Officer for ODNR, released the carcass to someone. Graham said that information was not immediately available.

Frank could not be reached.

Sebring Police Chief Ray Heverly did not return a call.


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