Real men oppose abortion

Real men oppose abortion


In last Sunday’s letter, “Why is abortion part of the health-care debate,” the writer says: “Being a man, I’ll never have to decide on having an abortion. The last thing I would ever do is to try to make that decision for a woman.”

As a man, I was disappointed but not surprised by his attitude. Real men are involved in every aspect of the life of a child. Real men are there to counsel the young women in respecting life and not have the abortion.

I truly believe women want a strong godly man to take part in that decision making process. It is the feminization of society that tells men “it’s none of your business” if the women wishes to have the abortion.

As a “real man,” I don’t want my tax dollars paying for something I morally don’t believe in. I can’t force a woman to not have an abortion, and I shouldn’t be forced to pay for an abortion.