Mayor to replace finance director

By Jeanne Starmack

CAMPBELL — The city’s new mayor tried to fire the finance director and ordered him out of his office Monday, but by Tuesday, he had retracted the order.

George Krinos, who won November’s election over longtime Mayor Jack Dill, told finance director Sherman Miles that he was terminated as of the end of the business day Monday. Tuesday was Krinos’ first offical day as mayor.

Krinos said Tuesday he’d hand-delivered the letter.

“This letter is to inform you that your services are no longer needed,” the letter reads. “Please remove all of your personal effects and place any keys you have belonging to the city of Campbell in the custody of the dispatch officer in the police department.”

“According to the [city] charter, I have the ability to replace him,” Krinos said.

But after a meeting Tuesday with Law Director Mark Kolmacic, Miles and Miles’ lawyer Dennis Haines, he sent another letter telling Miles he can remain in the post until a successor is appointed.

Kolmacic said the charter calls for city council to approve the appointment of a finance director.

Krinos said he still intends to nominate someone new for the post.

The mayor said the person he wants to nominate to replace Miles is an experienced financial adviser who “shares in the same vision.” He would not name the person, adding that the nomination will take place at council’s Dec. 16 meeting.

If council votes against replacing Miles, Krinos said, Miles will stay in the post.

He said he could then nominate the person he wants as finance director again.

Miles has been the city’s finance director for two months, taking over for John Leskovyansky, who’d had the post for six years.

Miles is an attorney with a practice in Youngstown. He said he also has degrees in accounting and finance and experience in government.

Miles was a legislative assistant in the Ohio Senate and U.S. House of Representatives and a management analyst for the Ohio Department of Public Safety. He is paid $40,000 a year by the city.

Miles would not comment Tuesday, saying he’d been advised by his attorney not to do so.

Krinos said he has no intentions of replacing anyone else from the old administration.

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