AT&T cell-phone users upset over lack of service

Frustrated customers have been without service since the weekend.

BOARDMAN — Some area residents expressed their displeasure with a cellular- phone provider after spending the weekend without service.

A malfunctioning service tower on Market Street has caused headaches for AT&T subscribers. Some of those customers visited the AT&T store on U.S. Route 224 to voice their concerns.

“I’m really upset,” said Rose Cruz-Bonilla. “You pay so much money for cell phones that you just want them to be reliable.”

It is unclear how or when the service was interrupted. Customer-service representatives for AT&T said Monday there is no indication of a malfunctioning tower anywhere in Ohio.

Employees at the Boardman store acknowledged the malfunctioning tower — but would not elaborate due to corporate policy. Employees at the store did say the tower should be fixed by today.

Cruz-Bonilla, 51, of Poland, said she has four separate cell phones through AT&T for family members. She said she hasn’t been able to make or receive calls since Friday evening.

“Nothing is more frustrating than having your phone ring once and then hang up,” she said.

Shelly Dolenic, 31, of Boardman, spent her birthday Monday at the Boardman store trying to figure out why her phone would say the network was busy every time she tried to make a call.

“I couldn’t call anyone at all,” she said. “Not even AT&T” for customer service.

Dolenic, who is pregnant, added that she has no home phone, and her cell phone is the only mode of communication with family and friends.

She said she shuddered to think what could have happened if she had gone into labor without a way of contacting anyone.

“It’s been pretty bad,” she said. “It’s a huge inconvenience.”

Boardman Township trustees were made aware of the problem Sunday and contacted the Boardman police and fire departments. Trustee Kathy Miller was in the Boardman AT&T store Monday morning because her iPhone was not working properly. She said she lost about 670 contacts from her phone, which connects to her home computer.

Though the customers were frustrated, they did not blame AT&T for the issue with the tower.

“You can’t really hold it against the company,” one customer said. “Every company has complications at times.”

Cruz-Bonilla has used AT&T’s service for eight years and said this is the only issue she’s had with the company.

“It’s a big inconvenience, but they have been good to me,” she said. “I can’t really complain about their service.”

AT&T customers who have issues with their cellular service are asked to call (800) 331-0500.

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