What a silly battle

What a silly battle


The possibility of V&M Star Steel pulling out of this area due to two cities fighting over 80 acres of contaminated property that nobody wants is beyond believe. It proves how and why this area never grows.

All of us should join hands, and make this area one, like other cities, yet we still try to hold onto nothing that’s left here.

Girard lost all or most of their industrial land; so did Youngstown.

Here we have the potential of $970 million project coming to this area, 500 jobs at $60,000 average, and we are going to send it down the tubes like Sheet & Tube Co.

So, Girard, will still have Jib-Jab Hot Dogs, Kuzman’s, the Golf Dome and Avon Oaks. Youngstown will have more vacant mills. Seems like a good trade.