Now could be forever

Now could be forever


There is an old romantic song, “There’s No Tomorrow.” Unfortunately that song takes on a different meaning for the city of Girard. There will be no tomorrow if Mayor James Melfi and city council let the land deal for V & M Steel fall apart. Mayor Melfi is only looking at what he can get now (money) to help bail out the financial mess the city has been in these past nine years.

Apparently the big picture of 400 new jobs for the unemployed in this area and the sure to be steady income from taxes, etc., if the V & M expansion goes through means less to him. Melfi would do well to ignore the dollar signs he sees in front of him and do what is best for the area. It wasn’t all that long ago that Liberty Township was not happy about losing land off Shannon Road to the Girard School district. Liberty officials changed their minds when it was pointed out that they would be responsible for police, fire, ambulance, snow plowing, etc. if they refused to give up the property.

If the mayor insists on keeping this 80 acres, where would the city get the funds to clean up this property before construction could be done? Secondly where would the extra safety forces come from to ensure the safety of those who would work there in the future?