No problems? Look again

No problems? Look again


In a letter last Sunday, the writer suggests that readers check the National Coalition on Health Care to learn the truth about U.S. Health Care. Contrary to what the author wrote (“there’s nothing wrong with our health care”), the very same Web site he cites states: “The United States spends the most money on medical care of all advanced industrialized countries, but it performs more poorly than most on many measures of health care quality.” (

As to the contention that the hospital costs are increasing due to “paying for the illegals,” only 2 percent of the hospital bill is covering costs for those “illegals” who have no health coverage. Furthermore the rate of uncompensated cost to hospitals (which is passed along to other payers) has remained fairly constant for the past 30 years.

Basing our opinions on facts will help elevate the discussion taking place on the health care reform measures.


New Middletown