No deal is too big to fail

No deal is too big to fail


“Deal for V&M keys on land transfer,” The Vindicator reported Tuesday. Regarding this land deal, a recent radio broadcast quoted the Mayor of Girard as saying, “ I don’t want 80 acres of MY land annexed to Youngstown.” What arrogance. That land belongs to the residents of Girard.

Note to the mayor: With a thriving steel industry in your backyard, the residents of Girard have a place for their children to be working here in the valley. It should also be noted that for every manufacturing job, there is generally 2 or 3 service jobs to support that endeavor.

The residents of Girard should look to having that land transferred, and the sooner the better. As for a deal to be too big to not take place, GM should be a prime example of what happens when you think that anything can be to big to fail. I have been a resident of the Mahoning Valley all my life. .