A response to congressman’s view of health care reform

A response to congressman’s view of health care reform


Sorry Charlie, but it is a monster. I am replying to Charlie Wilson’s Aug. 12 column. The proposed Health Care Reform is a monster and Charlie is a shady salesman. I’ll cover his nine points with some new clarity:

1. “Reforming health care will not lead to out-of-control spending”. The biggest deception of them all. We were told the same thing about Medicare and Medicaid. Their spending is out-of-control and still doctors and hospitals are not receiving enough funds to continue operating. As a former employee of The Cleveland Clinic, University Hospital and former co-owner of Prolabs medical laboratory, I have had experience with these programs.

2. “This legislation will not insure illegal aliens.” This is not how the government works, Charlie. My son is a border guard in Arizona. He says that the welfare agencies can’t wait to sign up anyone for health coverage so that their agency can show a large roster and increase its importance in the government.

3. “The legislation will not create a government-run health care system.” You had better check what Medicare does presently before making this statement. Medicare decides whether they will pay for treatments and counts the number of treatments and tests so that you do not exceed their limits.

4. “There is nothing ... to ration health care.” Medicare already does this as mentioned in my reply No.3, and they will certainly continue this practice if this bill passes.

5. “... public insurance ... will not crowd out employer ... coverage.” You might be right on this point, but with the government track record, I wouldn’t want to bank on it.

6. “This reform will not cost jobs ...” The only secure jobs will be based on the increase in government jobs created by the passage of this bill. Hospitals, like Forum Health and The Cleveland Clinic will have fewer dollars and less control over maintaining their present employment.

7. “Seniors’ coverage under Medicare will actually benefit ...” Government has been cutting benefits for Medicare patients for years. Are they going to reverse that trend?

8. “There is a ... myth that ... [the] reform promotes euthanasia.” What the health care does do is provide a slippery slope that could promote euthanasia, and the government is in control of the slope.

9. “... staying ... with our current health care system is not an option.” You are probably right on this point. Two major problems with the present system are Medicare and Medicaid. Until you can eliminate or correct these governmental systems, don’t ask us to accept your judgment on a new, larger health care system.



No deal is too big to fail


“Deal for V&M keys on land transfer,” The Vindicator reported Tuesday. Regarding this land deal, a recent radio broadcast quoted the Mayor of Girard as saying, “ I don’t want 80 acres of my land annexed to Youngstown.” What arrogance. That land belongs to the residents of Girard.

Note to the mayor: With a thriving steel industry in your backyard, the residents of Girard have a place for their children to be working here in the Valley. It should also be noted that for every manufacturing job, there is generally 2 or 3 service jobs to support that endeavor.

The residents of Girard should look to having that land transferred, and the sooner the better. As for a deal to be too big to not take place, GM should be a prime example of what happens when you think that anything can be too big to fail. I have been a resident of the Mahoning Valley all my life. .