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Pavlik fight postponed until Nov. 21

Published: Mon, August 17, 2009 @ 5:04 p.m.

Kelly Pavlik's middleweight title fight against Paul Williams has been postponed until Nov. 21 due to a lingering problem with the middle knuckle on Pavlik's left hand.

The fight will still be in Atlantic City and will be televised on HBO.

For more details, read Tuesday's Vindicator or visit Vindy.com.


1mikeyboxx(14 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

Damn, I'll be in Vegas the weekend before for the Pacman vs. Cotto fight and then down to AC for the Pavlik fight. What a action packed November. COTTO AND PAVLIK will be VICTORIOUS!!! Get better Kelly

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2steelerman09(111 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

Just like I posted a few days ago....If you ask Kelly Pavlik, he would say that he is ready to fight and that the staph infection is a non-issue. The point is Kelly is afraid of Williams. If his staph infection was so bad, then why is he out every weekend, whooping it up on the South Side? After such a long layoff, he will get in the ring and get his clock cleaned. SCARED!!

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3saysithowitiz(98 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

Hey Vindy, according to ESPN, the new fight date has yet to be finalized. Nov. 21 is only an option and it doesn't look good as there are already several other fights scheduled that night.....looks like Pavlik won't be boxing til 2010.

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4epicfail(217 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

For a guy who makes millions off his hands... I think he needs to take better care of them.

You don't see Tiger Woods putting his hands through windows and getting frickin' MRSA or whatever it was on them.

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5MinisterD(25 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

As a personal friend, I can tell you that his hand stays wrapped all of the time, and takes excellent care of it. He wants to fight. He loves to fight. Whatever he does on his free time isn't affecting his ability to heal.

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6MrYTown(14 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

Boos, partying, and rehab seem to be part of his training program now. After losing to a much out of prime Grandpa Hopkins people are starting to quit buying Loew's propaganda and spin. SteelerMan said it best, Pavlik ain't want any part of Williams. Look at how much Pavlik's purses have been since he won the belts, speaks volumes when you look at true champions and what they are pocketing per bout. Y-town's sweetheart will soon be but a faded memory, even Pavlik knows this. Williams will have his way from the opening bell, money in da bank folks. Don't be so naive.

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7cleveman(10 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

please, you guys are craze making..pavlik and co. chose this fight. staph infections are serious problems..you cannot face any professional boxer with lingering problems with your hands..since you guys take the time to log onto this site I assume you are local and interested in kelly pavliks career..be patient, the man has represented your town and peoples very well nationally..support him. this medical issue makes it impossible to train. imagine hittimg sparring partners with a wound on your knuckle..I cant wait till he is better, it will be a great fight to watch..

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8Alonzos_kennel(5 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

It doesn't really matter if the fight happens and Kelly beats the living hell out of Williams, the rumors will continue and people will continue to run their mouths. I cannot understand why there are so many people that wish bad things for one of their own unless A.) they were associated with Kelly and got shown the door for being a snake, or B.) are like MrYtown and wanted an autograph to sell on EBay and aint want no autograph made out with they name on it.
Many of the comments also show gross ignorance on the part of the individual posters. 1.) To make a joke about Bernard Hopkins, his age and fighting ability is laughable, and I'm not laughing with you. Williams lost to Carlos Quintana, who aint no Bernard Hopkins. Believe me, Hopkins beats your precious Williams any day of the week and twice on Sunday. Yeah, Hopkins has a few losses on his record, but not counting his very first fight you are looking at Roy Jones Jr, Jermaine Taylor twice (which are heaviliy disputed by many), and Joe Calzaghe (which also could have gone either way). The man is a Hall of Famer!! For you to criticize him in order to make Kelly's loss to him more horrific is ignorant, grossly biased, and personal. Bet none you aint want no part of an Old Grandpa Hopkins.
2.) Staff infections, Cellulitus and MRSA are no joke. Tom Brady was down for months because of it, and may have not yet fully recovered from it. Let me guess, he's a vagrant bum too? Ok. Did you want Kelly to fight one handed too?
Regardless, all this going back and forth will get us no where, because at the end of the day there will be those who want to see him succeed, and there will be those who do not because "misery loves company", especially in Youngstown.

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9Diane(3 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

MinisterD - "I can tell you that his hand stays wrapped all of the time, and takes excellent care of it."

Alonzos_kennel - "Staff infections, Cellulitus and MRSA are no joke."

Then why did he miss 3 doctors appointments? He is supposed to be a professional, and he makes a living from his hands, so how do you explain that away?

I was a long time fan of Kelly's, but I lost all respect for him for not honoring a SIGNED contract with Sergio Mora. Yes, I know Williams is a better fight, but a man of honor, and respect, would honor any contract that he signs, especially when the fight was cancelled due to bogus reasons. How would have you or Kelly felt, if Taylor would have pulled that crap on Kelly when he finally got that first fight with Taylor. You guys would be screaming bloody murder, but I guess it's okay for Kelly to be unprofessional, right?

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10MrYTown(14 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

Alonzos must be on some great mind altering drugs as well as Pavlik's blow toy to actually buy into the propaganda and spin that he spews from his ignorant and naive mouth! You sincerely represent Y-town well, ignorance is bliss and I congratulate you for defining it so very well. For anyone to remotely accept that Pavlik is the real deal then one only needs to go back and watch his embarrassment at the hands of Hopkins, who is most certainly out of his prime, old, and is much slower than the HOF fighter he "was" (meaning past tense). News flash!!!!! It sure appears that those educated within the industry, experts in the sport, analysts, and everyone else are now seeing the true colors come out of "your" hero. Your post lacks any and ALL substance!!!! Stick to being a "spectator", your boxing knowledge is almost as laughable as your medical knowledge!!!

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11MrYTown(14 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

As a side note, just to show how very uneducated and naive Mr. Alonzos truly is to the sport of boxing he states "it doesn't really matter if this fight happens or not". This quite possibly has to be one of the dumbest things I have read to date concerning this bout as it most certainly DOES mean everything IF this fight does not happen. He can run, hide, delay a bout the public **must** see for only so long and his true colors are already bleeding through. If his image wasn't already stained and tainted then I assure you it is now as the general public and boxing fans have a limited amount of patience then the ball drops. He has already shown to be a coward in many peoples minds when he failed to actually "honor" contracts ala Mora and be a honorable man and stick to his word. What if Taylor never gave your "idol" his shot? You would still be crying and whining. One only needs to sit back and ask themselves a very simple and elementary question which I and many others find to be very comical when you look at his (Pavlik's) take home purses, "why" isn't Kelly capable of pulling in mega fight purses such as the Mayweather's, Manny's, Cotto's, etc, of the industry as the list can keep on going on and on. He is THE Middleweight Champion OF the world yet he is making "chump change" in comparison to these other world class boxers of other weight classes, some not even champions keep in mind! The reasons the above are **factual** is quite simple- 1) Name recognition is NOT there nor will it ever be there 2) His record is not impressive at all and some would even say padded in comparison to the present day "elite" boxers who make the mega bucks --Mayweather, Manny, Cotto, Marquez, _____ (fill in the blank) . The caliber of fighters he (Pavlik) has fought mostly have been "C-list" fighters at best. Pavlik fighting people that are 11-68 (pretty lame and embarrassing). In reality he is nothing more than 3-1 which is sad yet very much comical at the same time but good ole' Jack is known for doing this within his stable.

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12MrYTown(14 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

When you look back in the not so distant past, Pavlik has fought a Mirandaless Miranda whom never showed to fight, Taylor twice, then got his clock rang and knocked into outer space by a grandfather in Hopkins. Who else has he fought in comparison to the greats of today like Mayweather?! Only a fool would make that comparison and most if not all would seriously question there sanity. To think Pavlik will EVER come close to what "Money" Mayweather pockets every purse is laughable, a joke, and merely a fantasy. You must get quite a kick out of what the current middleweight champion is making *a few $$$Mill.* (deservingly so) when Mayweather is taking well over $20 MILLION+ $$$$ per bout. Pavlik will NEVER come close, it IS a given. Even Jacko has said Williams will be the hardest fight to date, trust me Kelly ain't want no part of him and it wouldn't be surprising if he can somehow back out of this bout too as it is a trend of late he seems to prevail in. If Pavlik does NOT fight Williams it will cement what many already think that he was a three "shot" wonder kid with a degree in basket weaving from the joint school who has been brought back to earth not to mention how overhyped he was. After B-Hop gave him boxing lesson 101 the public started to wake up. I must admit Alonzo- you certainly are good if not great at coming up with every possible excuse in the book to attempt to sell off the garbage you are spewing. Even though your comments lacks any and all substance and they are merely a fantasy I think they are actually quite unique, interesting, and laughable to read!!!!!!. It lightens the mood if you know what I mean! If my "idol" was crumbling right before my very eyes as your's is then I probably would be just as bitter, angry, and have every excuse imaginable to throw out there to attempt to save face as you are doing!! It is entertaining so please do not stop at this point in time, I assume this could only get better after reading your "**gem**" of a response the first time around!!!!!!

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13Alonzos_kennel(5 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

I'll go ahead and entertain your wish and post a response, but I am not so angry that I will post on three different occasions. If you are going to quote somebody, do it accurately. I never said "it doesn't matter if the fight happens ot not". I honestly hope it happens and Kelly destroys Williams. I said what I did in relation to people like yourself, that you will still continue your campaign against one of your own even if he destroys Williams.
If my medical knowledge is a joke, why didn't you school me like you have with your "awesome" boxing knowledge. Do you really think that MRSA, Cellulitus, or a staph infection are as treatable as the common cold? What did I say that made my medical knowledge any less than yours?
Do you really think that Hopkins knocked Kelly into another dimension? The fight I saw went the distance, one sided yes, but it still went the distance. Nonito Donaire knocking out Darchinyan, that is knocking somebody into another dimension. I refer to my earlier comment, you will do what is absolutely necessary to take that loss and magnify it 100x to meet your agenda, which was the point of my earlier post, not to engage in a contest of boxing knowledge. On top of that, most of what you stated reeks of bias and opinion. The facts that you did state (smaller purses, opinions of experts and analysts) are already well known. Is there anything else you wish to regurgitate for us?
Why hasnt Kelly made as big a purse as some of the people you named? Maybe it's because he is white(I'm not even going to go into Boxing demographics, or maybe you can just educate me with about 5-6 posts, with special attention focused on Mayweather) or maybe it is because Bob Arum is more focused on his baby Manny. Let me ask you this; Why have the Williams-Pavlik fight in Atlantic City? (I know the answer, lets see if you do). In regards to Mayweather, I'll be honest; I'll gladly pay 50-60 dollars in the hopes of seeing his smart alek mouth get rearranged. I haven't been fortunate enough yet, but his time will come. Maybe we can have another round when that happens (since you devoted a whole post to singing his praises (but I'm the Blow toy), which may be here soon.
Listen, lets be honest, you posted three posts that were filled with alot of fluff and things that everybody already knows and had nothing to do with what I was originally trying to convey. When did I ever mention anything about his take home dollars? My original post was meant to point out the lack of support and how it seems everybody had turned their back on Kelly Pavlik. We could go around and around all day about Hopkins, I still think he can fight and honestly believe that he will win another belt. You think he's washed up (then again, your the expert). MrYtown, you and I will get nowhere because we are both firm in the stances we take. However, I think you are taking this a little more tougher than I am.

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14copstarkey(27 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

Sorry for my absence, but I see some of Youngstown's
backstabbers are at it again. So lets get ready to rumble....

Round 1 Diane stated "Then why did he miss 3 doctors appointments? He is supposed to be a professional, and he makes a living from his hands, so how do you explain that away?

I was a long time fan of Kelly's, but I lost all respect for him for not honoring a SIGNED contract with Sergio Mora. Yes, I know Williams is a better fight, but a man of honor, and respect, would honor any contract that he signs, especially when the fight was cancelled due to bogus reasons. How would have you or Kelly felt, if Taylor would have pulled that crap on Kelly when he finally got that first fight with Taylor. You guys would be screaming bloody murder, but I guess it's okay for Kelly to be unprofessional, right? "

I do not know why he missed them, haven't you missed a doctors appointment? I am a professional at what I do, it is important that I stay in one piece. Oh my god, I miss appointments. Maybe they should fire me. Lets be a critic, because since kelly is the champ he can no longer be human!? you brought this up because something else is your real point, which i will comment on below.

And as for the contact and honor thing. This is boxing folks, fights have been called off a million times. It takes more than the fighter to make a match. How would we have felt if taylor backed out? The way fans felt when kelly had to fight again and again to get a chance. He was ready, but it was one more fight then you get a shot. Taylor knew who kelly was, they fought before as teenagers. Why did he wait for so long then, why didn't you post about Taylor running from that fight. Did that show "Honor". I do remember a time when the boxing world was not ready to give kelly a chance. Do you Diane? Also, keep in mind that this is buisness, do you expect kelly to cut his own throat over a contract and work against his promoter? I'm sorry, you know alot about promoting fights right? You promoted that last one between 2 bums on federal plaza. They each got 5 bucks and a bottle of thunderbird. I think you must really like sergio mora. He's a real example of a fighter with honor.

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15copstarkey(27 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

now for round 2 and the real joke of this forum, MrYTOWN...

First off, learn how to spell and form a correct sentence. You will not convince me you know what you are talking about if I have to get a translation of what you said.

Secondly, Bernard Hopkins was and still is a great fighter. Does he look like he used to, no, But he has made up for that with being an incredibly smart fighter. He made the Calzaghe fight closer than it should have been. As for your conclusion that he" got his clock rang and knocked into outer space by a grandfather in Hopkins" Did you figure that out after the first or second knock down? Wait, I watched that fight, there were no knockdowns. You must have been confused with your kids homework.. See dick and jane run, see dick fall down. Kelly got knocked down! How did you come up with that one.

third off, What experts and people in the business have come to realize what about kelly? I read articles on boxingscene.com and eastsideboxing.com and they have not said, Oh there it is, kelly has been exposed! Maybe you talked to the 2 experts diane set up to fight at federal plaza, I'll take your word then.

fourth point, Mayweather? 20 million! Maybe he deserves that....because everyone wants to see him lose! He is talented, yet he is the most spoiled, poor sport I have seen in sports in a long time. He's worse than TO and chad johnson combined. The fact that you use him as an example to be followed speaks highly of your taste. When did he reschedule his comeback fight?

fifth point, you had to go with the sergio mora thing. Well the "real experts" in boxing weighed in on this fight. They said "Why?" He lost his title to the same guy he took it from. And he"s a ferocious fighter with a whole 5 KO's on his record. he"s 21-1, HE DOES NOT AND DID NOT DESERVE THE CHANCE! The only reason I wanted to see the fight was to see him get punished and hopefully learn how to close his big mouth.

Want to criticize fighters, Why won't abraham and strum fight kelly in the US? If you follow boxing you would know that if they fought kelly in Europe, kelly would have to knock them out to win. Dominate and knock them down would not guarantee a win there, only a knock out. We'll forget about Kelly as a faded memory, point the finger at yourself too, or do you readily remember Ray Mancini Sr and Jr, Jeff Lampkin, Greg Richardson, Harry Arroyo, Lenzi Morgan, Ken Sigurani, Or old time fighters like Joey Carkido, Jack Trammell, And Tony Janiro. They all did this town proud. So you go MRYTOWN aka "Bert Sugar" tell us about real fighters since you know it all, but record it, because it is painful reading your posts. And putting 5 on the bum in the brown coat doesn't cut it to be an expert.

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16MrYTown(14 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

Contrary to popular belief I have no ill feelings towards Kelly Pavlik whom I know extremely well and was present at the three biggest fights of his career sitting ringside. 2500 miles away present day and waking up every morning to see the sun come up over the Pacific won't make many too angry. The two posts were due to "character limits" which I believe were 3000 hence the multiple back to back responses. On to bigger and better things, it is nonsense to state I have a "campaign against one of my own", as a "former" resident now on the left coast I merely call it as I see it with knowledge, substance, examples being the basis of the previous posts and statements minus any and all emotion nor bias. I have already stated numerous times and it is a moot point to beat a dead horse time after time, there becomes a point where you ultimately just sit back and laugh versus wasting time arguing against someone who certainly has a large agenda to fulfill on these messages. His medical condition is one of concern however it isn't of grave concern but needless to say it defies all logical reasoning when you are a champion not to seek the best doctors throughout the country, best medical institutions that specialize in this care, advanced care and world renowned advances within procedures that could have potentially sped up this recovery. World class athletes tend to seek out "world class" medical care that is the very best money can buy. When is the last time you have heard of a Floyd Mayweather Jr. coming to a St. E's, Northside Hospital, etc, for care? You don't hence the many people including myself that question those closest to him assisting him and helping him make pretty important choices relating to medical care. Did I ever state this was easy to treat or comparable to the common cold? I thought so. Do I really think Hopkins knocked Pavlik into another dimension? I certainly think it is pretty clear to those whom watched the bout or were present at ringside that it was a lopsided, easy, and embarrassing defeat for Pavlik so to answer your question, "yes". It was clear from the opening bell that Hopkins controlled every aspect, round, and toyed with Pavlik until the end of the bout. I do not need to take the loss and magnify it 1X due to the simple variable in the equation that fact speaks for itself not to mention that the embarrassing loss answered many questions about Pavlik and even opened up many more questions due to his lackluster performance or there lack of a complete showing.

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17MrYTown(14 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

Again, there is no agenda to suit as it is fair to say that the facts speak very clearly as to what happened versus emotion injected into responses by yourself and other posters to attempt to "justify" this loss. Kelly not making the big purses because he is "white"? OK!! Now that statement really shows your knowledge of this sport. Ever heard of Oscar from Golden Boy?!! I think I can end that ridiculous and outlandish statement right there. You will attempt anything to justify your here huh? No matter how far fetched your ideas are! Amazing..... "Because he is white"!!!! Ok!!!! The fight being in Atlantic City? Pretty easy one, live gate sales, profit margins, buys, etc, would never justify HBO going for it being at Mandalay Bay or the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Or maybe because Pavlik is "white"?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wouldn't bet the farm on Mayweather getting his mouth rearranged as there are many reasons that he is the best P4P fighter even after taking 18+ months off. I do not know what in fact you are trying to convey since the posts lacked of pretty much any and all substance. It is pretty clear atleast to me that they were filled with excuse after excuse, personal emotion, bias, etc, injected into basically everything that you stated backing nothing up with fact and mostly everything you stated are known and those riding your "hero's" bandwagon would state and standby regardless of fact. Unfortunately most aren't that naive to bypass facts to buy into the spin and propaganda. There is NO lack of support, it would be better stated that the boxing world IS seeing many questions answered, more unanswered, and a fighter that many thought WAS "overhyped" is coming to be true. Support has nothing to do with this, they aren't in the ring are they? Please rest assured that I am not taking this in any manner other than what the majority of boxing initially thought and believed, other than that I really could care less. Too many stronger, better, and proven fighters in different weight classes to go and see fight which actually makes me look quite forward to the upcoming near future. If Pavlik never fights again trust me I won't be losing any sleep whatsoever. I sincerely believe that if you look merely at the facts aside from all else then much of what others have stated including myself will make not only sense but will show emotion or bias is not part of any argument or debate.

(3000 character limit exceeded)

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18MrYTown(14 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

Laughable at best but coming out in defense for your idol what more can be said. The kool aid they make you drink must taste pretty good?! I actually lost track of your excuses, you may have set a record. Your idol gets torched by Hopkins who is very much out of prime, slow, and ending a career. Are you seriously that naive, brainwashed, and uneducated? It is clear you don't know boxing but assuming you are a cop with the salaries you makes it is justifiable to supplement the weak income that you are on your idol's payroll blowing him after sparring sessions hence the stupidity you attempt to sell off here. WOW, quite impressive that you read two internet message boards with messages written by folks like yourself! Experts at there finest! Try listening to the analysts and former champions in all different weight classes, the verdict was clear that not only did your idol get embarrassed he was taught boxing lesson 101 every minute of the fight. How many rounds did Pavlik win? What were on the scorecards? Yes, kind of thought so but thank you for playing. Your points are so far fetched they are laughable and you look like a complete, absolute, and utter clown. Mayweather Jr. IS the best P4P fighter out there and he takes home $20+million per fight because people want to see one helleva good fight from a future HOF fighter, not because people want to see him lose. I love these statements, they show not only your lack of intellect, boxing knowledge, but how poorly you look to try and save face for Pavlik no matter what he does or doesn't do. Sadly for you the facts don't lie. I know it must make you a tad bitter, sting, and hurts but sometimes life does that. Your 5th point is the **gem**. Why? Almost as many said "why" to Lockett huh?! You are on a roll but atleast it brings entertainment to many including myself. If Mora didn't deserve the chance then surely Pavlik deserved the chance at Taylor after beating mostly all bums and C-list fighters?! Right on!!!!! You buy into propaganda and no one is buying it. If Pavlik has the balls let him travel to Europe to fight and no it is NOT a *certain* or even remotely close that he would need a KO in order to win. Instead of opening your laughable mouth stick to the facts, bring substance or something debatable versus two posts of absolute nonsense and garbage. Stick to patrolling the streets, lets just hope you know the law better than you know boxing although for the money they pay you I probably wouldn't bet on it. Can we have another opinion, emotional, and laughable injected response to defend your hero the almighty one in your eyes?!!

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19copstarkey(27 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

MYYTOWN...you sir, are the one who needs help.
Has being out west rotted your brain. You sound like the rest of the way too liberal folks who live in CA. So lets get on with the facts.

I never stated that I felt kelly won the hopkins fight. But you just can't let hopkins go. Just the mere fact that at his age he can still get in the ring and be competitive would be great, but he is more than that. Looking on paper, he should never have lasted 3 rounds with Joe Calzaghe, you have heard of him haven"t you? Or were you at a Mayweather party in Vegas? Anyway, Hopkins not only lasted all 12 rounds, but knocked down the undefeated champ in the first 3 and made him look very bad. So keep trashing Hopkins all you want.

As for your next point, first off the homosexual blurb you throw in makes me question you that much more. You have already accused someone else of this, felt a need to recycle a burn! Not very creative? Or do you secretly live in San Francisco and are projecting on other people.

Speaking of experts, Of course Kelly loses a fight and articles come out ripping the fight, but what since then? I have noted my sources, readily available to anyone with a computer. What experts are you speaking of? And former champs, which ones?

Ever watch a fight in europe? I have. I have never seen such terrible scoring. If you are the foreigner entering a fight there you do not stand a chance. try this...

"WBA middleweight world champion Felix Sturm (33-1, 14 KOs) beat Khoren Gevor (30-4, 16 KOs) by unanimous twelve round decision in Nürburg, Germany today. Gevor worked well on the inside and knocked Strum down in the third round but the referee ruled it a slip. Gevor was the busier fighter and outworked Sturm throughout the twelve rounds. The Judges scored the fight 115-113, 115-113, 117-111 for Felix Sturm, "

You haven't provided a single noted fact in any of your posts, they reek of biased crap. You claim anyone who disagrees with you knows nothing of boxing, and even throw out a stab at police officers. You are the real gem, thank God we got rid of you, CA needs another freak.

I'm not done with the so called facts, I'll provide more later. So maybe you need some help, go find some out of work actor out there who claims he went to a Mayweather afterparty after he stood in as an extra on some soap opera, call him an expert and get his opinion. You need to, because yours lack any substance.

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20copstarkey(27 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

ok MRYTOWN or is it really MRYMCA, lets rip this apart

Kellys opponents...
Rubio fought Zertuche for the WBO fedcom middleweight title. and also fought Kassim Ouma for the WBO/NABO light mid title. Also fought Kofi Jantuah for the WBC intercontinental Light mid title.

Hopkins past don't even have to mention who he's fought we all know.

Lockett, yeah he was nobody, and a MANDATORY. That means he have to fight them or lose the belt. You understand that don't you.

Taylor..The man who took the title from hopkins.

Miranda. Here is a guy who fought abraham for the title twice. Do you remember the first fight. Miranda broke abrahams jaw in the 4th or 5th. The fight should have been stopped, and you could clearly hear the fight being stopped, but somehow went on. Why did miranda lose, the 5 low blows with points off could have done it. I do not like Miranda at all, dirty fighter, but he won that fight. He was a dangerous man coming into the pavlik fight. And after kelly flattened him, he hasn't been the same.

Felgencia Zuniga fought Lucien Bute for the super mid title.

Grady Brewer fought for the IBO light mid title.

and as for Mayweather....

Ricky Hatton was made for him. Boxer vs brawler. That fight wasn't 20 mil just for mayweather, that's 2 big name guys. Expected outcome.

Oscar in 2007. De la hoya has been washed up for many years, this one is for money and safe. A show, not a fight.

Carlos Baldomir, Zab Judah, and sharmba mitchell. A wanna be, a used to be with a big mouth, and a beaten fighter.

Gatti in 2005. The same Gatti who went through 2 wars with Ward. IN 2003! Gatti was finished at that point. Again, pick a used to be guy with a big name for CASH.

Diego Corrales is his biggest name, in 2001. This is history.

Seems your "HERO" is guilty of something too. Isn"t his nickname "cash money"? Wonder why.? Not cause he is a fighter who deserves it, fighting the best out there or all comers, but cause he's trying to put on a show, not a fight. If he is the P4P king, then fight Manny Pacquiao. He will find Marquez alot tougher than a guy who is going to stand in front of him like Hatton. And he's not just a punching bag like Oscar. Yes I'll stand by kelly for who he is and what he's done for his home town and it's people. But you are a bandwagon jumper who stands up for a circus clown and common thug. Maybe he should go back to dancing with the clowns. Thats a big show out there isn't it?

I await your reply and the inevitable anti homosexual comment. Also you claims, without any credible facts or sources. Dealing with you is like dealing with a child.

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21copstarkey(27 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

MRYTOWN... You stated....
"Again, there is no agenda to suit as it is fair to say that the facts speak very clearly as to what happened versus emotion injected into responses by yourself and other posters to attempt to "justify" this loss. (WHEN DID ANYONE HERE TRY TO JUSTIFY HIS LOSS. FACTS ARE HOPKINS IS WHO HE IS, KELLY IS WHO HE IS, AND THE UD WENT TO HOPKINS. NO ONE BROUGHT UP ANY EXCUSES, JUST THERE THOUGHTS ON WHO THE GUYS ARE AND WHAT THEY ARE CAPABLE OF) Kelly not making the big purses because he is "white"? OK!! Now that statement really shows your knowledge of this sport. Ever heard of Oscar from Golden Boy?!!(YOU DO KNOW IT ALL,OSCAR IS LATINO) I think I can end that ridiculous and outlandish statement right there( YOU ENDED IT, BY SHOWING YOUR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE OF PEOPLES ETHNIC BACKGROUNDS AND BY BRINGING IT UP). You will attempt anything to justify your here huh? No matter how far fetched your ideas are! Amazing..... "Because he is white"!!!! Ok!!!! The fight being in Atlantic City? Pretty easy one, live gate sales, profit margins, buys, etc, would never justify HBO going for it being at Mandalay Bay or the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Or maybe because Pavlik is "white"?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (AGAIN WHERE DID ANYONE SAY THEY ARE BACKING HIM CAUSE HE'S WHITE, I THINK YOU ARE ADDING YOUR OWN STUFF, ARGUING WITH YOURSELF, OR ARE YOU PROJECTING YOUR OWN THOUGHTS. SO YOUR A RACIST AND ANTI GAY.)

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22Alonzos_kennel(5 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

(posted Aug 20) "Surprise Surprise, Loew needs to stick to his paving company because once his padded record champ loses these belts it will be game over. This can't surprise many, Pavlik ain't want no piece of Williams who will eat him alive. After getting schooled by a grandfather in Hopkins it is bout time media, press, and sporting world finally is seeing Pavlik's true colors. Let him enjoy these belts for now, he can't run, hide, and stay out of the ring forever. Mark my words Y-town's dahling and sweetheart will be no longer so hopefully he remembers what he learned at the joint vocational school in basket weaving." MrYtown

(posted August 22) " Contrary to popular belief I have no ill feelings towards Kelly Pavlik whom I know extremely well" MrYtown

One more and I'm done. I will take a moment to defend against some of the jabs taken against me and the points I was trying to make.
Oscar DeLaHoya is not anything close to white: He is a Mexican American last time I checked. You go tell him he's white, see if he agrees. The fight game in the United States is dominated by Latino's and Black Americans. Since your the expert, why don't you name me the last white fighter to make a purse in the realm of Mayweather or DeLaHoya (who is Mexican American by the way)?
Don't quote me out of context; I said MAYBE it was because he was white, not because he WAS white. It's called being speculative, not stating fact.
You don't have an agenda against Pavlik? Check the above quotes (not taken out of context), see the difference? They speak for themselves. You have posted on numerous other pages and stated your personal opinion. That, Sir, makes it an personal and reeks of having a hidden agenda.
Manny P is number 1 on everyones pound for pound list but yours. You place so much stock in their (experts and analysts) views and opinion, why change now?
MRSA and staph infections are not cause for grave concern? You cannot be serious. That is a "gem".
Also, St E's is a legitimate hospital that I am sure could realistically treat a staph infection, or do you have something against them to.
Sitting ringside does not make you an expert. What, you want a medal or something? Does that establish your superiority cause you smoked a couple of stogies with Burt Sugar ringside? Couldn't you have just went with "I was there".
Sir, you will not admit it, but it is personal. Otherwise you would not be taking your time away from the beautiful Pacific to post 6-7 times at a clip just to ensure that your point gets across. Your a better man than I cause if I was out that way, you can best believe that I wouldn't be posting 3-4 responses each time somebody responded to something I said that wasn't personal.

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23copstarkey(27 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

"Contrary to popular belief I have no ill feelings towards Kelly Pavlik whom I know extremely well" MrYtown

If this is true, does he know all of your other opinions of him that you have posted here to Alonzo and I? You should tell him since you have no ill feelings and know him extremely well, he'll value you insight

And certainly they are ill feelings! Why? I won't speculate and I'm sure you won't tell the truth.

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24MrYTown(14 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

Starko- If you exit your little bubble of Y-town my opinions, beliefs, and feelings are shared by more than just a few which seems to sting a bit, huh?!. I would suggest taking the blinders off for a minute and leaving whatever fantasy island you claim to be on. You are a waste of time and again ignorance is bliss so continue to play the role as you do so very well!! Alonzo- How many other world class athletes seek medical treatment at St. E's? That is what I thought and the US News and World Report seem to disagree with you very much according to the rankings relative to hospital ratings. I don't know if you are truly a racist but from your naive ill-informed comment about Kelly being "white" to justify his laughable purses in comparison to others in the sport to your outrageous opinions it is pretty clear to me that you are in a world of your own now you throw in the "maybe"!! Classic if you ask me. Again, it is not personal and I really care less whether he fights again or doesn't. Too many other top notch fights have been made for the upcoming future and others are in the works present day. I will let you two have the last word since I wouldn't want to take anything possibly more away or even remotely raise any further speculation about your "almighty" Pavlik!! If the above arguments are the best you can bring to the table then it is surely a waste of time, effort, and energy to continue such a ridiculous debate. For your sake I will say a prayer at Sunday's mass that your boy does fight again since I wouldn't want to put either of you on the emotional roller coaster of worrying to such a degree that you resort to the above to attempt to sell this garbage off as fact which is fine because the bubble will indeed burst as it is only a matter of time. LOL Too funny but I thank you two clowns for playing as the entertainment value was most certainly there. I guess when it gets heated it is best to have someone on the Pavlik payroll start to post in order to paint such a pretty picture of Pavlik that you both do so very well which I must give credit where credit is due and I tip my hat to both of you.

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25Alonzos_kennel(5 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

“A proud man is always looking down on things and people; and, of course, as long as you're looking down, you can't see something that's above you.”

C.S Lewis

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26copstarkey(27 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

of course you bow out now. I do not remember making comments defending kelly, but I DO remember making comments contradicting YOUR opinions. You can skew it any way you want, you are the problem here.

Maybe it has become personal, because ignorance such as yours is a disease in this country. One that needs to stop. It is all too rampant in YTOWN. Hence the reason I left, so I do see outside the bubble. And I see through you.

If you had one piece of credible evidence you would have shared it, but you didn't. Not one thing from one source. So I think you just wanted to stir things up with your crazy outlook.

You were entertained? So was I! For exposing a bandwagon jumping, egotistical hypocrite for what you are.

Take a look in the mirror, do you like what you see? Go to church tomorrow and think of the comments you made, and ask God for forgiveness. Ask yourself if he has shown you the example of commenting on an innocent man and condemning him. I have done wrong in my life and I know I will pay for it. The difference is at least I admit it and know before I do it, but i never take advantage of another innocent person before I act. So pass your judgment on others, it will come back ten fold.

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27cleveman(10 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

this is all b.s.. Kelly pavlik will fight again and we will know who won or lost. and then you all can get back to speculation..

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28VABuckeye(14 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

You all need to see Pavlik for what he is, a descent fighter in a weak division. the middleweight division is week. If he would have fought 20 years ago, do you honestly think he would have beaten Thomas Hearns, Marvin Hagler, Roberto Duran, and Sugar Ray Leonard? No F'ing way. Hagler would have killed him!
He doesn't really care. He'd rather fight the police, drink at the Civics, and miss his doctor's appointments. He made his money, he just needs go go away now. His own promotors were pissed off and couldn't understand why he never got his hand taken care of. He let a 45 year old man whip his ass. Enough said.

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29SoYoRob(6 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

Seriously!?! I think that Youngstown has enough bad publicity without it's own citizens( let alone former citizens) trashing one of the few bright spots that the area has to portray itself with. It seems to me that some people haven't been able to overcome their bitterness about their own Youngstown experience and so they medicate themselves by trashing it and any success it might have. Those who stay in Youngstown and the surrounding area may be there by choice or necessity. Whatever the case may be, the defense of a person's home and neighbors is a justifable and noble cause. I may lack your " expert" knowledge of boxing stats and history but, I know this, people are free to make their own choices in life and if someone angers you because he makes more money than you and has an easier life than you, then that is called jealousy( or some might call it sour grapes).

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30dmets(575 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

Diane how do you know Kelly missed 3 doctor appointments? Do you work at Dr. Naples office? If i recall right, there is not one person who works there by the name of Diane. Maybe you are hiding your real name? If you do work at the office then your are breaking his privacy by stating that here on vindy.com!
As for him having steph. That is the worst of all infections to get rid of. For everyone on here saying other things are keeping Kelly from fighting, why do you have to hate? Are you a doctor? Do you know exactly what is going on and read his charts? NO!
I honestly think that here on vindy.com is where all the negavtive people sit and complain because they are NOT happy with their own lives! So why don't you all start supporting the good things from the area, instead of pulling them down and making them into bad things for the area! You all need to get lives!!!!!

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31steelerman09(111 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

I have read all of these posts and frankly, some are good and some are bad. Here are the facts. Kelly Pavlik fights in a weak division, who houses two guys who won't fight anywhere but in Europe. Secondly, in all of Pavlik's fights, he landed a few shots on Jermaine Taylor, took the belts, and nothing has been accomplished since then....except for a few "tussles" in bars, ATV accidents at his home, and some postponed fights. Put Kelly in the ring with someone who can actually fight and he will lose again. Bernard Hopkins is a Hall of Famer and at the ripe age of 105, he still couldn't get knocked out by a young, tiger like Kelly Pavlik. That fight was so lopsided, it wasn't even funny. (Now the Pavlik fans will say Kelly was sick, or hurt, or some excuse as to why he lost) A true champ, who wants to get back in the ring, should really concentrate on getting treatments on his staph infection so he can get back in the ring and make some money. Otherwise, he will just fade away, have to vacate belts, and become the next Great White Hype!

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