Marriage made in the Valley

Marriage made in the Valley


For those who love and support Jim Traficant, his impending release from prison will be welcomed with great joy, unlike the sad day when he was sent to prison. Yet that sad day was lightened by an elderly family member’s sense of humor who said, “Jim Traficant did more good and brought much if not more excitement, interest and life into our Valley as an old maid who finally received a marriage proposal.”

One of the many strange and suspicious things about his trial is that not one person from the district he represented for so many years was seated as a jurist at his trial. My reasoning leads me to believe the government was not prepared to be a risk-taker considering his popularity.

In my opinion Jim Traficant can be described in two words, “unforgettably great.”

I believe those who dare to be different are secure, strong, free-thinkers, and their own person.

One such person will soon walk free among us.

If wishes are truly granted, than Jim Traficant’s life will be filled with the best of everything always.