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Girl suffers gunshot wound in apparent S. Side gunbattle

Published: Wed, August 12, 2009 @ 12:01 a.m.


YOUNGSTOWN — A grade-school girl was in stable condition with a gunshot wound to the chest, suffered during an apparent gunbattle on the city’s South Side.

The 6-year-old Detroit Avenue girl was rushed to Akron Children’s Hospital on Tuesday afternoon. Doctors did not find any bullets lodged inside the child and found no exit wounds where the bullet might have exited her body.

Police reports say the wound was likely a grazing.

By late Tuesday afternoon, Detroit Avenue was the picture of serenity. The girl’s gray ranch-style home was still, with several cars in the driveway, but no one appeared to be home. Teens played soccer in a nearby open field as cars traveled up and down the street unscathed.

Just hours earlier, around 1:30 p.m., bullets were flying.

Police were sent to the street for a possible shooting and found several spent shell casings in the street and along the devil strip.

The mother of the wounded child told police the girl was inside a car when she was struck by a bullet. Police searched the car but could not find any holes or damage to the vehicle.

Police said three males had been seen in a black Volkswagen shooting at another group of men driving a maroon Chrysler along Detroit Avenue. The cars fled immediately after the shooting.


1abtech(48 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

dbinnc, you obviously have not received much of this "free" education judging by your highly ignorant (and apparently racist) statements.

I would have suggested your comment to be removed, but then I remember our 1st amendment, AND I just want people to see what type of ignorance is existing in the minds of people, such a nonsensical assessment of the situation(s).

"give the police a little more leeway in dealing with these drug dealing murders."
- wow, you DO realize that (unless you're privy to the actual factuals of the case and situation) you are 1. stereotyping, 2. opening your mouth about something you know nothing about ( I imagine you watch CSI and all the other crap daily, and just basically TOO MUCH TV).

"These are lazy wastes of life milking the system. While we do need to fix health care, we need to change or stop welfare.... "
-what does that have to do with ANY of this case, or any crime case??

-we're ALL animals, or then why are humans in the "ANIMAL KINGDOM" in the classification of species?
( a little something I learned in the "free" education I got)

"...Rodney King style" ...wow, I don't even have to comment on that...

I suggest YOU get a hold of that "free" education, my person, because YOU sound highly ignorant (def: uneducated of facts on a particular matter, in your case "social issues" and various aspects of "psychology")

you just think it's "good guys" vs "bad guys"
in cowboy movies you probably think the Indians are the "bad guys" and vice versa for cowboys...
you probably think that ALL COPS are the "good guys", and if they arrest someone, then they MUST be guilty..

I would call you scum and waste and a lowlife, but I don't refer to humans like that, no matter how ignorant and incorrectly and indiscriminately assuming as you are...

I end with a rationalization I came up with when I was 15 yrs old:
"with 6 billion people in the world that we know of, odds are that there's gonna be some idiots."

Suggest removal:

2abtech(48 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

foxtrot, I know it sounds crazy, but we need to stop the brain drain, or the "work drain"

Its asking a lot of people to stay when they can move to a better quality of life, and again..it sounds crazy. I feel you, but maybe its more than me suggesting they stay.

I am a person of high level Information Technology skill-set, even with a degree, industry certs, and experience. I had looked ALL OVER this area for I.T. jobs. I registered with Callos, I tried to get into the Business Incubator (but was told by Jim Cossler that since my business was a web design company which is 'service-based' and not 'developing proprietary software' I couldn't get entry, and Callos's 'I.T. Recruiting division' maintains that there are simply no jobs or contracts for them to place me into.

My point is that I have to fly out of the area for months at a time (leaving my family that contains 4 children), sometimes missing ENTIRE sports seasons of my children's, or commute to Cleveland or Pittsburgh DAILY to get work in my field, or ANY real work that I can actually LIVE On without being tempted by illicit or otherwise nefarious activities that might put some real dough in my pocket - albeit at a high risk to myself, loved ones, and possibly others.

Have you opened up the Vindy classified ads - and even on a Sunday - and see the pittance of available jobs? There can only be so many telemarketers, nurses aids, and topless dancers in a metro of over 300,000 people.

So maybe a real mayor can step up and address issues that will benefit the mass of people, and quit wasting grant money on some stupid and pointless police show of force (as if some shock and awe thing), and FIGHT LIKE A MADMAN (TIM RYAN STYLE, YEAH BIG UP DUDE!!), for jobs, grants (that will be used to FIX our economy and not harrass young people with law enforcement who don't even LIVE IN THIS COMMUNITY when employing the outside law enforcement from other cities and state troopers), and come up with some innovative and CLEVER ideas to get this economy turned around and revamp our sad education system to foster some kind of pool of human resource for companies to take notice of. I like that idea better.

One would think twice about living or engaging in criminal activities - for economic reasons, or even anti-social reasons - when he or she has at least $15 an hour coming in from a "legit" source, and at least 30 hours a week to multiply it by.

Think about it. Easier said then done - YES, but when peoples lives is on the line, and their livlihood (which ultimately directly relates to their lives) isn't it worth the grand effort?

Suggest removal:

3abtech(48 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

fox trot you are just as ignorant as dbincc, you are both ASSuming individuals...as a matter of facts, I think you are also an idiot. And I thought you had an ounce of sense, I wish I would have read this before I posted my last post, which by the way was way longer but I had to get it down to under 3000 words.

ignorance is bliss. YOU are what is wrong with this racist city, you just ridiculous statements that offend people, make no sense, and are highly exemplifying both of yall's ignorance. I pity you both...hey by the way, try and find your OWN thoughts instead of using "coined catch-phrases" and political buzzwords...you remind me of when everyone started saying "flip-flopper" during the Bush-Kerry race in 04.

It's pointless to argue with you types. I just post so that this can be publicly viewable and the real critical thinkers who may see it will be able to extract some real thoughts, and compare critical thinking with racially charged, ignorant and mis-informed thinking like you and Dbinc...

Lets have the vindy do an open discussion forum - in the flesh - and you will then have to change your handle to:


peace and blessings

Suggest removal:

4teddy3(2 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

This is a sad thing, I grew up on the Southside of Youngstown and at the time that I did the city of Youngstown was a gerat place to live and raise a family. Now when I come to visit my mother (I live in the suburbs of Columbus and I have tried to get my mother to move with me) I'm just in awe of the old neighborhood, it's just plain disgusting. Everyone that I grew up with left Youngstown because of the lack of opportunities, which I'm sad to say has probbaly contributed to the lack of positive roll models for the city's young people to follow. Education is the key to escape this abyss, but you one have to want it bad enough and two have a plan of what you desire to do with it. The biggest problem I see with Youngstown is the leadership was and still is stuck in yesterday when steel and labor jobs were king. How come there is no collaboration between the city and its best assest the university? Why is there no pursuit of hi-tech companies? The students at the university are the city's greatest assest, yet they come receive their education and leave because of the lack of opportunity. Youngstown seems to have no vision for the future. Although I don't agree with the racial ignorance of some of the posters, I know how they arrive with their twisted view of reality. Reality is the only thing that tend to make news is all the bad things that happen in the neighborhoods (it's not only African Americans, and Latinos) which these days seem to outnumber anything that is good. Until the people of Youngstown come together to work on a realistic solution rather then debate over something that is irrelevent as race (which has nothing to do with ones ability to be educated). It will continue to suffer.

Suggest removal:

5abtech(48 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

Tim Ryan is our dude on that hi-tech stuff. I have only heard mayor williams mention technology ONCE in the four years he's been in.

Cleveland, Pittsburgh (all former steel cities) have made the jump from rust belt to tech belt and are benefitting...the Plain Dealer even ran a story couple years ago about YGT and CIncinnati, Dayton, etc NOT MAKING that jump and are paying dearly.

You're right, the leadership (as alluded to in my post) is lacking real deal solutions and cater too much to the fist shaking people grumpy about the steel industry dive.

We dont even have proper transportation, unless you have a car, you cant get to Warren, and any economic theorist will tell you one of the keys to economic health is TRANSPORTATION, you have to move people with ideas and skills around to spread them.

And race IS a big problem in this city as well as country. I do sometimes get calls from my resume and I get a sense of urgency in them needing to fill position, but when I go in for interview, I get the old "well, we're not looking to hire RIGHT now, but we wanted to just see what's out there in case we DO hire"
translation: ah man, we didnt know you were Black - despite your skills, never mind dude."

I can make that claim because in other cities (even southern cities like Dallas) I have NO prob getting HIGH level jobs, even as a Web Administrator of a Wells Fargo company H.D. Vest, and with Fort Worth School District.

When you are a racially divided and discriminatory city like Youngstown, it is an issue that manifests in economic and social woes, because when you shut out people - you shut out IDEAS and SKILLS.

Suggest removal:

6teddy3(2 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

I agree with you abtech, but what I would suggest to you is never give up, and if necessary leave Youngstown. The racial issues that have plagued this country since the beginnnig of time are not going to go away. So there is really no reason to debate the truth with people who are out of touch with reality. Fact is which we know as truth, caucasians comprise a larger percentage of the welfare and pennal systems in America, so there's no debate for those individuals that don't know the facts. Keep the faith my brother, God is always good and is and will always be in control.

Suggest removal:

7CathySue1960(29 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, Irregardless was first acknowledged in 1912 by the Wentworth American Dialect Dictionary as originating from western Indiana.

Suggest removal:

8sweetsue(3 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

the persons who usually make comments appear to be troubled and filled with much misinformation, for instance my mother, who is 92 and still works at a counseling center and myself who possess a master level degree live on the south side of youngstown and have for over 40 years, we don't nparticipate in illegal ventures but try to be an example of love, descency and respect to our community

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9joebag09(354 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

I think it's terrible that a little child who has done nothing, nearly loses her life because of some demented animal's action. What is even worse, is the black community sits back, business as usual. When there were wrongs done to blacks (Martin Luther King/Rodney King) there were riots. I don't condone rioting, I think it's a mindless response, but I'm asking, what on God's earth does it take for the black community to become upset to the point where enough is enough. How many will need to die, go to prison, be crippled, etc. before it's enough?

Suggest removal:

10terri1984(25 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

Foxtrot, I grew up on the south side of youngstown. My father still lives there as well as my uncle and other family members. The south side is not full of, "welfare spongers" as you suggest. My family worked hard for what they have, not once receiving public assistance. They sacrificed to put their children through collge, so they could have it better than they did. Some people who remain on the south side do so out of choice. Not once have my family members participated in any illegal activities. Despite all the crime on the south side, my father and uncle are still well respected men in their neighborhood.

Suggest removal:

111mom(1 comment)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

bullets know NO names! Lets look @ the whole picture the life style of the home.These crimes are not random! 9 times out of ten you know why something happened.IS it right? no, but if you do dirt to someone everyone knows it comes back 10 over. thats karma baby!!!!!!!!!!! thats whats wrong with this town for centuries

Suggest removal:

12redvert(2239 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

teddy3, according to the bureau of prison systems, your statement on prisoner ratios is incorrect. I haven't bothered to look it up but I would bet your welfare "facts" are off also.


"At midyear 2008, there were 4,777 black male inmates per 100,000 black males held in state and federal prisons and local jails, compared to 1,760 Hispanic male inmates per 100,000 Hispanic males and 727 white male inmates per 100,000 white males." Perhaps there was a big shift in the last year that I did not see.

As you say, "there's no debate for those individuals that don't know the facts"

Suggest removal:

13peacetoall(3 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

All that I have to say after reading all of these responses day after day is..... that there are people that live on the south side that are proud, hard workers, and are not happy with alot that goes on around here. I have lived here for 31 years and have seen it all, like many have and am sick of being looked down upon because of where I live! I agree that it is a shame to see the destruction that people can get away with here, but however I have done my research and many of all of these rentals and vacant houses are owned by people that live in the" wonderful" suburbs of Canfield, Boardman, Poland, etc.......Is this being responsible? I don't think so. Thanks alot for leaving the City of Youngstown and The caring residents to tend to your disrespectful decisions! Karma will come back and bite you in the ass!!!

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