Valley didn’t get what it bargained for in November

Valley didn’t get what it bargained for in November


There is little sympathy in the Mahoning Valley for the plight of GM salaried management and engineers or IUE-CWA Local 717 retirees who are losing pensions and benefits. Millions of workers live on a poverty wage without health care. Your readers believe that every IUE-CWA retiree has a huge pension from GM, which is just not the case.

This Valley needs to take a realistic look at what has happened since our November 2008 election. President Obama’s inexperience with the way Washington, Wall Street and corporate America work has had a tsunami of an impact in areas that fully supported his candidacy and that cannot afford another hit.

We elected “change” in November with the hope for some relief from unemployment, bankruptcy and foreclosure in this Valley, and in just a few short months Obama’s Automotive Task Force, using tactics of organized crime, strong armed General Motors Corp. into bankruptcy. The Senate looked the other way while the Wall Street experts on the task force tried to extort numbers that would make GM attractive for future global investment and speculation.

The GM executives saw immediately that they struck the mother lode thanks to this fast track designed by the ATF. The long standing rules and regulations of government agencies signed into law to protect working people and human rights were ignored without a protest from the Labor Department.

GM provided a plan that would discriminate against The IUE-CWA union and management and engineers from the Delphi Corp. in three states — 70.000 people in the USA.

Union and management retirees who the task force deemed not a “commercial necessity” were cut loose from pensions and health care and dumped on the PBGC. The bankruptcy court judges signed off.

The Obama appointed Automotive Task Force forced everyone’s hand and strong armed everyone involved so GM could get into and out of bankruptcy court. The Treasury Department strong armed the PBGC director into lifting long-standing rules and regulations so that GM had a place to dump the retiree baggage. Organized crime at its best. In this Valley, we know it when we see it.



President Obama inherited a mess unlike any in memory


The usual local critics of President Obama have been working overtime lately on their diatribes to the editor about socialism, health care and blaming a guy that has been in office six months for every problem we are enduring as a nation, the vast majority of which he inherited when he became president. If I didn’t think these people were serious, it would be laughable but they are serious. Many of these people believe they are patriots, but true patriots don’t want their leaders or their nation to fail. Unfortunately six months after inauguration day this is where we are at as a nation. Frankly, I expected it.

I don’t have a problem with someone who disagrees with policy and can make a rational argument that they have better ideas, but this rarely happens with the majority of these folks. How can anyone take them seriously when they believe our health care system doesn’t need reformed or blame Obama for the eight years of broken government under Bush. Many of them are GOP voters, but their party is represented by Joe the Plumber and Sarah Palin and doesn’t have many solutions other than opposing Obama’s ideas and saying government is bad. Of course when the government is being run by their party, government is great. Hypocritical fools.

Has there ever been a new president that has been left a bigger mess by his predecessor in our history? Certainly not in my lifetime. And the amazing part about it is that this president is trying to get a handle on it. He’s not just sitting there wringing his hands. Sure he has made some mistakes, but compared with Bush, I think he actually learns from them. By the way, if anyone recalls the first six months of the first term of President Bush, his main goal was tax breaks for the wealthy, deregulation and trying to figure out how to invade Iraq. This while being warned and ignoring the fact Bin Laden was going to attack us using airplanes.

I may in the minority when it comes to viewpoints on this page, but I feel much better having this president running things than the last one.