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Pavlik ready for October fight

Published: Sat, August 1, 2009 @ 12:07 a.m.

The holdup? The potential opponent, Paul Williams, wants more of the gate.



YOUNGSTOWN — As negotiations for an Oct. 3 world middleweight championship title bout between Kelly Pavlik and Paul Williams near an end, there’s only one problem: Will the negotiations lead to a resolution or a breakdown?

Pavlik trainer Jack Loew confirmed that Williams is the “top dog” on Pavlik’s list, but he doesn’t know much beyond that.

“I know negotiations are going on and we’re definitely trying to fight Williams on Oct. 3. but, beyond that, I have no idea,” Loew said Friday.

“He’s in the forefront,” the WBC-WBO champion’s trainer said. “Williams is the guy we want to fight. It’s the fight all people want us to fight and one Kelly chose. Kelly wants the top dog.”

That means that previously reported potential opponents such as Sergio Mora, Felix Sturm, Karoly Balzsay and Winky Wright are unlikely to materialize.

The report of negotiations with Williams first surfaced on BoxingScene.com, which detailed several financial scenarios.

BoxingScene said that, as of now, both fighters would receive $1.75 million, with Pavlik receiving a percentage of the gate.

However, BoxingScene.com said that promoter Dan Goossen, acting for Williams, is countering with a $2.5 million demand — and a better percentage of the gate than previously offered.

Pavlik (35-1-0) hasn’t fought since defending his titles against Marco Antonio Rubio at the Chevy Centre in February.

Williams is currently the WBO’s interim champion at 154 pounds.

“He’s coming up to fight for Kelly’s titles,” Loew said of the light middleweight fighting for Pavlik’s belts at 160 pounds.

Loew doesn’t minimize the threat posed by the 28-year-old Williams.

The 6-foot-1 1/2 Williams, nicknamed “The Punisher,” last fought on April 11 when he earned a unanimous decision over Wright (51-4-1). At the time, Williams (37-1-0) weighed 157 and Wright 159.

Like Pavlik, Wright lost a 12-round unanimous decision to Bernard Hopkins in July, 2007. Pavlik (35-1-0) lost last October. Both Pavlik and Wright fought B-Hop at 170.

Loew said he’s 99 percent sure a Pavlik-Williams fight would be in Atlantic City.

“The fight would put Kelly back in the limelight and that’s what Kelly needs right now,” Loew said.

Of Williams, a southpaw, Loew said, “He holds it [fighting at 160] well. He’s tall.”

An announcement on the outcome of the Pavlik-Williams negotiations is expected soon.

“We are or are not fighting Paul Williams,” Loew said. “We’ll know very shortly, one way or the other.”

Williams’ lone loss was to Carlos Quintana, via 12-round unanimous decision on Feb. 9, 2008.

Bruce Trampler of Top Rank, Pavlik’s promoter, said he wasn’t personally involved in the negotiations, but acknowledged that hammering out a deal has been difficult because of new demands by Williams’ people.

“Nobody knows,” Trampler said. “It’s in the hands of Paul Williams.”

When contacted, Goossen said: “Paul is a world champion and Kelly is a world champion, but Paul had four respectable wins in a row. He deserves to have a fair amount of revenue that’s generated. I want Kelly to make his, [Top Rank’s] Bob Arum to make his and Paul to make his.”

In the recent past, talks between Arum [for Pavlik] and Williams’ people broke down and the subsequent results: Pavlik fought Hopkins and Williams fought — and beat — Wright.

“Unfortunately, some great fights don’t get made because of misdirected reasons,” Goossen said. “We were a quarter-million apart last time, but, rather than doing what was fair at that time, it put Kelly in a bad situation [fighting Hopkins] and he would have been better off fighting Williams.”

If negotiations end unsuccessfully, Goossen speculated, Wright may end up fighting Pavlik and “Winky will beat Kelly as easily as Bernard did.”

A Pavlik-Wright fight wouldn’t command as much money as a Pavlik-Williams match, Goossen said.

Because of indications that the gate will be big, Goossen’s “better” percentage demand than previously offered might be close to 45 percent (as opposed to 20-25 percent above $1.8 million). According to BoxingScene.com, that means Top Rank gets the first $1.8 million of the gate and 75-80 percent above that number. If the gate generates $1.8 million or lower, then Goossen/Williams receive nothing.

The 45 percent figure would reduce Top Rank’s percentage to 55 percent above the first $1.8 million.

Goossen said he’s willing to go less than 50/50, but he doesn’t want to end up empty.

“The one that’s hurt is Kelly, but that’s not for me to decide. His most immediate money to be made is against Paul. We’re not that far apart, but I’m willing to give.”

The promoter said it isn’t about egos.

“It’s about a big fight for fans. It’s about big money for both, if done properly, and much bigger things for the winner.”



1dillinger12(8 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

if this fight does not get on then willams can never say he can not get some one to fight him he kowns he will be ko/d by pavlik he walks in to right hands and if you walk into pavliks at 160 you are not lasting 12 rounds come on pavlik kick his ass

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2blkpride(186 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

He will loose regardless. He is nothing but a washed out drunken bully.

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3copstarkey(27 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

"He will lose reguardless." Obviously you haven't been watching too many fights. And as for the drunken bully crap, its amazing how people change thier tune just to get a rise or because they feel slighted. I'm sure if you were to be around him, or if you have ever, you'd be having a drink with him and telling him how much you love to see him fight. But you'd never say what has been posted here! He has never asked our town for anything but our support, and he's given back plenty, more than his share. Name one other public figure from ytown who has spent as much time making appearances, or spent so much time speaking to his fans? I'll help you with this question, NO ONE! The young man had a dream, to be champ, and he achieved it. That is the example our youth in ytown need to see and follow. Set a goal, work hard to achieve it, and you will be rewarded. But regretfully, they follow the example of "the drunken bully" poster. Feel sorry for yourself, look for the easy way out, make excuses, and hate on anyone who achieves anything that may make life better for them. Typical ytown crap. Point fingers at someone else. One more question for all the haters out there, were you pointing fingers when he came back from AC after beating Jermain Taylor? Don't lie, the only finger you pointed was that kelly was number one.

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4Diane(3 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

I've been following Kelly for a long time now, and I am a fan, but I've been really disappointed in him lately, and I have to ask, does Kelly and his team not know what the word "Honor" means anymore? He agreed to, and SIGNED a contract to fight Sergio Mora, and neither fighter was to take a fight beforehand. Then the fight got cancelled due to lies about a long healed staph infection, which Team Pavlik admitted to, and now they are not going to honor the contract? How would have Kelly felt if Taylor would have pulled this crap on him when Kelly finally got that fight. From what I've read, Mora has been wanting this fight since they were in the Olympic Trials together, and I think it's not right that Kelly is not being a man, and keeping his word. He plays the hero to the working class of Youngstown, but to us working class, even agreeing to something with a handshake means something, and we honor that handshake. Man up Kelly, and show that you do have honor, and keep your word to Mora. If not, I've lost all respect for you.

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5blkpride(186 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

Hey copper! No I would not sit and have a drink with him because I do not like him. He has no honor, he gets drunk and fights people to include the police. I can recout at least 2 deputies that he has assaulted. One working secondary employment to provide for his family and another off duty dep that was just out having a good time. Like I said. He is a drunken bully. I am not knocking his achievements, however, the boy has a drinking problem.

Furthermore, he is not the savior of Youngstown. He is a fighter, entertainment, a court jester. Her is a link to a lost of many many people from Youngstown who have done more in a single say than Kelly will ever do in his entire life.


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6blkpride(186 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago


OOOOOHH he makes public appearances and talks to people!!

I will start the list of people who have done as muchif not more WITHOUT getting drunk and beating people up. I will keep the list simple and recent. I wouldn't want you to pull your head too far out of Kelly's rear to read it. You might breathe fresh air and learn something.

Jim Tressel Football Coach Current head coach at the Ohio State University; led Youngstown State University to four national championships in 1990s.

Thomas Bopp Amateur Astronomer Best known as co-discoverer of Comet Hale-Bopp in 1995, graduate of Youngstown State University[42]

Jerri Nielsen, M.D. Physician Doctor and author, best known for Ice Bound, the New York Times bestseller on the medical crisis she endured while trapped at a South Pole research station, born and raised in the Youngstown area

George Murry Roman Catholic bishop First African-American bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Youngstown.[40]

Sue Thomas FBI Agent First deaf person to work in this capacity, and the inspiration for the television series Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye

James Ward and William Doud Packard Automotive innovators Co-founded Packard Motor Car Company, from Youngstown-Warren area

Jerry DePizzo Musician Member of O.A.R., originally from Liberty Township and Youngstown's north side

Roger Ailes Media Executive President of Fox News Channel, born in Warren

AND the list goes on!

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7blkpride(186 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

oh and here is one

David Grohl. Look he honors cops instead of getting drunk and fighting them.

"Grohl dedicated “My Hero” to Warren Sgt. Joe O’Grady, who is credited with being the driving force behind the effort to honor Grohl. It was a process that took two years, O’Grady said."

- Vindicator

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8copstarkey(27 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

wow, thats alot of info, especially from someone who admits to a bias. So lets look at the history, or should we say ancient history. It is 2009 you know.
As for the the 2 off duty cops, from what I hear there are 2 sides to every story, and just cause you are a police officer doesn't always mean you are right. Hell, whats the luck of 2 different cops being around to get in a fight, when we can't even afford to pay enough police to watch our streets. Isn't that ironic. Guess since we can't pay enough of them to work they have to find other things to do?
I appreciate the work all our law enforcement offices do, they are way too underappreciated in our community. But that doesn't make kelly guilty.

Fine research on your part looking up on wikipedia all the famous people from our town. And further proves my point. When have they done anything in our hometown.

Mr Tressel,brought pride back to our football program. I do remember him coming to curbstone coaches events, but when does the common man get to go to that. I lived in Ytown during his whole tenure at YSU. Times I've met him, none.

Dave Grohl, thats awesome. I loved nirvana, and his current group, foo fighters. Do you even know who they are? But when did he come to say, YSU to speak to music majors? Or a local high school band? Maybe we'll just have to catch him in cleveland, but NOT here.

I will continue...

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9copstarkey(27 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

Ding Ding... round 2.

As for the rest of the list on wikipedia, I am sure you noticed Mr Monus, Trafficant, and Debartolo on there. Will we see them coming out to shake hands with thier fans at the local grocery store? Will they be doing a non profit event anythime soon? Wait, aren't some of them still in jail? I guess we'll have to go see them for some wisdom and community leadership. Can today's youth create the next Phar-mor?

Your list, impressive as it may be, is history. What about today, Who will grace the vindicator with a story about giving back, one that may prevent another youth from going down the wrong road? You?

I never claimed that Kelly is our town's savior. However, you cannot say that he has not been a positive influence. He speaks to everyone, anyone. He hasn't forgotten where he came from. He hasn't forgotten us, the average person who lives in town or has moved to Boardman or Austintown. I do remember stories in the vindicator of youth who now go to the Southside gym to follow a dream. Isn't that better than these kids being in the vindicator for say a robbery or shooting? That is a positive story, for the town, for the kids, for all of us. It doesn't mean that all kids should go to the gym, but it is an example of our youth following a dream. Even if it is the road less travelled, it is positive. And it applies to anything our community sets out to do. It goes back to the spirit of all those who worked in our mills and other buisnesses when our town was great. You work hard, not for the money, but for the results you bring. You take care of your family, no matter the cost to yourself. You treat everyone the same, with dignity and respect. That spirit is alive and well in the way he trains and fights. It was evident in the way he patiently waited for a chance to win the title. And it is evident in the way he speaks to anyone when he is out and about town. I never met a single person on your list at sparkle or best buy and had them say hi or hold a conversation. Has kelly? say no and I know you are a liar, because I was there, more than once.

You are right, i did learn something. That poor, biased attitudes like yours are going to continue to bring our town down and it will never get back up as long as this continues. "Oh woe is me, our town sucks. And that good guy who has a chance, lets find something wrong, he's this or that, If only I had a chance." Stop living in the past, let's do something positive today. And if its putting on a pair of gloves to give people hope, to inspire them to reach for thier dreams, then I am ready for the bell.

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10UnionForever(1470 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

Kelly is too drunk these days to fight. I doubt that this one will ever come off.

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11mikeyboxx(14 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

Kelly, you need to get the hell out of dodge...this town is bringing you down. You are the Ring Magazine Champ...that means you are the best Middleweight Champion in the world. Represent that belt with pride and move your family out of Y-Town. It will help your career move forward rather then into a downward spiral with all the distractions. No matter what you do there will always be people trying to bring you down because of jealousy and insecurity.

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12blkpride(186 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

WOW! He REALLY shook hands with someone in the grocery store? IMy entire perception of him has changed. I was wrong and you are right. He IS our savior. Between him and Obama we might be able to now achieve world peace. Shaking hands by no stretch of the imagination is supporting your community.

I posted that list to show you that there are many other people from this area that are shining examples of what hard work can do and the Kelly "Jesus" Pavlik is not the only one.

As you point out, just like Kelly, some on that list have done things and set examples that we should not follow, like getting drunk in a bar and getting into fights or engaging in other illegal activity. There are, however, some lessons that we can take from all of those listed to include those that have made the wrong choices.

As far as my personal dislike for Kelly, there are very few circumstances that would justify assaulting a police officer. Knowing the WHOLE story, none of those were present during his altercations with the police.

Furthermore, his pick and choose of who and how he will fight, excuses of illsesses and injuries for not fighting or wining are only harming his credability with his fan base.

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13Alonzos_kennel(5 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

Your comments reek of bias and read like a child throwing a tantrum. Copstarkey never said that he was the "savior" of Youngstown, and never compared him with the Almighty, you did. As far as the list, it's like comparing Apples to Oranges. Kelly is an Athelete, Dave Grohl is a musician, Bishop Murray is a man of the cloth, etc... By the way, where is it written that an Athelete must live by some moral code? It is we, the citizens of Youngstown who put Kelly in this realm of "savior" by painting him in this box. Okay, he likes to drink in a bar, well, so do I but I don't think that makes me a bad citizen. When Kelly got into that scuffle with that "off duty" deputy, he gave his word that he would not get into any other trouble that would portary him or the city of Youngstown in a negative light. So far he has kept his word. The story about Rehab has not been proven as being legit, the man in the bar just recently asked for the case to get dropped. If anyone is the victim here, it is Mr. Pavlik. His celebrity status has sadly brought out the witch hunt.
I will not pretend to even understand the matchmaking realm of boxing, but I know enough to know that Kelly does have a matchmaker, and that he fights whoever they say he should. The fight with Sergio Mora was called off, self admittedly, by Top Rank. If Kelly had that much power, why even fight for Top Rank?

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14cleveman(10 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

blkpride you are wrong about pavlik. He has always conducted himself with dignity and respect. I would think that came from his family and the way he was raised. his fight interviews are pretty honest and humble, wich is refreshing. One loss to a hall of fame boxer does not define a career. As for his personal life, I dont think it can be very easy to be famous and still try to run in the same places that you are used to. Williams will give pavlik problems, I give pavlik credit for taking such a difficult fight.p.s. he is a boxer..

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15blkpride(186 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

Previous 2 posters. You are correct. I chouldn't hold him to a higher moral standard. As you said, he is just a boxer, just an athlete.

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16cleveman(10 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

Now we need to move onto the rest of the worlds problems..Any ideas?

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17copstarkey(27 comments)posted 6 years, 11 months ago

Again, I have to weigh in on this. I do not know what info you have on his past, I do not care. I have my own sources. But the bottom line is this... a guy, an everyday average guy from the southside, set out to do something great. He worked hard, very hard. He sacrificed to reach the top and didn't quit, and he achieved it. And he has tried to include his hometown as much as possible in his climb to the top. Yes, this doens't make him a savior, but it does make him an example of what we all can achieve.

If youngstown needs to look for a savior, it should come from our elected officials. Mr. Mayor, our town needs your help! No more plans, we need action. There are much more important issues to deal with in town than who is drinking with who. (part of my whole point there, stop looking for the negative, lets use some positive and follow the example.) We as a community spend way too much time complaining about how good things used to be, what could have been, and how bad it is now. hell, I have even seen a boycott youngstown string on this website. We need to be looking toward a future. If not, this town will eventually be a ghost town, worse than the shell we see everyday. Our leaders need to do more than just speak about a future plan, we need to see action. True, there have been some improvements to some buisness in the downtown area, a day late and a dollar short, in my opinion. We need to concentrate on the true community, its people. Improve our schools, not just close them. O.K. closing some would free up money, has that cash been spent on the ones that are open? If so, we should be seeing improvement in the students scores, and a drop in disciplinary problems. Lets spend some more money on our law enforcement. NO peace officer should walk his beat when the criminal he seeks can outgun him. I saw billions handed out to police dept.'s on CNN. Was ours one? I haven't read about it here. Lets spend something on community programs to support and mentor our youth. Or will we invest in some more bars and resteraunts. Maybe another federal plaza project, that went well didn't it? It helped me find a job, it made me want to go downtown to look at boarded up windows.

We may just need a savior, and it needs to come from our leaders. But anyone who can encourage our community is a plus in my books. So you go Kelly, we are proud of you. And we hope you have inspired many more to improve themselves, which will inspire our community. We gotta find hope in this town, whereever it may come from.

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18dillinger12(8 comments)posted 6 years, 10 months ago

you guys need to get laid

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19blkpride(186 comments)posted 6 years, 10 months ago

get plenty. ask your mom

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