Obama’s statement was a slap at U.S. Christians

Obama said he’d nurture our auto industry; he’s killing it


As a 59-year resident of Mahoning County, I have seen my share of presidential candidates come into our Valley for support prior to election time and make their promises and just say the magic words that people would like to hear. This was accomplished by President Obama’s campaign just a few months ago. Remember?

Obama came to our Valley seeking the support of all autoworkers and vowed that auto manufacturing was important to our Valley and for our nation’s economy.

However, it seems that our “new” president has had a change of heart. Obama and his task force have pressured General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner to step down from his post, but said that Mr. Wagoner would resign.

Also can you even imagine our government handling auto warranty issues? Yes, this is another idea of our president and his so-called task force. Just maybe our government will add this warranty work to the Internal Revenue Service.

Only $700 billion was given to AIG and other bank institutions without any questions asked but GM and Chrysler are being dragged over the coals about their “loan” request of $17 billion.

Now, since the Obamas have a “new” garden at the White House (this must be of great importance since it is being covered on the nightly news), I suggest that our president and his task force practice their gardening techniques ASAP.

To plant a garden is to sow a seed; nourishing the seed; watch it grow then harvest the produce. Obama came to our Valley and planted the seed (support auto industry) but now he and the task force is snuffing this seed out — stopping the growth before it can grow again. There will not be a harvest here in our Valley and anywhere in our country if he continues with his current plans, because bankruptcy could stop all commitment to build future automobiles here in our USA.


Poland Township

Obama’s statement was a slap at U.S. Christians


I heard a sound clip on Fox News in which President Obama said that the people of the USA do not consider this a Christian country. Now, in all fairness, I did not vote for Mr. Obama, but he is still the president, and I want him to succeed in leading this great nation. To hear him say to the world that we do not consider this country a Christian nation is a disgrace and a slap in the face to every Christian in this country.

When I hear any leader in this country say words to that effect, it makes me ashamed to think I may have voted for them. Perhaps they should read the writings of our country’s founding fathers. They just might get an education as to just how much they believed in God and how they set this country up with God in mind.

I am not saying that everyone believes in God, and I am not saying that the government should have a state run religion. What I am saying is that when President Obama makes statements like he did, he does not speak for me or for millions of other God-fearing people in this country.