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Out-of-state dog owners claim remains of their pet

Published: Tue, October 28, 2008 @ 12:09 a.m.

Nitro Foundation

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YOUNGSTOWN — The New York owners of a 3-year-old Rottweiler named Nitro sent him to High Caliber K-9 for obedience training with three months of food and vitamins.

Tom Siesto and Liz Raab, both 50, came to town Sunday, frantic after reading on Vindy.com about the seven dead and 12 starving dogs found at the Coitsville-Hubbard Road business last week. They also viewed graphic photos of dead and emaciated dogs on the newspaper’s Web site.

Once they arrived from Queens, N.Y., the married couple’s worst fears were realized.

Nitro was dead, his weight down to 50 pounds. He weighed 105 pounds when dropped off in late June.

Instead of taking home a healthy dog, they made arrangements to have him cremated. Then they found an attorney in Boardman to talk about a civil lawsuit.

The operator of High Caliber K-9, Steve Croley, 37, who resides in a house on the kennel’s property, is charged with four counts of cruelty to a companion animal, and one count each of noxious odors and exterior property violation. He told a humane agent that he couldn’t afford to feed the dogs.

Although Croley was originally arrested on 19 counts of animal cruelty, City Prosecutor Jay Macejko determined that Animal Charity humane agents made illegal entry on the property last Wednesday and, because of that, filed charges for only four dogs seen before agents used bolt cutters to enter the kennel area. Macejko said last week that he could have obtained a search warrant in an hour, if the agents had called.

“This is murder,” Siesto said Monday. “The prosecutor is not doing the right thing.”

Raab said they spoke to Croley two weeks ago — they wanted to come collect Nitro. She said Croley gave them the runaround, saying Nitro was doing well and to leave him a bit longer.

“We said OK,” she said. “He was probably already dead.”

She said they paid up front, more than $2,000, and provided vitamins and enough food for three months — dry and canned.

“I trusted him. We’ve known him two years. He was working for the place [in Canton] where we bought our dogs,” Raab said. “All this man had to do was say ‘help.’ This was not necessary. There’s no excuse. This can’t be a slap on wrist. He can never own a business again. This is the most horrific thing I’ve seen in my life.”

Humane agents, meanwhile, took the dogs from High Caliber to Animal Charity on South Avenue, hoping to get them well again and find their owners, many of whom live out of state.


1XFilesX(77 comments)posted 7 years, 1 month ago

I have e-mailed these stories and updates to FoxNews and MSNBC.com. So far they have nto shown up online. Help me out people! let's get these stories out to the nation. Since this idiot prosecutor is dragging his feet and not doing the right thing, let's get the national media involved.

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2Katie(32 comments)posted 7 years, 1 month ago

The Humane Society screwed this one up.

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3momofsrl701(4 comments)posted 7 years, 1 month ago

I was communicating with Liz's daughter, and eventually Liz on Saturday. I am encouraging EVERYONE to start writing letters. Mr. Croley cannot get away with this. I am also sending information regarding this story to the ASCPA! Don't let Nitro die in vain!!!

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4doglover17(5 comments)posted 7 years, 1 month ago

My thoughts and prayers are with the owners of "Nitro". It saddens me more and more everyday!! We all need to be in that court room on November 13th and get everyone involved in this!! I agree with XFilesX, this needs to get the national media's attention!! The city officials of Youngstown are a complete joke!! Still Macejko is saying that he could of had a search warrant within an hour....this is a complete bunch of crap!! Let's all remember Macejko when he is running for prosecutor again, and not let him get back in!!

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5liztom(28 comments)posted 7 years, 1 month ago

Nitro is my dog, we live in NY but we are trying to do everything we can to get some justice. Please get this out to anyone you can think of.

Contact info for the prosecutor:

Joseph "Jay" R. Macejko
4th floor city hall
26 south phelps street
Youngstown ohio 44503
PHONE: 330.742.8791
FAX: 330.742.8794

Email for the Judge's (Judge Robert A. Douglas, Jr.) assistant:

Contact info for the Ohio State Attorney General (Nancy H. Rogers):
PHONE: 877-244-6446

It doesn't do any good to talk to each other--tell it to the people in the court system!

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6paulydel(1508 comments)posted 7 years, 1 month ago

Although this is a terrible crime you have to go by the law on the books. Lawsuits have caused this problem and the Procecutor had to do what he did. Under current law the SPCA entered illegally but the law should be changed that any law enforcement agency that sees an illegal or inhumane treatment should at their discrestion be able to enter the property. This guy said he didn't have the money to feed them but when you read the story he sounds like he was getting paid alot of money and when he got into trouble he should have called the owners to come get their dogs or called the SPCA for help. This guy needs to got jail for along time.

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7liztom(28 comments)posted 7 years, 1 month ago

The agent saw an animal acting "drunk" which means they are about to die. He felt he had the right to save a life. Unfortunately LIFE only applies to HUMANS. I DISAGREE.

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8ads(109 comments)posted 7 years, 1 month ago

If "agent" Borosky isn't techinally a agent as it quotes in 10-25-2008 Vindicator and in that same article Macejko says "civilians can act to save an animal in distress" then Borosky entered as a civilian not an agent so the charges should remain ALL 19 of them. Sad another black mark for good old y-town. Macejko can get around this but doesn't seem to care what happened to those innocent creatures. To many they are cherished family members not disposable objects. My heart goes out to everyone involved.

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9liztom(28 comments)posted 7 years, 1 month ago

Arlia, please contact the DA and give him your opinion. We need justice for my poor boy.

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10Eric(198 comments)posted 7 years, 1 month ago

As an animal lover myself, I am as horrified as anyone over this incident. But let's not lose perspective. The agents can't just go cutting their way into someplace. We've lost plenty of rights in this country with the Patriot Act, but at least a search warrant is still required to enter someone's property. Macejko is just following proper procedure. Croley isn't getting off; he's being charged with a lesser number of offenses. He's being charged with the animals that were able to be seen from the neighbor's house (recall in the previous article that the police had the neighbor's permission to do this). What the police saw gave reasonable cause for a warrant, and all the agents had to do was get in touch with the prosecutor. One hour and everything would have been legit. The other charges would have been thrown out anyways because of unlawful entry. Sorry, but the Animal Charity agents messed this one up, not Macejko. Why not go after them instead?

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11Eric(198 comments)posted 7 years, 1 month ago

Arlia, you are misinterpreting the prosecutor's statement. He did say civilians can help an animal in distress. However, the problem is charges may not stick. Also, he didn't say that a civilian has a right to cut their way onto someone else's propery if they see a sick dog. It comes down to a reasonable person standard. The agents did not see active abuse taking place; they saw sick dogs. The agents should have taken reasonable steps to obtain a warrant. According to the article, they did not even bother to pick up their cell phone and dial the prosecutor before cutting their way in. Everyone is dreaming up a conspiracy theory here. The prosecutor is just following the law. It is the agents you should be mad at, not the prosecutor.

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12swbox2(2 comments)posted 7 years, 1 month ago

im glad they went in. those poor animals shouldnt have to wait one more second to suffer while someone waited an hour or two to get the ok to save them. ridiculous!! going in without the ok does not change the facts. he should be charged with all.if i was the guys neighbor and saw any signs of this abuse i would have went in myself!! they should make this guy sit in his jail cell and starve because we as tax payers cant afford to houseand feed him!!

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13pamewame(48 comments)posted 7 years, 1 month ago

This whole story totally disgusts and saddens me. The poor animals which were starved and killed by this "person" are the ones that needed protection. They are the ones that need justice now. Without justice for these and other animals, the same thing can happen to others. Our officials must take up the cause of protecting those that cannot protect and defend themselves. If this were human babies there wouldnt be all this dropping of charges. Nitro..your mom and dad love you very much!!!!!!!!!!!

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14liztom(28 comments)posted 7 years, 1 month ago

Eric im sorry you dont have all the facts..

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15liztom(28 comments)posted 7 years, 1 month ago

Please visit our website for more information. Im working on the petition now.


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16max340pug(11 comments)posted 7 years, 1 month ago

This is a travesty! As a veterinarian, I have never seen such horrific abuse in my many years of practice. This person needs to be formally charged, and he needs to spend some time hopefully in prison, to reflect upon choices he made. A slap on the wrist will not serve as restitutation for the heartbroken owners of these poor abused dogs. He must not be set free to perhaps do this again....please, we must get the word out there, we must help these poor people in any way we possibly can.

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17liztom(28 comments)posted 7 years, 1 month ago

I have new information for the Judge, please contact him

Judge Robert A. Douglas, Jr.
Youngstown Municipal Court
265 Phelps Street
Youngstown, Ohio 44503
PHONE: 330.742.8857
FAX: 330.742.8725

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18lilly214(8 comments)posted 7 years ago

visited your site, what a beautiful dog nitro was. so so sorry for your loss, you know this pig had a chance to do that right thing and he chose not not, he should have called all owners when problems started and asked them to come and get the dogs. Nitro would be alive right now if that had happened. I seriously hope this man pays to the fullest extent of the law for what he did, hope it's not just a slap on the wrist as somme other animal cruelty cases end up. I could not even imagine how you are feeling right now, as I know if it were me I would want to kill this man with my bare hands. My 3 dogs are my life besides my beautiful children, I couldn't be without them. To have your dog be denied the basic things in life is horrible, there are no words to describe the rage I feel right now, and I don't even know you, just a huge fellow animal lover lending my cyber support.

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19jackie051661(3 comments)posted 7 years ago

the humane officers did not act improperly, there was a youngstown police officer right by their side when they broke the lock, did he suggest a warrant? How would the prosecutor like to be the one removing the animals from this hell hole? These agents deal with animal cruelty on a daily basis - god bless them!!

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20Kar98(1 comment)posted 7 years ago

"Animal Charity humane agents made illegal entry on the property last Wednesday"

That's bogus.

A) There are essentially six scenarios that justify warrantless entry into a residence:

• Rescue:
Rescue of someone in imminent threat of death or serious injury.
• Property damage:
There must be an imminent threat of substantial property damage.
• Public danger:
Includes dangerous hazards or instrumentalities.
• Destruction of evidence:
Prior to entry, officers must have probable cause to believe that evidence of a crime is on the premises and the officers are aware of specific facts which reasonably indicate the someone on the premises would destroy or remove the evidence prior to warrant issuance.
United States v Miravalles (280 F. 3d 1328 (2002) Eleventh Circuit

For further information, google: warrantless entry exigent circumstances.

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21lilly214(8 comments)posted 7 years ago

so if a ytown cop was at the scene and if the agents were making an "illegal entry" why didn't that cop step up to the plate and stop them.

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22Eric(198 comments)posted 7 years ago

liztom, what other facts do I need? I am horrified by what happened and very sorry for your loss. However, I can not support a warrantless raid. Instead of relying on emotion please provide legal facts as to why the prosecutor is wrong.

I researched the law as well as past cases (including the one referenced by Kar98) and found no justification for the warrantless raid. The agents would have had to witness active abuse taking place to justify what they did. They did not witness active abuse, but rather neglect. There was also no reasonable basis to think Croley would have destroyed evidence before the warrant was secured. As far as asking why the YPD didn't stop them, good question. That needs to be investigated. However, that doesn't justify breaking the law.

Any half decent defense attorney would have gotten such a raid tossed. The prosecutor is a trained legal expert who specializes in such matters, so I would think you would defer to his judgement. Nowhere have you said you are an attorney who specializes in criminal law. Be mad at the agents and the YPD, but don't blame the prosecutor for following the law. Thankfully we still have privacy laws in this country, and they must be followed, even if that means this monster may get a lighter sentence.

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23CassAnn(252 comments)posted 7 years ago

Someone needs to direct the prosecutor to 1717.13 of the Ohio revised code.
the Ohio Revised Code 1717.13 so states "ANY PERSON MAY PROTECT ANIMAL" Don't look the other way when you see these things - you may be the only hope that animal has.

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24CassAnn(252 comments)posted 7 years ago

1717.13. Any person may protect animal.

When, in order to protect any animal from neglect, it is necessary to take possession of it, any person may do so. When an animal is impounded or confined, and continues without necessary food, water, or proper attention for more than fifteen successive hours, any person may, as often as is necessary, enter any place in which the animal is impounded or confined and supply it with necessary food, water, and attention, so long as it remains there, or, if necessary, or convenient, he may remove such animal; and he shall not be liable to an action for such entry. In all cases the owner or custodian of such animal, if known to such person, immediately shall be notified by him of such action. If the owner or custodian is unknown to such person, and cannot with reasonable effort be ascertained by him, such animal shall be considered an estray and dealt with as such.

The necessary expenses for food and attention given to an animal under this section may be collected from the owner of such animal, and the animal shall not be exempt from levy and sale upon execution issued upon a judgment for such expenses.

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25Eric(198 comments)posted 7 years ago

Okay, now we're getting somewhere. However, this is worded more as to protect the person entering the property to care for the animal. In other words, if I see my neighbor's dog is starving, I can go on his property to feed it and can't be prosecuted for trespassing. However, it doesn't say I can also go into his locked garage to check for other animals. This statute doesn't address criminal charges against the owner. My question is, can this statute be used to justify entering of locked property and use such gained knowledge to prosecute the owner?

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26liztom(28 comments)posted 7 years ago

Petition and sample letters are up on our website.

Also petition can be found here

Thanks for your support.

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27liztom(28 comments)posted 7 years ago

The agent saw a dog wandering around like it was drunk, he said that means that the animal is going to die. He felt he was going to save a life. Apparently life only applies to HUMANS. I DISAGREE.

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28dmets(575 comments)posted 7 years ago

I am sorry but who sends their dog away for 4+ monthes to obedience training? I know our dog went for it, but we took him there and learned how to train the dog right along side the trainer. Do I think what happened is sad? Yes very sad and should never have happened. I think this man does deserve to be punished for his crimes. But I do not get how anyone could leave their family pet with anyone for more then maybe a two week vacation.

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29vintagelace(1 comment)posted 7 years ago

Hi Liz,

I have read everything here and this is horrible. I don't know if it will do any good, but I have forwarded all of the information you have here to the Los Angeles SPCA. Maybe they can do something to spread the word. My prayers are with you and your family.

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30lilly214(8 comments)posted 7 years ago

Have you all the petition, please do so ,it takes 5 minutes not even. Please do so. I just hope it does some good.

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31luvsdogs(70 comments)posted 7 years ago

I was alerted to this sad, sad, sad story and my heart goes out to you Liz and Tom and to all of the owners. I'm so very sorry for your losses. I'm praying for the survivors that they will be ok and not have health problems for the rest of their lives. I have written my letters and signed the petition and I will be at the court house on Nov. 13. There is no excuse and this DEVIL must be held accountable for his actions - zero tolerance. If we do nothing - nothing will be done. JUSTICE MUST BE SERVED.

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32pamewame(48 comments)posted 7 years ago

The above comment ...if we do nothing-nothing will be done. That is exactly right. Citizens must rise up when injustice is being done. Our voices must be heard. For those that cannot speak for themselves it is our responsibility to be their voices. Liz and Tom and all the other families that are suffering now need our support. We each need to ask ourselves...what more can I do?? I believe that if everyone does a little no one has to do alot. These precious lives that were destroyed must be remembered.

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33Maite(47 comments)posted 7 years ago

I am speechless but cannot let this pass without adding my utter DISGUST that not only this monster but also apparently the judicial team involved, would get away with such a heinous crime of MURDER.
There can be NO excuses for what this creature has done.
And NO excuses for ANYone to condone it.
Just for the sake of a bit of red tape, your State would let this monster live out his life in freedom???
Well, I HOPE that the next time it will be a CHILD or several children.
If that sounds mean, then I am sorry.
But SOMEBODY here needs a wake-up call and maybe the deliberate killing of defenceless animals is not enough to provide it.

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34Maite(47 comments)posted 7 years ago

And to "Eric", I wish to add just this:

I hope you can sleep easy in your bed after all your talk of "upholding the law".
If this is human, and humane, law - then the law SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

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35Jamesw2(4 comments)posted 7 years ago

I have sent a link, to this article, to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary www.bestfriends.org. go to best friends network and they have a network already set up for OHIO.

Open your law books and look for a case where imminant danger to animals. If the person has diminished mental capacty and was not willing or mentally abled to respond to the door then you should be allowed to enter. If nothing else use the I entered for the welfare of Mr. Croley. we thought he may have been ill mentally or physically. Also you heard the cry for help.

Now every one get out there today and start inspecting every kennel in the (every)state.

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36grkfire(52 comments)posted 7 years ago

Eric you are absolutely right. Petition? You will have to start a petition to amend the laws of the United States Constitution. Good luck with that. Blame the agents. The circumstances did not justify a warrantless entry.
I am a defense attorney who specializes in criminal law. And if I represented this man, the charges would have been dismissed rather quickly. Macejko did the right thing, and followed procedure. So for all you that are attempting to be lawyers here, dont. Go to law school then try again.
If agents or officers just came busting into your home without a warrant, you would be singing a different tune. It is sad what happened, however do not blame the prosecutor. He will LEGALLY punish this man to the fullest.

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37animallover(86 comments)posted 7 years ago

I think this whole thing is absolutely disgusting.

How this man could feed some animals and not others is beyond words. And how could he say that he had no money. He ate, his dogs ate, AND WATER IS FREE!

I signed the petition and wrote the letters. Please do the same. Justice must be served and this man deserves to be in jail (amongst other things).

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38pamewame(48 comments)posted 7 years ago

Another issue that needs to be addressed. This man should never be able to open up another animal care business in any state. The best way to insure this is to change laws to make sure this doesnt happen. Also until laws are changed we as citizens have to keep this information going until as many people as possible recognize this man. Regardless of what name he uses a stop must be put to his actions.

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39Jamesw2(4 comments)posted 7 years ago

I agree with Eric, Under the law, So lets get what we can out of this. Get the four we can. See is any cival libility is there. contract breach, Someone buy the place and set up a rescue. Train police offerces in cases like this. This will be a training tool. if all else fails call the fire dept because they can prety much do anything.

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40animallover(86 comments)posted 7 years ago

Civil liability? The man has no money!!!

Yes let's go for the 4 we got, but ya know what - thats a misdemeanor and he will be out in another county or state owning dogs...

I bet grkfre, James and Eric wouldnt be so quick to defend his rights if it was your dog, would you?

You people need to stop defending him, personally I think you lose your rights the minute you do something as sadistic as this.

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41Maite(47 comments)posted 7 years ago

grkfire, if I had committed murder then I could hardly expect to complain if somebody DID enter my premises without a warrant!!!!
Who is the victim here???
Oh yes - poor little Steve of course!! the pathetic little piece of **** who has no regard at all for any life form other than his own pathetic flesh and blood.
Of course he has to be in the right! He's a human being isn't he? (Although I personally beg to differ on that one)
Of course ONLY humans matter in the eyes of the Law!!!

Well - we will FIGHT this one.
And whatever happens in this life, you can rest assured that justice WILL be served if not in this, then in the next!!!

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42rmmp(1 comment)posted 7 years ago

This worthless piece of crap needs more than a slap on the wrist. This is totally disgusting and I hope that Croley will never be able to make a living in his lifetime and will die of starvation and dehydration. He didn't have the money to feed the dogs? If you don't have money to feed a child, what do you do?

Obviously this man reverted to an IQ of 2 somewhere along the line. And saying he didn't have the money to feed them doesn't even make sense. Only psychos would allow dogs to starve to death right in front of them. It sounds to me as though excuses are being made for this piece of crap, who will one day answer to a power higher than Macejko.

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43RINOA(2 comments)posted 7 years ago


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44RINOA(2 comments)posted 7 years ago


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45sueveros(4 comments)posted 7 years ago

I've taken my dogs to this kennel a couple times and had no problems, but last July I called to make reservations and just didn't feel right with the conversation I had with the owner. He was rambling on and on about other kennels being overpriced, and I told my friend then that I wasn't going there, felt that something wasn't quite right with this guy, he sounded a little mental. So glad I went with my instincts.

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46Maite(47 comments)posted 7 years ago

sueveros, it sounds as if you had a lucky escape.
If this is when Croley started getting desperate for custom and into financial difficulties, then he had up to FOUR MONTHS to contact the owners of the dogs he already had or was about to take on!!!
This is appalling!!!!!!

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47bink(7 comments)posted 7 years ago

This is what drugs will do to you

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48hurricaneV(6 comments)posted 7 years ago

"I am a defense attorney who specializes in criminal law. And if I represented this man, the charges would have been dismissed rather quickly. Macejko did the right thing, and followed procedure. So for all you that are attempting to be lawyers here, dont. Go to law school then try again."

What a Bunch of Sh*t!! Everyone knows that attorney's are more crooked then the letter "S". So becuase you went to law school you better??? DOubt it!!! TO me and I am sure many others, attorneys are a big JOKE!!! Why dont you go to church and get some morals! Oh.. you traded those in when you chose your profession. Fruit cake!!

Suggest removal:

49Maite(47 comments)posted 7 years ago

I am at a total loss to comprehend how Grkfire and others can POSSIBLY even think of dismissing these charges!! HOW can ANY human being dismiss a yard full of dead and frankly rotting dogs???!!!
Does Grkfire think this didn't happen?? Is he/she living in cloud cuckoo land with both eyes shut to these atrocities??
NO "procedure" can ignore the fact that animals were deliberately allowed to die. Knowingly allowed to die.
What procedure can allow this to happen and the perpetrator to go unpunished?? This is sheer insanity.
WHAT are Macejko and Grkfire et al thinking of??
What does Macejko stand to gain by making his stand on this??
ANY normal human being is disgusted, sickened, by this total disregard for life shown by Croley.
Majecko cannot be normal. Anyone who can even think of supporting his irrational view on this terrible act, cannot be normal.
Get real, Grkfire!! Living creatures are DEAD!!!! and this was no accident!!!

Suggest removal:

50grkfire(52 comments)posted 7 years ago

Your post is so moronic that it hardly deserves a response, but I will entertain you. You are right, ALL attorneys are crooked. What an uneducated, idiotic statement. Just wait until the day you or someone close to you needs an attorney when you are wrongfully accused, or losing your home, etc. And then you need a lawyer to help you, then let's see if you call them a joke afterwards.
Get a clue, I didnt say attorneys are better than you. But yes attorneys do know the law better than you. Yes I went to law school, and I do know the law better than you.
Fruit cake? Go to church? These comments just show your ignorance, lack of education and class. I do go to church. Since you want to get personal so will I. Your statements lead me to believe you dont have an education, and most likely dont have a job.

Did I ever say this didnt happen? No. Did Macejko? No. You need to open your eyes to the facts, and quit making them up. Yes it was horrible what happened. What "procedure" you ask? It's called the constitution, and it keeps us all safe from illegal searches and seizures. We are thinking that every citizen has a right to privacy and protection under the Constitution. Just because Croley is a disgusting man does not mean his rights can be violated. If that were true then where would it stop?
What if the police can busting into your home for no reason, or because they believed something was wrong? You would be singing a different tune.
My view is rational, and correct. Macejko has nothing to gain from this. He is just following the law.
I am disgusted by what this man did. And I own and love dogs, but I love the Constitution and our country also. The laws cannot be applied differently to every person, and they cannot be broken, even for this man.

Suggest removal:

51animallover(86 comments)posted 7 years ago


HOW do you seem to know all the circumstances?

HOW do you know that Macejko did the right thing?

HOW do you know that Macejko has nothing to gain from this?

Did you ever think of instead of DEFENDING this type of horrible man - thinking of ways to get the charges back or helping Macejko since you know him so well.

And for the record I don't believe attorneys are crooked and I am an educated hard working woman.

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52pamewame(48 comments)posted 7 years ago

Until laws are created to ensure the proper treatment of animals then people like Steve Croley will be allowed to run a business without accountability. Just as in day care for human children there are standards and requirements for these businesses to stay open. Should not the same standards apply to our companion animals? Looking at the big picture this may be the case that causes laws to be made and enforced. But with saying all that, it would bring little comfort to the families that are suffering now. Regardless of the outcome of this case Nitro and the other dogs are still dead and their families are devastated and they have to learn to live without their beloved babies.

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53hurricaneV(6 comments)posted 7 years ago

Entertaining you are and that is all. FYI I have an incrediable, RESPECTABLE job. Can't say the same for you. Went to private school and graduated from Denison. Write some other facts without proof.......oh wait...lawyer that is your job :)

Suggest removal:

54Maite(47 comments)posted 7 years ago

"What if the police can busting into your home for no reason, or because they believed something was wrong? You would be singing a different tune."

...Yes but I haven't murdered a whole load of dogs!!
And IF by any chance I HAD, I would not be in the least surprised to have a pack of Police bursting into my house!!!!!!!

Are you telling us that this monster DIDN'T KNOW that there were dead dogs lying in his yard???
Because this is what your comment to me is implying.

Suggest removal:

55Maite(47 comments)posted 7 years ago

"The laws cannot be applied differently to every person, and they cannot be broken, even for this man."

...well then your laws are WRONG, if they can protect such murderous inhuman acts as happened here.

And what is being taught in Law School, seems to be to ride roughshod over the RIGHTS of living creatures, and to ignore the fact that ANIMALS have rights.

And those that believe that animals do NOT have rights, are pretty much giving the green light to murderers such as Croley.

Suggest removal:

56grkfire(52 comments)posted 7 years ago

I can tell you are well educated. Your grammar and spelling make that obvious.

Does not matter what is going on behind your doors, or anyone else's. Police cannot just come busting in to check. In no way did I imply Crowly did not know he had dead dogs. But I did say the agents did not know there were dead dogs in the yard. And that is why their search was illegal.
My laws are wrong? OUR laws. I believe you live in the US too. Don't blame me for the Constitution, I did not write it. I am just explaining it to you.

I do know the circumstances. So do most of you. However, most of you do not know the law. I know Macejko did the right thing because I used to be a prosecutor also, and I know the what is allowed and what is not.
I know Macejko and he is a good prosecutor, if there were any way around this illegal search, he would have found it.

Suggest removal:

57Maite(47 comments)posted 7 years ago

Grkfire, you are too bigoted to be worth any more comments.
Carry on arguing alone, if you wish.
I only hope you NEVER lose any animal or child in any way similar to these atrocities, because just maybe then you would change your tune.

Suggest removal:

58pamewame(48 comments)posted 7 years ago


You hit on something very striking and I find it happens all too often. Alot of people dont get involved with something like this or even any other issue till it hits home. Then it is usually too late. They dont care cause it not effecting them. Its way past time for indifference and time to step up to the plate. Our animals who God created are our responsibility and those who mistreat or harm in any way WILL answer for their action. Not preaching here just fact.

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59animallover(86 comments)posted 7 years ago

Pam great point, people need to step up and stand up for these animals. They are our children and apart of our lives. Dont let this man get away with this.

What about the fact that people who torture and kill animals usually turn around and do the same to humans

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60pamewame(48 comments)posted 7 years ago

Lover you are absolutely right about those that torture and kill animals. Statistics show that it leads killing humans. And even becoming serial killers. Its not you or myself saying this, studies have been done and the proof is there.

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61luvsdogs(70 comments)posted 7 years ago

Have you seen the latest on the Nitrofoundation website? It seems there is a lady looking for her dog. It states name "Devil" a 4 year old gsd - black with white patch on chest. The dog was at High Caliber K9 but not found at Animal Charities. If anyone has any information, please give her a call.

My prayers are with Devil that he is alive and well and his Mom that he is returned safely and healthy. xoxoxoxoxoxo.....

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62Maite(47 comments)posted 7 years ago

Check out the videos on the site because I'm almost certain I glimpsed a black GSD in one...I may be wrong....I am going to check again.

And am praying that his furparents find him. I can barely imagine their anguish right now. :-(

HOW can that monster live with himself, after all the destruction he has caused here!!!!!!!!!!!!

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63animallover(86 comments)posted 7 years ago

Living in the house? How could he live in that house??

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64animallover(86 comments)posted 7 years ago

So today I read that the court date is this Thursday Nov 13 at 11:15am. I know that I will be there - everyone should be there for these animals.

Youngstown Municipal Court
26 South Phelps Street
Youngstown, Ohio 44503

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65pamewame(48 comments)posted 7 years ago

animallover...I know that Nitro's family and the other families will appreciate you being there tomorrow. It means so much to them.

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66Maite(47 comments)posted 7 years ago

I doubt any of us will EVER forget them!!
This has to be one of the most horrific and wanton murders ever!!
The sheer deliberation of this gruesome ongoing torture, ensures that!!

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