What do liberals want?

What do liberals want?


Liberals champion women’s rights — but when a woman not of their liberal persuasion is nominated for the second highest office in the land, they scorn her.

Liberals champion minority rights — but when a black man or a black woman not of their liberal persuasion is named to the U.S. Supreme Court or to the president’s cabinet, they vilify them.

Liberals want massive new taxes to fund expansive new government programs because they believe that government can spend and manage your money better than you can — this despite the fact that every socialist economy in the world is in decline.

Liberals want peace at any price. When we were attacked by the Islamic terrorists, they believed that our chickens merely “came home to roost.” If we are attacked again and they were in control, we might just as well surrender. Why else do you think the Muslim world is cheering for an Obama victory? Do they believe he is one of them?

The penultimate champion of these liberal causes is none-other than Barack Obama. He is rated the most liberal member of the U.S. Senate. Before coming to the Senate, he distinguished himself as a “street organizer” for such left wing groups as ACORN. He is an unapologetic, brazen liberal.

So is this year’s presidential election really about “change” as Obama and his liberal surrogates would have us believe? Or is it more about the economic shell game and class warfare that is synonymous with the liberal doctrine itself?



Who promises real change?


We have two individuals expressing the single concept — the need for change. Both say that our country is on the wrong course on major national and international issues.

One individual — Obama — from the very first based his campaign on the need for change. He has stated at least three major areas for change: the war in Iraq, health care, and federal tax laws.

One individual — McCain — adopted the same concept of change in his bid for the presidency, but yet has not been specific where he plans to alter the direction of our country in any significant way on any of these issues.

He has been a member of the Republican Party in Washington for twenty-six years and has supported and advocated its agenda over these years and wants us to believe that once he becomes our president he will forsake many of the principles of his party which he has believed in and advanced for nearly three decades.

I am not trying to change any Republicans or Democrats by this correspondence since I believe that these individuals honestly believe in their respective political perspectives.

The voters I am trying to reach are those true independents who feel thus country must change course. To those individuals I ask them to think beyond all the spin and campaign advertisements.



Just more of the same


I’m appalled that after the trick of “the weapons of mass destruction,” the lemmings of our Congress followed the White House over another cliff. Some in the Senate tried to veer off to safer ground, but the Hounds of Wall Street herded them back in line. Our presidential candidates rushed back to Washington to do more of the same.

We get what we deserve.