Phantoms give a great show

Phantoms give a great show


Our family of seven had the opportunity to see the Phantoms play last Saturday night at the Chevy Center and it was one of the best times we’ve ever had. This is ice hockey at its best. It’s really hard to believe these are high school kids. The level of play is unbelievable and the action non-stop. Having a real, honest to goodness hometown team like the Phantoms is incredible.

I just want to encourage other families to bring the kids and make a night of it. They’ll never forget it. Best of all, it’s so affordable. The tickets are only $8.50 each.

And beyond the excitement, the entertainment, the great fights and the family experience is the fact that we need to support efforts like this in the Mahoning Valley. It’s all part of our renaissance and the folks who put this team into play are doing it for us. I should add that we do have the best team in the league. We beat the league leader St. Louis team twice this weekend.

Thanks to the Chevy Centre and the team’s owners for this great new addition to downtown Youngstown and the entire Mahoning Valley.


Liberty Township

Abuser avoids justice


In response to the Nov. 2 editorial, “Latest animal cruelty case exposes bureaucratic flaws,” I am appalled that an oversight by animal cruelty officers could allow an abuser to walk free. If police officers saw a child in possible danger, they could enter the premises and prosecute the offender, no questions asked. Yet these officers, who could see four dying dogs in a yard, were not permitted by law to save them.

These officers had reason to believe that these animals were in imminent danger, and needed immediate rescue. Because of this, they should have been permitted to enter the premises. Instead, the man accused of starving people’s pets to death, as well as wasting their money, will be given merely a slap on the wrist. If found guilty, he should be held responsible for every animal he tortured, whether the officers had a warrant or not.

These pets, including the Rottweiler that was mercilessly starved to half its body weight, are members of people’s families. They should be protected and have the right to a safe and happy life. Our laws should reflect our love for our pets.



A reason not to vote


In reading the article in Saturday’s Vindicator concerning the bishop’s statement about President-elect Obama’s position on abortion, I was reminded why I abstained from voting. I support Obama on every aspect except his position on abortion.

I believe that marriage and sexual intimacy go hand in hand, love in both the spiritual and physical, God’s gift to mankind.

Unfortunately in our modern society which is both materialistic and permissive, sexual conduct has become a recreational prerequisite for social popularity and standing.

Too many young women dress or undress with this in mind and young men both accept and take advantage of this thinking as a part of life. When pregnancy follows, the pre-born child suffers when discarded and thrown out with the trash. Pity. God help us all.