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The Merry Christmas billboard project is spearheaded by five Mahoning Valley women who believe in putting Christ back in Christmas.

Donations: Send donations, by checks made out to Merry Christmas billboards, to Merry Christmas Billboards, P.O. Box 175, Niles, Ohio 44446. Donations are not tax-deductible.

Billboard locations: In the Mahoning Valley, billboards are located on Mahoning Avenue, east of state Route 46; Boardman-Canfield Road (U.S. Route 224), across from the Boardman Plaza; South Avenue near Mr. Anthony’s; Route 422 by Triple A in Niles; state Route 11 and Churchhill Road; Belmont Avenue near Belmont Eye Clinic; and state Route 82 near the Warren Outerbelt.

Comments from contributors: “Thank you for having the courage and ingenuity to shout to the world what the majority of us think!”

“Thanks for your fight to preserve Christmas.”

“Thank you for your billboard message. We consider it an honor to contribute to your efforts to keep Christ in Christmas, reminding the world it’s all about him.”

“Here’s a check to help defray your costs for the billboards. God will bless you for your wonderful gesture. Thanks for thinking of the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of Jesus."

“God bless you and your passion to keep Christ in Christmas.”

“Congratulations on opening eyes of many to return to the real meaning of Christmas.”

“There would be no ‘holiday’ sales if we weren’t honoring the birthday of Christ.”

“Thank you for raising the awareness of the religious significance of the season.”

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