Good Cops, Bad Cops, Different Cops

By Timothy R. Schulte| CTW Features

“The road to justice is twisted,” was one tagline for “The Shield,” the FX series that paved the way for edgy, critically acclaimed basic-cable dramas.

“Rules change. The game remains the same,” was one for “The Wire,” the HBO series that the Emmys flat-out ignored during its five-season run, despite many critics heralding it the greatest TV series of all time.

The two shows are completely different yet strikingly similar. “The Shield” follows a group of rogue L.A. cops whose approach to cleaning up the streets isn’t necessarily by the books . “The Wire” puts the scope on a group of Baltimore detectives struggling to combat the city’s narcotics epidemic and the failed command within their own department. What the two series share is a code of law enforcement where the ends justify the means.

Both shows ended their runs in 2008. If there’s someone on your list who enjoys good TV and has somehow happened to miss these two, the complete series of the “The Wire” ($250, HBO Home Video) and the first six seasons of “The Shield” ($60,Sony Pictures) will keep them firmly on the couch.

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