There was no reason for dogs to die of starvation

There was no reason for dogs to die of starvation


I am writing to express my outrage concerning Steve Croley and his so-called facility.

First off it is a pure shame the dogs that died in vain had no voice and no one to help them. They waited for this man to bring them food and water and he let them starve to death. People put their faith in him and he let many down. Pets are cherished family members and he killed them. For him to blame the economy is a cop out. He could have asked for help (Animal Charity received tons of donations) or called the guardians of these animals. I am sure they would have preferred picking their pets up alive instead of dead or dying. But he didn’t give them that respect. He was too proud.

Second, Prosecutor Macejko has contradicted himself in the article printed Oct. 25. He indicates 15 charges are being dropped due to the “agents” not having a warrant to enter his property and then goes on to say, “civilians can act to save animals in distress.” If Mr. Borosky isn’t technically an agent then I would say he definitely is a concerned citizen. Which gives him every right to enter that property and take the necessary steps to save the remaining animals.

Any humane being seeing sick, injured or dead animals would have done the same. Waiting an hour for a search warrant could have jeopardized the animals or given a killer a chance to destroy evidence and move them elsewhere.

Also Macejko recites the 4th Amendment, which “guards against unreasonable search and seizure.” I believe the agent and civilian had more than enough reason from what they saw through the fence to enter that property.

Lastly, for Macejko to say he has no faith in Animal Charity’s services is unsettling. They did a great job getting those animals to safety and out of a horrific situation. They saved 12 lives that day, unfortunately for seven they were too late. They should be commended for a job well done, not ridiculed by a prosecutor who is going to let a murderer walk free.



Once people become dependent on government, they become like children


A gentleman wrote in the Oct. 20 letters column that he did not mind big government. I suppose his reasoning was to be able to grab some largesse from the people’s treasury. Now, a safety net in extreme times is a reasonable expectation, but a full move to socialism would sap the strength of this nation.

For reasonable people, Katrina was a perfect example of what happens to a population who depend on the government for the necessities of life. They become like children, unable or unwilling to provide for themselves. The past century was full of governments experimenting with socialism, with disastrous consequences. Think Soviet Union, Nazi Germany and China, who were responsible for tens of millions of deaths and horrific suffering.

The Founding Fathers of this great nation greatly feared a strong federal government but it seems many will trade freedom for a chance to get in their neighbor’s wallets. A government big enough to give one everything is big enough to take everything away.



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