Strategist: Arnold can make digs, but Obama is fit

Los Angeles Times

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s fitness advice for Barack Obama — squats for his “skinny legs” and biceps curls “to beef up those scrawny little arms” — got the Democratic nominee’s chief strategist wondering: How are the California governor’s basketball skills?

Schwarzenegger might not know it, strategist David Axelrod said, but “Sen. Obama’s pretty fit.”

Schwarzenegger poked fun at Obama’s lean physique Friday as he campaigned for Republican John McCain in Ohio. In fact, Obama has been adamant about working out 45 minutes a day during the presidential campaign. On Saturday morning in Las Vegas, he hit the fitness center at Caesar’s Palace.

Obama also plays basketball, although games are rare of late. It’s an Obama tradition to play on Election Day.

So on Saturday, Axelrod suggested it would be interesting to “get Gov. Schwarzenegger on the basketball court and see what he can do.”

At the campaign stop in Columbus on Friday night, Schwarzenegger told the crowd: “I only play an action hero in my movies, but John McCain is a real action hero.”

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