Ypd 2008 awards

These Youngstown Police Department officers were recognized for their service at a ceremony Thursday at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church social hall:

Lifesaving: Patrolman Rick Baldwin (2).

Investigative excellence: Lt. Mark Milstead; Detective Sgts. Patrick Kelly and Kevin Mercer; Patrolmen Assad Chaibi (2); Doug Pesa; Greg Miller; Joe Moran (2); Rick Baldwin; Tony Tulipano; Dave Wilson; Carlo Eggleston; Ron Barber Jr. and Shakir Perkins.

Meritorious service: Detective Sgts. Kevin Mercer (2); Bill Ross; Frank Rutherford; Donald Scott; Dave Sweeney and Brian Welsh; Patrolwoman Kelly Lamb; Patrolmen Robert Martini; George Anderson; Michael Anderson and K-9 Ninja (2); Ron Barber Jr.; Bill Burton; Assad Chaibi (2); P.J. Chance (3); Carlo Eggleston; John Hull II; Ron Jankowski and K-9 Jocko; Josh Kelly and K-9 Helo; Edward Kenney; Mike Marciano; Malik Mostella; Patrick Mulligan (3); Doug Pesa; Stephen Price; Michael Quinn; Mark Rakocy; Dave Santangelo; Tony Tulipano; and Bill Ward.

Departmental commendations: Detective Sgts. Ramon Cox; Patrick Kelly; Gerry Maietta; Ron Rodway; and Dave Sweeney; Patrolwoman Melissa Perez (2); Patrolmen John Aeppli (3); Michael Anderson; Rick Baldwin (3); Ron Barber Jr.; Frank Bigowsky; Kevin Bokesch; Brian Booksing; Arthur Carter; Assad Chaibi (2); P.J. Chance (2); Brad Ditullio; Jay Fletcher; Richard Geraci; Marc Gillette; John Hull II; Ron Jankowski; Josh Kelly; Ryan Laatsch; Robert Lodwick; Dan Mikus; Randall Miller; Joe Moran; Doug Pesa; Christopher Rutland; Tony Tulipano (2); Tony Vitullo; Bill Ward; Dave Wilson (2) and Chad Zubal.

An award also was given to Youngstown Fire Department Capt. Alvin Ware.

Source: Youngstown Police Department

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