One person, one vote is the only way to go

One person, one vote is the only way to go


American voters everywhere are questioning how to fix the electoral system of voting. I have the perfect solution: Get rid of it. Return the election of our president to the way it should be. One person, one vote. The person who gets the most popular vote wins.

No electoral college, no red states, no blue states — just the United States.

The candidates have spent millions of dollars to buy our votes to get elected. Shame on them. This high amount of money could be better spent on so many necessary changes as opposed to buying votes.

Lets get down to the real issues not race, not gender, not age. We need a president with a stand on the real issues, not their own personal agenda or that of their biggest contributors.

Our politicians have spent billions of our money on a country that they bombed, Iraq, under questionable circumstances at best. Now they brag about all the good things they are doing for Iraq — state of the art hospitals, state of the art schools, etc. At the same time our children are going to bed hungry in record numbers, lack medical attention and try to learn in substandard schools.

We have lost over 4,000 lives for this country. Why? Because of a man who did not get the popular vote got in office. How different things might be if the real winner, the man with the most popular votes actually became our president.

We need a system of voting when each vote counts. We do not need regular delegates or super delegates. Lets go back to the old way, the way all elections should be decided.



Professor’s honest mistake shouldn’t bring reprimand


I am a senior at YSU majoring in Accounting and Finance. I have personally had Dr. Joseph Antenucci, or Dr. A. as we students refer to him, and no professor has done more for me to prepare for the CPA exam. (Statistically the most challenging post graduation exam for any major.)

He brilliantly educates you as a student how to conduct yourself in the classroom and in the business world. Dr A states, in his classrooms as well as his office, the credentials of the CPA are of a high standard. Its a covenant to us as accountants. He also states to his students, that he personally took the exam for the benefit of his students and not for personal gain. Dr. A gives his students the real inside look on what to expect on the CPA exam and helps prepare them efficiently.

I am 100 percent positive it was an honest mistake and not to be taken out of contexts when he typed “CPA” after his name. I believe earning the highest score in the state earns him a little leeway in judgment by the review board at YSU and the Columbus office. He is straight-up man and would never purposely deceive people.

Dr. Antenucci seems to truly love his job educating and molding young minds in accounting and should not be reprimanded for his actions.



School boards should listen


Property tax used for school funding is unconstitutional, which means it is not permitted. Yet school boards persist in seeking funding through property tax levies, then wonder why these levies fail.

School boards are in a unique and potentially trend setting position to locate sources of alternative funding which will ease the property tax burden, and free tax dollars for the support of safety forces and governmental expenses.

The time is now to find alternative financing, and show that we will no longer close our eyes to continued defiance of unconstitutional law.

Are any school boards listening?