Marriage licenses

Joseph F. Land, 28, of 1481 Maplecrest Drive, Austintown, and Heather A. Hileman,34, of same.

John E. Perry, 40, of 1336 N. Osborn Ave., #C, Youngstown, and Karen S. Lindsey, 43, of same.

Butler Johnson IV, 36, of 2023 Melvina St., Youngstown, and Lisa M. Shelton, 41, of 43 Kenmore Ave., Youngstown.

Christopher J. Adkins, 21, of 59 Cleveland St., Youngstown, and Natasha S. Shuler, 28, of same.

Joshua A. Weston, 27, of 835 Cook Ave., #A, Boardman, and Lorey A. Daviduk, 32, of same.

Martin F. Runyon, 45, of 115 E. Maryland Ave., Sebring, and Sheri L. Cathey, 38, of same.

Stefan A. Popielczyk, 30, of 6905 Colleen Drive, Youngstown, and Malgorzata Anna Panczyniak, 21, of 150 Meadow Lane Road, Cleveland.

John N. Lee, 42, of 3217 Straley Lane, Youngstown, and Donna M. Lee, 40, of same.


Chase Home Finance LLC v. Stacy A. Neubecker et al, foreclosure.

Option One Mortgage Corp. v. Gregory Phillips et al, foreclosure.

Hudson Keyes LLC v. Richard S. Rickets Reese, judgment for plaintiff.

National City Mortgage v. Joseph Zayas et al, foreclosure.

Progressive Preferred Ins. Co. v. James M. Lizer, settled.

Beneficial Ohio Inc. v. Michael Padilla et al, settled.

Cerna Buckner v. Terry Sunderman, dismissed.

Ceira Buckner v. Cheree Dickerson, dismissed.

Ceira Buckner v. Michael Sunderman, dismissed.

Irene Carpenter v. Terra Sunderman, dismissed.

Irene Carpenter v. Michael Sunderman, dismissed.

Irene Carpenter v. Jessica Dickerson, dismissed.

Marc Dann et al v. Jason Pates et al, magistrate’s decision adopted.

State v. Melvin Gregory, sentenced to two years CCA; six months driver’s license suspension.

State v. Dennis Wilson , sentenced to 12 months.

State v. Robert Barnes, sentenced to a total of 10 years.

State v. Wilber Pletcher, sentenced to four years on count 1, and 18 months on count 2.

State v. Dwayne Boone, sentenced to two years.

State v, Darres Jackson, sentenced to day reporting program at CCA with specific conditions.

William J. Garrett et al v. Carol Zamary et al, magistrate’s order is adopted and made action.

Harry Hlywa et al v. Akhil Bindra et al, dismissed.

Ellis Cathey v. LTV Steel Co. Inc., settled.

Judy Koval et al v. Steven Ballas LMD et al, dismissed.

First Place Bank v. Eric Streb et al, confirmation of sale.

Saba Aljahmi et al v. Richard Huntley, settled.

Carolyn Wilson v. Butler Institute of American Art et al dismissed.

Anna Saker et al v. Bruce Rybicki et al, dismissed.

Vera Draljevic v. Aerolite Extrusions Co. et al, dismissed.

HSBC Bank USA v. Wade Campbell, et al, dismissed.

Lucinda Mitchell by her mother Lucinda Watkins et al v. Michael J. Pinchotti et al, dismissed.

JPMorgan Chase Bank v. William Sorbes et al, dismissed.

Lien Funding Group LLC v. Clarence Brown et al, foreclosure.

Real estate

Vincent Rhodes et al to Kathryn F.Tingler, Shields Road, Canfield, $90,000.

Shirley J. Foster to Jake Turner, W. Glenaven Ave., Youngstown, $10,000.

Kathryn L. Thomas to Celeste Thiel, Palmer Ave., Youngstown, $15,400.

Anthony J. Tondy et al to Thomas E. Moody Jr., Geneva Ave., Struthers, $78,000.

Louise J. Thorne to Konstantinos D. Galouzis, Sturbridge Place, Poland, $205,000.

Elizabeth E. Curley to William E.Phillips III, Gypsy Lane, Youngstown, $50,050.

Ula Pabst, Erich Skist Sr., Rockwell Road, Austintown, $7,500.

Kathleen V. Terrer to Catherine A. Miasek, Canfield, $325,000.

Liberty Savings Bank FSB to Uptown Management LLC, Pointview Ave., Youngtown, $8,500.

Robert A. Musser et al to Justin L. Coburn, Melrose Place, Youngstown, $$66,000.

Norma J. DiGaicomo to John Dietz, Sulkirk, Youngstown, $79,000.

Bank of New York as trustee to Black Stone Real Estate LLC , Silliman St., Youngstown, $4,350.

Bank of New York to JAB Investments Inc., West Heights Ave., Youngstown, $11,500.

Sharon Cross to Sharon Cross, Edwards St., Youngstown, $5,000.

Robert Notary et al to Diane L. Surko, Edison Ave., Struthers, $69,000.

Thomas J. Mucci to Anthony Farris, Brantford Drive, Youngstown, $105,300.

Viola Bulatko et al to Kathy Wilson, Coitsville Road, $52,500.

Kimberly S. Austin et al to Josef Kendera, Glenwood Ave., Youngstown, $18,900.

Alex M. Lepsesty to Troy E. Donaldson, W. Ohio Ave., Sebring, $75,800.

Fannie Mae to Christine M. Gardner, Piccadilly St., Campbell, $13,500.

The Bank of New York as trustee to Wintercat LLP, E. Judson Ave., Youngstown, $8.000.

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