Peanuts theme hits Cedar Point

By Rebecca Sloan

The 1.25-acre Planet Snoopy will feature rides, games and live appearances by Peanuts characters.

SANDUSKY — Hot diggety dog! When Cedar Point opens Saturday, a new kids area called Planet Snoopy will wow junior visitors with Peanuts-theme attractions and rides.

Planet Snoopy will include seven rides – a miniature train, 4 X 4 trucks, a mini tea cup-style ride, a bouncing tower, spinning balloons, rocket ships and a crazy sub ride.

The 1.25-acre Planet Snoopy will also feature games and live appearances by Peanuts characters.

“Planet Snoopy is similar to Cedar Point’s other children’s areas because its rides are geared toward kids under 54” tall. What will set Planet Snoopy apart is its theme. This new area showcases Snoopy’s worldly travels and means of transportation,” said Tony Clark, a Cedar Point public relations representative.

Cedar Point’s other children’s areas are Kiddy Kingdom near the front of the park; the Gemini Children’s Area next to the Gemini roller coaster; and Camp Snoopy, located near the Magnum XL-200 coaster.

Planet Snoopy will be located at the former Peanuts Playground, which has been torn down.

In addition to its cool new rides, Planet Snoopy will include Peanuts-theme d cor, a family center with changing stations and private areas to feed children in a quiet atmosphere.

A Planet Snoopy restaurant will offer kids’ favorite foods as well as entrees for adults.

Clark said although many people equate Cedar Point with thrilling roller coasters, the park is also about family-oriented fun.

“Kids who aren’t ready to ride the bigger rides will enjoy the new Planet Snoopy,” he said.


In 2008 Cedar Point will also introduce “Snoopy’s Big Bow Wow On Ice.” This live ice skating show at the Good Times Theatre will feature 14 skaters as well as Peanuts characters.

Other new shows at Cedar Point for 2008 will include a BMX-style bike extravaganza at the park’s former aquatic stadium. During the show, which is titled “All Wheels Extreme,” stunt bikers, skateboarders and roller bladers will perform tricks, flips and stunts.

If BMX doesn’t get your heart started, visit Centennial Theatre for “Signed, Sealed, Delivered,” a stage show with live singing and dancing to 1950s and 1960s music.

Or gallop over to the Red Garter Saloon to hear singers and bands perform country and rock favorites.


Visitors to Cedar Point in 2008 will also discover new developments at the Sandcastle Suites Hotel, which is located on the peninsula and offers 187 guest suites.

“When Sandcastle opens this year, the flooring, hallways, lobby area and registration area, guest suite bathrooms, wall coverings, air-conditioning units, televisions and fixtures will all have been updated,” Clark said.

The Sandcastle upgrades cost about $3 million and are part of a two-year renovation that also included an exterior upgrade in 2007.

The hotel, which was built in 1990, boasts an outdoor pool, tennis courts, scenic boardwalk and shuttle service to the gates of the park.

Clark said the park will spend about $5.2 million in capital improvements this year.

“Our largest expenses typically come when we build new roller coasters,” Clark said.

“For example, Maverick, the new coaster introduced in 2007, cost $21 million.

“We invest our capital dollars in attractions that our guests are looking for.

“We want to give them a reason to come back year after year. Sometimes we build a coaster; sometimes we build a restaurant.

“It’s all about providing a new and unique experience for every visit.”

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