Quotes arising from the Dann investigation

I have not conducted myself in a way that is consistent with my values as a husband, a father and my responsibilities as attorney general ... I will work tirelessly to re-earn the public’s trust.”

Marc Dann

Ohio Attorney General

I think this has become a personal tragedy. I wish I had stepped in and done something to prevent these personal tragedies from happening. It’s heartbreaking to me.”


I think the way to end the sideshow, the only way to do that is to tell the truth and put everything on the table.”


Our investigative scope was very narrow. We were charged to look into the (specific allegations) of two complaints against one individual. We did not assume the role of being the moral police.”

Ben Espy

Executive Assistant

Attorney General

On Jessica Utovich’s refusal to answer a question about an affair with Dann:

The refusal is an answer itself.”


He turned the attorney general’s office into a raunchy frat pad.”

Kevin DeWine

Deputy chairman of the state GOP


We can’t discharge him (Dann). We can’t suspend him. We don’t have that authority or power. I recommended ... that he take advantage of this further training.”

Thomas Winters

First assistant attorney general

Today, you said you had high hopes for the friends from Youngstown whom you hired. You said that they ‘let you down.’ They paid for that let-down with their jobs. Many voters had high hopes for you. You let them down. And you must pay with your job.”

State Sen. David Goodman,Chairman of the Ohio Senate’s Judiciary Committee for Civil Justice and a former assistant attorney general

Some people think it’s still the 1950s and you get elected to office and hire your buddies. Government’s more complicated now. It’s not likely that the people you’re friends with can do all the jobs, and that gets you in trouble.”

Paul Sracic,

Chairman of Youngstown State University’s political science department.

I haven’t done a thing except do my job. My conscience is absolutely clear.”

Leo Jennings III,

communications chief

He didn’t have a person telling him don’t do this. He needed someone like me — I could control him — to tell him no.”

David Betras,

A longtime Dann friend and former law partner


I don’t know. It’s a serious question. It depends on the reaction from the public and the media. That will determine his future.”

Harry Meshel,

A former Ohio Democratic Party chairman and an ex-state Senate president

He’s got to clean his act up or he won’t get re-elected, that’s for damn sure. I really am disappointed. It reflects badly on this area. It gives us a bad name.”

Christ Michelakis,

Trumbull County Democratic Chairman

“He can still do his job effectively.” —

Lisa Antonini,

Mahoning County Democratic chairwoman citing Dann’s past tenacity in helping to expose corruption by Republicans running state government

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