Excerpts from report on Dann, subordinates' behavior

Excerpts from a report on the behavior of Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann and subordinates in his office, as a result of sexual harassment complaints filed by employees Cindy Stankoski and Vanessa Stout against Anthony Gutierrez, a top manager for Dann:

“Management employees encouraged and tolerated a workplace atmosphere of frequent profanity, extremely casual and improper personal interactions with subordinates and a general lack of professionalism and respect.”

“It is clear that Attorney General Marc Dann exercised poor judgment by engaging in and permitting Cindy Stankoski to come to his home for drinks and pizza. When it was obvious that she was intoxicated, arrangements should have been made to have her escorted home in a safe manner.”

“The same could be said about poor judgment when Vanessa Stout was allowed to continue to come to the apartment after she became an employee of the office.”

“Even though there were rumors of affairs between management and female subordinates, it was not our responsibility to investigate the accuracy of those rumors.”

“Cronyism has no place in the attorney general’s office. Individuals should be hired on their ability to do the job and not because of their friendships without regard for their qualifications.”

“We are confident that the majority of employees are dedicated professionals who provide a valuable service to the attorney general’s office and the state of Ohio.

“Stankoski claims that on numerous occasions, Gutierrez talked openly about his alleged ties to the Mafia, that he often remarked, ’no one messes with my crew,’ and bragged that he could ’get anything done.’ ... Other employees also witnessed Gutierrez brag about his Mob ties and friendship with the attorney general.”

Sources: Report of Ben Espy, executive assistant. attorney general, and Julie Pfeiffer, senior assistant attorney general

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