Falls council seeks additional grants for transportation enhancement

The city received a
half-million dollars for
traffic signals last year.



NEWTON FALLS — The city could be adding another grant from the Eastgate Regional Council of Government to aid planned improvements to its streets.

On Monday, council voted to authorize city Manager Jack Haney to apply for a transportation enhancement grant from Eastgate, which would add to the $500,000 grant the city received for traffic signals in November.

The grant calls for communities to pay 20 percent of the project, with a minimum project cost of $50,000.

Haney said the grant would be used to upgrade crosswalks throughout the city and to improve handicap-accessible areas.

Haney did not have projects costs available, but is expecting estimates from engineers to be in later this month. The city can choose to not accept the grant if it is awarded to the city.

In November, Eastgate approved the city for the $500,000 grant to buy and install new traffic signals and to improve traffic efficiency through the city.

“The best part about this grant is there’s no match from the local community,” said Haney, adding that grants of this nature often require communities to pay for a portion of the project.

The signals will be a style that eliminates the need for wires to hang over intersections, Haney said.

The signals, Haney said, will be interconnected, which could allow cars to travel through the entire city without hitting a red light if traveling at a certain speed.

Haney said plans for the signals have been forwarded to the Ohio Department of Transportation for approval.

ODOT will then look at the efficiency of different traffic signals throughout the city and could make recommendations on traffic flow and safety.

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