Making meals at home requires planning, even if only modest planning.

Making meals at home requires planning, even if only modest planning.


Keep a shopping list in the kitchen all week. Part of it might be for food staples — items used on a regular basis.

The rest should be items found by looking through store circulars and clipping coupons.

The Giant Eagle grocery store chain accepts double coupons valued at up to 99 cents, meaning that the discount on coupon items could be as high as $1.98.

Spend cash

“Nothing impacts our mind like taking cash from our wallet or purse,” the Governance Accountability Institute says in a May newsletter. “Many people who use credit cards rarely know how much was actually spent — until the statement comes. Many people who write checks simply do not take the time to calculate the balance and have no idea what is left over.

Avoid buying plastic bags

Reuse the store’s plastic grocery bags for the garbage, and use store produce bags for storage of individual food items.

Buy in larger quantities

Buy larger cuts of meat, divide them up and freeze them. The price can be 20 percent less when purchased in large quantities.

Avoid prepackaged items

Breads, desserts, juices and beverages, mixed and prepared at home, are a better value than prepackaged items. Even cereal can be purchased in larger sizes to reduce the unit price.

Source: Marie Economos, OSU Extension Service, Trumbull County

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