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Investigation continues into crash that killed Youngstown cop

Published: Thu, June 19, 2008 @ 2:50 p.m.


Robert Deichman YPD offficer killed in traffic accident


Robert Deichman YPD offficer killed in traffic accident

YOUNGSTOWN— The investigation continues into the tractor- trailer-car collision that killed an off-duty Youngstown police officer at about 3:20 this morning.

Youngstown police and the Ohio State Patrol identified the victim as Detective Sgt. Robert Deichman, a nine-year veteran of the force. Though off duty, he was driving an unmarked police car when the accident happened, officials said during a press conference at noon today at the police station.

Police Chief Jimmy Hughes said Deichman, who worked in the accident investigation unit, was given the vehicle during off-duty hours in case he was called to the scene of a crash.

“He is a great guy — fun, energetic — I can’t say enough about him,” Hughes said. “I don’t say every officer is great. They’re all good, but he was great.”

Deichman joined the force in 1999, as a patrol officer. He was promoted in 2006 to detective sergeant and reassigned to the accident investigation unit, where he served until his death.

The truck driver, David Feliciano, 38, of Berlin Center, was pulling out of a private business driveway on the south side of Salt Springs Road when he entered the path of Deichman’s car, which was traveling east on Salt Springs, Hughes said.

Deichman was pronounced dead at the scene. No charges have been filed.

“There are no bad guys in this accident,” Hughes said during the press conference.

The Canfield Post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol is investigating the crash.


1markdtenn(8 comments)posted 8 years ago

does anyone know what channel the news conference will be on or if it will be accesable online.

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2newssucks(2 comments)posted 8 years ago

no grump he was on call, you can't drink when theres a chance you gotta go to work

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3apollo(1227 comments)posted 8 years ago

So what is he doing out at 3am regardless of being on call?

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4redox(55 comments)posted 8 years ago

RIP Brother

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5howard37(5 comments)posted 8 years ago

Was the truck driver drunk? Why was he out at 320am? Why do you think the Sergeant was drunk? Why must you all act like idiots? Hold your comments until after the investigation.

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6HustlaSweetz(4 comments)posted 8 years ago

R.I.P Uncle Robert, I love and miss you.

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7EPDad(1 comment)posted 8 years ago

R.I.P Detective, and all my love to your family.

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8jpaul4(1 comment)posted 8 years ago

R.I.P. Sergeant ... My deepest sympathy to your family

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9karol207(42 comments)posted 8 years ago

May you rest in peace Robert. You'll be missed. Lori and the girls, our deepest sympathies and prayers are with you. We are only a phone call away, call me if you need anything please.Love you guys, see you tomorrow.

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10leelee(31 comments)posted 8 years ago

this comment is for apollo ummm hello were you maybe drunk when you made your comment??Accidents do occur at 3 am in the morning( NOT LIKE PPL PLAN WHAT TIME AN ACCIDENT SHOULD OCCUR) maybe thats why he was out on a call I can not beleive the comments that are made when something like this happens !!!!! karma remeber that KARMA!!!!!!

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11apollo(1227 comments)posted 8 years ago

For leelee. He was NOT out on a call. That part is already known. He was heading home from a gathering of friends according to reports. I'll bet my bottom dollar he was drinking. Reports also indicate he was NOT wearing a seatbelt. Also no skid marks which indicates that he was driving impaired. The truck driver was doing his job (working) so no he wasn't drinking. It is a tragedy but no more of a tragedy than any other death by crash.

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12karol207(42 comments)posted 8 years ago

Just a note to everyone: can you please refrain from making comments like this till later date (if so the case) his daughters don't need you saying this about their dad, and we don't want them reading it either. Thank you!

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13apollo(1227 comments)posted 8 years ago

Sure Karol207 we'll refrain from telling the truth so that these girls can only get exposed to the filtered information that paints the pretty picture even if the picture ain't so pretty.

The facts are nearly half the car crashes resulting in death are directly attributable to alcohol and the sooner as a society we deal with the cold hard facts, the sooner we can take steps to prevent further tragedies. If we want to sterilize the news to omit the facts, the result might be that more people die unnecessarily. I, for one am not willing to do that.

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14apollo(1227 comments)posted 8 years ago

A tough guy that carries a gun no doubt redcatcher? Nope, never had any run ins with the law although I've had experience with their ineptness in investigating and solving crime!

Before the facts are tallied? Hmmm, someone out at 3am has usually been drinking. No skid marks indicates poor reaction time and therefore some sort of impaired driving. Must take real testicles to post all that threatening anonymous stuff on a bulletin board.

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15redcatcher(16 comments)posted 8 years ago

Appalo; You name the time and place that you will be,running your mouth about a fallen brother like you are,and I will be more then a happy Large Testicled Man and come to visit you.I am sure,after a brief discussion,opinions will be changed and you would leave with a little more respect towards the dead!

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16redcatcher(16 comments)posted 8 years ago

OldManGrump;Do a little digging on "Redcatchers".Far from cowards.You have no clue!Go to the services of this man.Talk this line there,the way you write here.We would see who the true coward is(and is not).It is the Lowest of humans,whom disrespect the dead.

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17apollo(1227 comments)posted 8 years ago

Respect must be earned not given. YOU certainly deserve none. Whether the crash victim does, is not yet determined. Certain facts about this crash indicate some sort of impairment, speed, and no seat belt. Just because he was a cop doesn't make him any more deserving of respect.

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18redcatcher(16 comments)posted 8 years ago

appolo,You are an uniformed fool!Please,contact Rob's family and run your "Disrespectful" mouth.They will change your mind(and probably your looks).What has caused you to be so cold to such a tragedy?Your boyfriend cut you off?Cops pick on you for being an idiot?Somewhere along the line,your logic has been twisted.It seems rather obvious to me,that you have Never served the public in either a Military or Civic role.Its all about you,for now.The day will come when you are laying,stiff and bluegrey on a stainlesss table full of holes.What good will folks be saying about you after your passing?only the "LOWEST" of humans,"Disrepect the dead"!

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19apollo(1227 comments)posted 8 years ago

Respect is earned and NOT given regardless of dead or alive. What will folks be saying about me when I'm gone? I couldn't care less. People who resort to threatening responses just show how little respect they deserve and you top the list. Just being in a military or civic role doesn't make you deserving of respect and in fact you must work harder to earn it.

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20redcatcher(16 comments)posted 8 years ago

Appolodude;NOTHING threating!Only suggestions.As much as I think your attitude(in general)sucks,you,as an American are "Entitled" to voice,post and live your lifestyle.That is,until it encroaches on someone elses life.You and Old Grump,could have held back your Pompus reins until the facts and scores on this was in.You chose to get "Suggestively Negative" about this case,from the minute it happened."America;"Innocent until prooven guilty".As much as I CANNOT stand your punk views on this matter,you are are still entitiled to the same right.What was your hurrry to "Stir the Gosssip Pot"?

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21HustlaSweetz(4 comments)posted 8 years ago

All you ignorant people do is talk crap about this you know nothing and you cannot judge him if you don't know him. My family would rearrange your face and get you to shut your mouth because that was my Uncle. He was very thoughtful to others and you don't know if the truck driver was at fault or not they even said the truck driver was in his path. He was off duty but on call, so that means if they needed him for something he would of had to go into work. So he was out with friends, playing darts that he has done for 20 years. If it was someone in your family or your UNcle you would be pissed if people were talking crap also. Have some respect for him and our family. How do you think his 2 girls feel? They have no father now and all you can do is talk crap. Just like a few other people said go the his calling hours and say that, I bet you wouldn't walk out of there. You are sadly missed Uncle Robert and R.I.P. You were a great man and father, and police officer.

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22redcatcher(16 comments)posted 8 years ago

Huselasweetz;My thoughts and pryaers go out to you family.Your Uncle is at peace.It will be tough.You and the kids CAN get through it!I am one of those people that,"Highly Suggest", that the "Appoloboy and Grumpnuts" go to your family and run their mouths like they post here.It woluld be a sight to cherish.Keep the faith and you have LOTS of support...God Bless all the fallen Brothers & Sisters.

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23matchbox96(1 comment)posted 8 years ago

I do not get why people have to make such a big deal when cops die they are just like you or me they are not better. So why the news blows it up for a cop, because they would not if it was you are me a “Normal Person” because for some reason they are so much better they the “normal” person. And redatcher you are full of crap you think you are gods angle will bless you then!! But wait you are not

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24redcatcher(16 comments)posted 8 years ago

matchbox96;What are you trying to say?

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25apollo(1227 comments)posted 8 years ago

How dare anyone speak unkindly about the cops. How dare anyone bring up the salt stealer from the sheriffs dept. Or the s e x offender from Boardman. Or the former corrupt sheriff Chance, or the Tazer happy Warren cop, or the deputy who shoots at raccoons in populated neighborhoods, or the....well you get the picture.

Matchbox96 is correct, this death is no more a tragedy than any other traffic accident. All are tragedies.

I hope you are correct that he was not drinking and that all of us who saw the fact that he was out at 3am and that there were no skid marks and no seat belt usage as indicators. But, we've seen this picture before and the time and circumstances indicate otherwise.

Of course our hearts go out to the family involved, we are not heartless but talking about these things might bring about change that saves a life in the future. Ignoring it and burying the truth are the worst thing that can be done.

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26redcatcher(16 comments)posted 8 years ago

Appolo;Be it a cop,priest,welder,or Tribune poster,whoever,they deserve the benifit of the doubt."Innocent until prooven guilty".He deserves that,just like you or I...Thats America Jr.!

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27grkfire(52 comments)posted 8 years ago

so what if the tests show he was drinking? what does that change? he was a normal man that made a mistake, so what. almost everyone does it, that is, having a few drinks an driving. if that is the case, then so be it. Rob paid the ultimate price, his life. that doesnt change the fact that he was a great man, and great officer. you all should be sad that he is not around anymore to protect you. because that is what he did, every single day. God bless you and RIP Rob, you are missed.

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28HustlaSweetz(4 comments)posted 8 years ago

No one knows for sure if he had a seatbelt on or not, they said they are not 100 percent sure if he had one on or not. How do you know that he didn't unbuckle it himself? He might of hit the trailor and tryed to get out himself, and then died. He always practiced safety while driving. No one will ever know the truth. Just because he was out at 3 am doesn't mean he was drinking either, he has played darts for 20 years. I just don't understand why people try to piece it together when they know just what they hear on the news or in the paper. LLet the professionals do their job, and still then they might not know exactly what happened that night. No one will truely know but my Uncle. R.I.P. Uncle Robert and we love and miss you deeply!!

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29fandozzi(2 comments)posted 8 years ago

no matter what happened those two girls are without their daddy forever. show some sympathy , come on, be human. god bless his family.

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