Dispatcher won’t likely face criminal charges

By Tim Yovich

The dispatcher called her husband to tell him of a raid that police were preparing.

WARREN — The city law department says no criminal charges should be filed against a police dispatcher who gave out inside police information to others and illegally used a law enforcement computer.

The law department has concluded, however, that administrative action against communications officer Robin Hager is appropriate because of her actions.

The information about Hager is contained in a May 30 letter to Police Chief John Mandopoulos from Capt. Tim Bowers, the department’s commander of support operations, as the result of an internal investigation by Detective Sgt. Jeffrey Cole. The results of the probe were released Tuesday.

Bowers said the internal investigation showed that on Jan. 11, Hager called her husband on her personal cell phone and told him that the police raid team was at police headquarters and was “gearing up to do a raid.”

Her husband, Bowers wrote, then passed the information on to others “who may or may not have a motive to prepare for a police raid.”

In addition, Bowers said, Hager illegally used the Law Enforcement Automated Data System, or LEADS, which is against state law.

According to the internal investigation by Cole, Detective Jeffrey Hoolihan interviewed a businessman who said he received a call from Hager and was told of preparation for the raid.

The man also told Hoolihan that Hager had run a Social Security number on LEADS to determine whether one of his employees had a valid driver’s license. She also ran a license plate number for someone outside the department to determine who owned a vehicle.

Cole said in his report that city police policies and procedures say that unauthorized acquisition, disclosure, faxing and/or discussion of any information related to department matters — current or past — can result in disciplinary actions, including being fired.

He noted that state law prohibits the use of LEADS without prior approval.


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