QUOTEABLE Jim Tressel’s opinion

Ohio State coach Jim Tressel was asked a variety of questions Monday. His opinion on:

OSU defensive back Eugene Clifford, who faces two misdemeanor assault charges following a fight at a Columbus sports bar on Friday:

“I haven’t really talked to him and I haven’t heard much about the situation that’s occurred. It’s never a good thing when you’re in the wrong places.”

The number of Youngstown-area coaches in the college ranks, specifically Mooney High grad Bo Pelini, who was recently hired at Nebraska:

“It’s something we’re very proud of. A lot of great coaches come out of this Valley and get trained in this Valley. Bo Pelini is going to do a good job. He’s competitive and I think he’s got the right perspective. He’s going to build something bigger than a program and bigger than a team. It’s going to be a full, comprehensive experience for his players. And he’s going to have his guys playing good football too. He’s going to have them doing well in the classroom and representing Nebraska well.”

On incoming freshman quarterback Terrelle Pryor, the highly-touted recruit from Jeannette, Pa., and whether he’ll do anything extra to prepare Pryor for the OSU spotlight:

“We talk to our players a lot about how difficult it is to play at Ohio State, not just for Terrelle but for all those guys. You’re going to have people that want to be around you that you never dreamed of. And that’s maybe times 10 when you’re in a visible situation like Terrelle is. We talk about it, talk about it, talk about it. And maybe with the older guys, we ask them to big brother for a younger guy and say, ‘Hey, you need to stay away from here.’ ”

On the impact of football players, and a football team, on a school:

“We used to have 20,000 students sign up for season tickets. In the last seven years, that’s now 30,000. In part that’s because of the games we’ve won, but I think more importantly it’s because of how the guys go about it. Handing the ball to the official, celebrating together, doing things the right way. You can have an impact on your school and your community and make things even better.”

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