Homicide case heading to trial

Police found marijuana in the suspect’s apartment.



SHARON, Pa. — A muffled argument followed by a gunshot brought Justin Nowaceynski to 809 Spearman Ave.

What he found was his friend, Mozelle Goudy Sr., whom he called Jessie, standing in a hallway with a shotgun and a woman bleeding heavily in a bedroom of Goudy’s apartment. Nowaceynski, who lives nearby, was visiting the neighboring apartment when the shot was heard just after midnight Jan. 4.

Goudy, 59, was held for trial at his preliminary hearing on Thursday before District Magistrate James McMahon on homicide charges in the shooting death of Charlene Hawkins, 37, of Sherman Avenue, Sharon. An autopsy showed that Hawkins had numerous superficial stab wounds on her torso and a fatal shotgun wound to her right leg that hit a femoral artery.

Nowaceynski testified that Hawkins was lying face down in a large pool of blood in Goudy’s bedroom when he arrived. He said Hawkins did not speak and had very labored breathing.

“I couldn’t find the wound. There was an extreme amount of blood,” said Nowaceynski, who said he had first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation training while in the Marine Corps.

Nowaceynski said Goudy would only say, “She tried to get me.”

Sharon Police Officer William Gregg testified that he was the first to arrive after Nowaceynski called 911 for help and encountered Goudy on the back deck of the apartment with a shotgun.

Goudy dropped the shotgun and went to the ground when ordered, Gregg said. Gregg said after he handcuffed and placed Goudy in the police car, he went to tend to the victim.

A certified paramedic, Gregg said he found Hawkins with a very faint pulse and a gunshot wound in her upper right thigh. She later died at St. Elizabeth Health Center.

Sharon Police Lt. Gerald Smith said when he searched Goudy’s apartment the next day, he found spent and live gunshot shells inside the apartment, as well as a large kitchen knife that appeared to have blood on it. Smith said he also found a crack pipe and a blunt of a marijuana cigarette near Goudy’s bed.

Police also found a nearly empty bottle of vodka and a men’s jacket saturated in blood under Goudy’s bed.

According to court papers, Goudy claims to have been drinking since 11 a.m. that day and does not remember the shooting.


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