Employees get fatter paychecks

The highest raise given out was 12.2 percent.



NEW CASTLE, Pa. — It was Christmas all over again for some Lawrence County employees.

The county salary board handed out 5 percent pay raises to some employees and even higher increases to others. The salary board members include the three county commissioners, county controller and the elected official whose office is affected.

They met Monday for the county’s annual salary board meeting, which sets the pay scale for all employees and elected officials.

The board approved 50-cent-per-hour raises for all unionized members of American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 85; 3.5 percent increases to Local 963 of the Lawrence County Court Appointed Employee Organization; 4.5 percent increases for Lawrence County elected officials based on the regional consumer price index; and 3.5 percent increases for all management and nonunion employees not specified for different raises at the meeting.

The salary board increased pay for two department heads well above the others.

Shirley Noga, director of veterans affairs, got a 12.2 percent pay increase when her salary went from $36,525 to $41,000, and Artisha Foster, tax claim director, saw an 8.5 percent increase when her salary went from $37,777 to $41,000.

The board voted to give 5 percent increases to the following: Deputy Chief Clerk Jan Daughtery, whose salary in 2007 was $27,637; domestic relations director Larry Troggio, whose salary was $46,919; voter registration director Marlene Gabriel, whose salary last year was $44,131; planning director Amy McKinney, whose 2007 salary was $42,500; human resources director Karen King, whose previous salary was $45,000; Helen Perry, benefits/human resources assistant, whose 2007 salary was $24,848; and Rene Yeropoli, jury commissioner’s secretary, whose 2007 salary was $23,000.

County solicitor Tom Leslie got a 4.4 percent increase when his salary went from $43,097 to $45,000.

The board created a greenways and environmental planner position to be shared with Beaver County at an annual salary of $40,000. State grants will pay the salary for the first six years, and both counties will share the benefits costs. A geographic information system position was created at a $35,000 annual salary, and that person will work with the public safety and assessor’s offices.

New deputy treasurer Julie DeLillo will be paid $39,562, and second deputy treasurer John Carran will be paid $33,444.

James Jendrysik, newly appointed director of adult probation, will be paid $50,000 annually. Richard DeBello was appointed director of data processing and will be paid $48,500 annually. Carl Lewis was appointed data processing program/network specialist and will be paid $43,500.

The position of a secretary I was created for the common pleas court at $22,429 annually, and the board eliminated the full-time law librarian position and replaced it with a part-time librarian at $14,000. No one was appointed to those posts.

The board also created a part-time emergency maintenance position with no benefits to be used as needed at $10.31 per hour.

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