Beware of sweepstakes scam, police warn

POLAND — A letter informing an Island Drive woman that she won $45,000 in a sweepstakes seemed suspicious, so she contacted police.

The letter received by the village woman came from Alliance Consult Services of Milton, Ontario, Canada, and said she was a winner in the American Sweepstakes Lottery.

“This sweepstake [sic] was sponsored by publishers clearing house, readers digest, Microsoft, fortune 500 companies,” it reads.

It included a $2,950 check from a Vermont lumber company but tells her not to cash it until she speaks with a claim agent and provides a telephone number.

The woman contacted the Vermont company and a representative told her the company isn’t conducting any sweepstakes, police said.

The woman didn’t call the number to speak with the claim agent, but police believe that if she had, she would have been told to deposit the check and then send her personal check to the Ontario company.

Her check would have been cashed and the one she received wouldn’t have gone through, they believe.

Police urge anyone else who receives a similar letter, not to follow the instructions and to contact police.

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