Meet the dames of ‘Disaster Movie’

By Sandy Cohen

Kim Kardashian and Carmen Electra talk fitness, film and fame.

SAN DIEGO — Carmen Electra, in a low-cut gold minidress, captures every photographer’s attention as she steps out on a patio overlooking the Pacific. Her hair catches the ocean breeze as if on cue. Even her fianc is transfixed. He snaps a few photos with his cell phone. Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian, wearing a tight tank top and slim-fitting skirt, waits in the wings for the cameras to point her way.

Is a battle of the babes brewing? Hardly. Today the two women are sharing a photo shoot, but they fight it out World Wrestling Entertainment-style in their new film, “Disaster Movie,” which hits theaters today.

Electra, 36, and Kardashian, 27, sat down with The Associated Press to talk about the film, their fitness videos and life in the spotlight.

Q. What made you want to do “Disaster Movie”?

Kardashian:This is my first movie and I’ve just heard that Jason and Aaron are the most amazing directors to work with. ... I auditioned for the role and I got it and I was really excited to work with them. ... Carmen and I have a big scene together where we spoof the WWE Divas and we have a big battle.

Q. How real was the battle?

Electra: We actually get along really well so it was kind of weird. But we had fun with it. We had choreography, so we got in the ring and just went for it. But we would ask each other, “Are you OK?” after pulling each other’s hair out. It was really fun. I feel a second career in wrestling.

Q. What’s your role in the film?

Electra: I’m sort of spoofing Angelina Jolie in “Wanted,” or more so the character. I always feel weird. I would never personally spoof or want to make fun of anyone. If anything, in these movies I’m making fun of myself and showing people I have a good sense of humor about myself and my own image.

Q.Are you worried about getting on everyone’s bad side?

Electra: Not really. I think people kind of get it. It’s more about spoofing what’s going on in pop culture.

Kardashian: So if you’re popular, you’ll be made fun of.

Q. Do you prefer reality TV or film?

Kardashian: I think there’s a real difference. Obviously ... the editors, they try to make it be a certain way. I’m totally a diva when I know I’m really not that bad, that much of a diva, hopefully. Sometimes they exaggerate things. ... I think people expect you to be that way. When you’re in a movie, you’re playing someone totally different, so there’s no expectations.

Electra: I actually loved being part of a reality show and just kind of being a little bit more free. You don’t really have to memorize lines and that’s always a plus. But, I mean, I love both. ... You can kind of get away with more in movies. In reality, we probably wouldn’t end up wrestling in a ring with no clothes on. But it’s cool. Now I get to say I pulled Kim’s hair.

Q. You’re both fitness-video stars, too.

Kardashian: I have one online, and another is in the works.

Electra: I just noticed in dance rehearsals that my body was in the best shape it had ever been in and it was fun and I didn’t have to think about it. So I hired Robin (Antin, creator of the Pussycat Dolls) to help me put together this workout and it really took off. We just shot the next series.

Q.What tips do you have for people pursuing a life in front of the camera?

Kardashian: Just stay close to your family, because they’re the real-est people ever and they will help you not change and not fall into the trap of Hollywood and the lifestyle, because it’s really not that serious and not that important for what’s really going on in your life. ... Your real life happens when you meet the one and start a family and are just with your family.

Electra: For anyone out there that wants to be in this business, or to do anything, stay focused and don’t give up. Keep trying and even if you get rejected at first and things don’t work out, if you can see it, and see yourself doing it, you have to follow your dreams and stick to that, because it’ll happen.

Q. Carmen, have you set a date for your wedding (to former Korn guitarist Rob Patterson)?

Electra: No. We’re taking it slow. Maybe it’s because I had a reality show based on getting married, so I don’t know, people kind of are expecting a show, or a date, or just something. But we’re happy. We’re taking it slow. No pressure, no rush.

Q. This time you’re keeping it personal?

Electra: Yeah. Although I probably would do it all again on a reality show. I don’t have any regrets. That was a beautiful time in my life that I got to share with everyone. I think it’s cool.

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