Thieves steal more catalytic converters

YOUNGSTOWN — Catalytic converters, part of the emission-control system, were cut off and stolen from two buses used by the Youngstown Area Community Center on McCartney Road, police said. The theft was discovered Thursday afternoon by a bus driver for the Head Start program. The loss was estimated at $3,300. Patrolman Dave Santangelo of the Scrap Theft Unit said today this makes 10 catalytic converters reported stolen in the city the past week or so. Five catalytic converters were taken from vehicles at a car rental business on North Meridian Road and three were taken from city trucks parked at the municipal golf course on Gypsy Lane. Santangelo said scrap yards don’t pay much for the converters, likely $5 to $15 each. He said eBay, the online auction site, has converters that range from $10 to $170. Technology businesses that are able to remove the precious metals platinum, rhodium and palladium may pay more for converters, he said. Santangelo said that, in the scrap unit’s 23 months, there have been 206 arrests in the city that range from criminal trespassing to burglary. Thieves take copper pipes and wire, aluminum siding and other metals that can be sold for scrap. Roughly one-third of the thieves are out-of-towners, he said.

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